How To Write a Barista Resume (With Example and Tips)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published September 7, 2021

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Creating an impressive resume for a barista position is an important step in your job search journey. When writing, you can reference the job description and highlight any relevant skills, achievements, licenses, and certifications relevant to the role. Understanding how to write a resume for a barista position can help you advance to the next stage in your job application. In this article, we explore what to include in a barista resume, share the best tips for writing a resume for a barista position, and provide an example to help you create your own.

What to include in a barista resume

Here are some important elements to add to your barista resume to get prospective employers' attention:

A header

At the top of your resume, include your name, town and province or territory, phone number, and email address. Below it, add your professional summary and objective if space allows. A summary details a brief description of your career accomplishments, whereas an objective explains your career goals and how you might attain them within the restaurant.

Because your career objective serves as a summary of your resume and professional goals, limit it to two or three sentences. Doing this can assist the hiring manager in quickly reviewing it, as they're likely to get hundreds of resumes at a time.

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Work experience

Begin with your latest work experience and list your job title, the name of the café or restaurant you worked at, and the timeframe in which you worked there. Next, add three or more bullet points that highlight your activities and achievements as a barista at your previous job. You can also include any recent related volunteer work you completed.

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This section can come right after the resume header or the work experience section, depending on what you want hiring managers to see first. Remember to emphasize only the most relevant information for the job, including any skills or courses you took that relate to the food and beverage industry.

If you haven't completed your education, list it on your resume and include your expected graduation date. The education section demonstrates to potential employers that you are ambitious, eager to learn, and capable of overcoming challenges.

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Skill set

Compile a list of the skills you have that are most relevant to working as a barista. If you're unsure, look over the job description for essential and requested skills, then prioritize those you already have. It makes it easier for hiring managers to recognize them right away. Alternatively, you may start by making a list of your strongest skills. Certain hiring managers appreciate it when you assess your skill proficiency to determine where you thrive the most. It demonstrates to potential employers that you have the experience-based skills.

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Awards and accomplishments

These awards reflect how efficient you were in your previous job or other life experience. It tells your potential employer that you're an asset and act as evidence of the additional value you can bring to their team. Only include your most relevant awards and achievements. For example, if you were "Employee of the Month" at a coffee shop you worked as a barista, that would be a relevant accomplishment to include.

Relevant skills to add to your resume

Prioritize including these necessary skills in your resume only if you possess them:

  • Customer service: Barista services necessitate a certain level of customer care. If you have good customer service skills, state that clearly in your resume.

  • Multitasking: A professional barista moves fast during a busy shift, maintaining a relatively close standard of error-free pace and advanced multitasking. If you are capable of doing so, include it on your resume.

  • Reliability: In the food industry, punctuality can improve your prospects of success, and your employer can depend on you if they can trust you to arrive on time. Reliability is a tremendous asset to your employer, particularly in positions where shift switching is common.

  • Teamwork: If you are easy to work with and your team can rely on you to assist them, you can then include this on your resume. It assures your potential employer of your ability to work with others to advance the company's goals.

  • Attention to detail: Working in the foodservice industry requires meticulous attention to detail and hygiene. Demonstrate that you ensure that all equipment and surfaces are safe and clean while in use and at the end of your shift.

  • Cash management: As a barista, you may have to process payments, give change and count money. If you are proficient in these, include them in your resume as they mean you have good cash management skills.

  • Multitasking: Baristas must be able to withstand the stress of a hectic work environment and execute numerous tasks quickly at the same time. They could be producing many drinks, running the register, and answering a customer's query at the same time.

  • Coffee making skills: Some basic knowledge of coffee can help you get a job at a coffee shop as an entry-level employee. Lattes, Americanos, flat whites, cold brews, and cappuccinos are examples of espresso drinks that a barista needs to know how to make.

Tips on making an impressive resume for a barista job

Follow these tips when writing a good resume for a barista position:

Structure your resume properly

Make your resume more presentable to recruiters by structuring it well. The following are some fundamental style guidelines:

  • Use basic, 10-12pt black fonts like Arial, Cambria, and Times New Roman

  • There should be no blank spaces between parts

  • Set one-inch margins

  • Avoid using subheadings excessively

  • Align your content to the left

  • Use line spacing of 1.0 or 1.15

  • Keep it to one page

Include keywords you find in job postings

When preparing to compose a resume, the best place to start is by reading the job ads that interest you. You should research each job description for keywords that demonstrate what the employer is looking for in an ideal candidate when you apply for numerous positions. Where applicable, include those keywords in your resume. If you're looking for a job as a barista, for example, the job description may include keywords such as "customer service," "cash management," and "communication."

Make use of active language

Active language is appealing to the hiring manager. Use active language to show a positive attitude toward your job and eagerness to achieve success at the organization. Some examples include organize, analyze, assist, receive, manage, and maintain.

Proofread and edit before sending it out

Before sending out your resume, the most crucial step is to read it thoroughly to ensure that there are no errors. Look for spelling, grammar, or formatting to ensure it's accurate and consistent. Consider asking a friend or family member to review your resume and provide feedback or identify areas of improvement or typos.

Example resume for a barista

Here is an example of a barista resume to help guide you when writing your own:

Angela Wyatt
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(555) 123-4567

Summary of Qualifications

Approachable and reliable barista with 4+ years of experience working at a major chain café in Beaver Valley. Adept in customer service, coffee and food pairing, stock control, and familiar with over 30 coffee kinds from across the world. Hoping to use my amazing service and passion for great coffee to function as the barista head manager at Coffee and Beyond.

Work Experience

Luxury Coffee Shop, January 2016–June 2021
Senior barista


  • Prepared custom drinks, drip coffees, and cappuccinos

  • Kept dining space clean and organized to ensure customer's happiness

  • Handled all cash payments and coupon gifting during shifts

  • Trained 30+ baristas over four years

  • Provided excellent customer service and fast food and beverage delivery

Key Achievements

  • Based on customer polls, received a 98% guest satisfaction rating during my time there

  • Was "Employee of the Month" three months in a row

Coffee, Spice, and Everything Ice, July 2014–April 2016


  • Welcomed and serviced an average of 150+ clients each day in a fast-paced work environment

  • Delivered prompt, customized, and courteous service

  • Advised customers on coffee and tea products and provided precise, extensive information on origin and flavour

  • Took and processed orders into the point-of-sale system

  • Developed coffee and other beverages, as well as prepared food products


Pastry Arts Diploma
Valley Culinary College
Beaver Valley, Ontario 2017

High School Diploma
Central High School
Beaver Valley, Ontario


  • Friendly customer service

  • Cash management

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Coffee art, knowledge of 10+ designs

  • Food and beverage pairings

  • Stock management

Awards and accomplishments

  • "Employee of the Year" across all franchises, 2020

  • Recipient of "Customer Satisfaction Award"

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