How To Create an Accounts Payable Resume (With Example)

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Published September 7, 2021

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Accounts payable specialists are professionals who process payment information and accounts for companies. To start your career as an accounts payable specialist, you need a good resume. Understanding how to create an accounts payable resume can help your application be more competitive and increase your chances of getting invited to interview. In this article, we discuss what an accounts payable specialist is, highlight how to make an accounts payable resume, identify what to include in one, and provide tips, a template, and an example to guide you.

What is an account payable specialist?

An account payable specialist is a finance professional who processes transactions for organizations. For example, they receive and process invoice requests from creditors and resolve payments as effectively as possible. Accounts payable specialists also prepare detailed financial reports for executive members and other stakeholders. In certain organizations, they can supervise an accounting team.

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How to create an accounts payable resume

Here are the steps you can take to create a resume for an accounts payable position :

1. Include your contact information

The first part of your resume is your contact information, the same as your resume header. The purpose of including your contact information is to help the hiring manager identify you and contact you with relevant information about your application. Ensure you include your full name, phone number, email address, city, and province or territory of residence.

2. Choose a resume introduction

Resume introductions are short, memorable sentences, usually in a paragraph or bulleted list format. There are various types of resume introductions, depending on your preference and career level. For example, you can opt for a career objective, resume summary, or professional profile. Career objectives are ideal for entry-level candidates, while mid and senior-level candidates benefit more from using resume summaries and professional profiles. Include your resume introduction after your contact details, and use it to highlight your most impressive career achievements and qualifications.

3. Outline your academic background

Outline your academic background by stating the name of the university or college you attended. Include your period of study and the course you studied. You can also include your grade point average (GPA) and any relevant coursework or academic projects you executed. Ensure you list your education in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent.

4. Highlight your work experience

Your work experience is an essential section of your resume and typically takes up the most space. To highlight your work experience, state the name of your employer and your period of employment. Next, specify your job title and include your job description on a bulleted list. Finally, ensure you provide details about all work duties and achievements.

5. Mention relevant skills

Account payable specialists use various technical and soft skills in performing their duties. Consider merging your skills with your resume introduction or work experiences. Do this by using action verbs to make impactful statements. You can also create a separate skills section and include your skills on a bulleted list, prioritizing your relevant technical skills.

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6. Consider additional sections

You can include additional sections on your resume depending on your preference, the role, and the hiring manager's requests. Useful additional sections include certifications, languages, hobbies, and interests. You can include these sections after your skills section.

What to include in accounts payable specialist resume

Here are some details you can include in your accounts payable specialist resume:

Relevant education

For most employers, the minimum requirement to become an accounts payable specialist is a high school diploma. Some years of experience performing accounting and bookkeeping functions is also an asset. Getting a degree or college diploma in an accounting or another finance-related field can make you a more attractive candidate and effective employee.

Professional skills

Accounts payable specialists rely on technical skills like bookkeeping, knowledge of relevant software, and familiarity with data protection standards. Accounts payable specialists also require numerical skill and knowledge of relevant tax and finance laws. Besides these technical skills, accounts payable specialists also use soft skills like presentation, communication, and leadership skills. Include these in your accounts payable resume to improve your chances of getting hired.

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Work experience

Including your work experience in your resume helps the hiring manager determine if you're familiar with the role. You can include direct experience as an accounts payable specialist or related experiences, like an accountant or clerk. Ensure you provide details on your work duties and achievements to demonstrate your qualifications.

Relevant certifications

Certifications are documents that attest to certain skills or knowledge. For example, account payable specialists perform specialized accounting and bookkeeping functions. Obtaining certifications on these skills and knowledge can improve your resume. You can consider getting a certification like:

  • Certified Accounts Payable Practitioner

  • Accredited Payables Specialist

  • Accredited Payables Manager

Professional memberships

Professional memberships are important for professional development and career advancement. Including your professional memberships on your resume demonstrates that you have a good professional network and a certain level of knowledge and skills. You can create a separate section to list your professional memberships after your skills section.

Tips for a good accounts payable specialist resume

Here are some tips you can use to improve your accounts payable specialist resume:

  • Use keywords: Keywords are words or phrases that describe what the hiring manager seeks in a client and are often in the job description. Incorporate keywords into your resume to make it more relevant to the hiring manager.

  • Quantify your achievements: Quantifying your achievements helps to make them more convincing to the hiring manager. You can use numerical values like figures, percentages, averages, and ratios to quantify your achievements and demonstrate the extent of your impact.

  • Ensure your formatting is consistent: Using consistent formatting on your resume ensures your resume looks organized and professional. Ensure your font style, size, and alignment are consistent on the resume.

  • Edit thoroughly: Proofread your resume thoroughly to detect and correct any spelling or formatting errors on your resume. Submitting an error-free resume demonstrates that you're a meticulous candidate.

  • Streamline your resume: Even if you're applying to various roles, each role has unique requirements. Customizing your resume to the specific role you're applying to can improve your chances of progressing to the next phase of the hiring process.

Accounts payable specialist resume template

Here is a template of an accounts payable specialist resume:

[First and last name]
[Mobile number, email address]
[City, province]

Resume summary

  • [First sentence or pitch summarizing who you are as a professional. You can include experience or specialties]

  • [Two or three additional sentences highlighting your most relevant skills, achievements, or projects]

Academic background
[Name of the institution] [Graduation date]
[City and province]
[Degree or course studied]

  • [Grade point average or degree class]

  • [Relevant coursework or academic projects]

Work experience

[Name of employer] [Period of employment]
[City and province]
[Job title]

  • [Description of work duties]

  • [Relevant project or workplace achievement]


  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]

  • [Relevant skill]


  • [Name of certification], [Issuer of certification]-[Date received]

Accounts payable example resume

Here is a sample of accounts payable specialist resume you can reference when making yours:

Jennifer Gray
Regina, Saskatchewan

Resume summary

  • Seasoned account payable manager with over 10 years of experience in processing accounts and invoices for top companies.

  • Well-versed in various accounting and bookkeeping functions.

  • Familiar with international data protection standards and relevant encryption software.

  • Led and supervised a five-person accounting team and successfully trained three accounts payable interns.

Educational background
University of Kaleidoscope, 2011
Regina, SK
Accounting (BS)

  • First-class honours (3.82/4.0)

  • Relevant courses include bookkeeping, auditing, financial accounting theory, and management accounting

Work experience
James & Co. Retail Store Ltd, 2018-2021
Regina, SK
Senior accounts payable specialist

  • Ensured timely payments to over 20 vendors and suppliers

  • Evaluated and verified vendor information in the A/P batch output, leading to an 80% reduction in the AP master file errors

  • Secured strategic partnerships with vendors and suppliers, leading to a 12% reduction in operation and production costs

  • Prepared comprehensive account payable reports and presented them to executives and other stakeholders

Healthwise Pharmacy, 2014-2018
Regina, SK
Accounts payable specialist

  • Compiled and processed over 300 invoices each month, amounting to an average of $750,000

  • Handled and monitored accounts of over 70 vendors and suppliers

  • Created and compiled financial reports for auditing purposes

  • Prepared and presented financial reports to executives and other company stakeholders

Joe's Automobile Store, 2011-2014
Regina, SK
Accounts payable officer

  • Processed customer insurance information and payments, including credit cards and bank cheques.

  • Monitored financial reports to identify, investigate, and resolve any discrepancies.

  • Prepared detailed reports for analysis by the senior accounts payable specialist.

  • Responded to inquiries from customers and updated them on relevant information regarding their accounts.


  • Bookkeeping

  • Automated financial processing

  • Knowledge of relevant tax laws

  • Mathematical skills

  • Customer service skills

  • Communication skills


  • Certified Account Payable Professional, December 2017

  • Accredited Payables Specialist (Institute of Finance and Management), May 2015

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