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11 Jobs That Pay $15 an Hour or More (With Primary Duties)

October 18, 2021

Those looking for entry-level positions and who want to earn more than minimum wage may require jobs that pay $15 an hour and more. These jobs typically require less education than those in higher positions. By knowing which jobs are available, you can work toward a career that suits your needs and skill level. In this article, we discuss several jobs that pay more than $15 an hour, along with their respective salaries and duties.

11 jobs that pay $15 an hour or more

Here is a list of jobs that pay a minimum of $15 an hour:

National average salary: $15.14 per hour

Primary duties: Sales associates are responsible for helping customers with their complete buying process. They greet customers when they arrive at the store and answer any questions that they ask. Sales associates improve engagement by using their customer service skills to improve customers' overall experience. They also operate cash registers and complete sales transactions. When they complete their work day, they may balance their cash registers to ensure that all sales correspond to the money left in their cash register.

If you want to work in this field, you may want to develop your communication skills, along with your interpersonal skills. This allows you to develop strong relationships with your customers when they buy products and also to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

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National average salary: $16.11 per hour

Primary duties: Nannies care for both newborns and younger children to ensure that they develop properly. They bathe children, help them to dress and clean their teeth. Nannies also help toddlers to learn new languages and support them to reach important developmental milestones. Nannies are childcare professionals who meet the specific needs of children within their care. Some nannies' roles include in-house accommodation to ensure that they can support the children under their care at any time.

If you want to work in this field, you may want to consider your schedule and whether you have the time required to be a nanny. Some families can accommodate more flexible schedules if you have less availability.

National average salary: $16.77 per hour

Primary duties: Hairdressers cut and style their clients' hair. They typically work in their own salons as self-employed individuals, or they work for other hairdressers within other salons. They can work in spas, hotels and resorts. Hairdressers also provide their clients with advice on which products to use for their needs.

If you want to work in this field, it's a good idea to develop knowledge of various hair types, styles and products. This provides you with the knowledge required to advise clients on their hair. This knowledge also allows you to cut your client's hair effectively.

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National average salary: $18.68 per hour

Primary duties: Delivery drivers work in the transportation field and transport products from one location to another by driving a vehicle. Their duties require them to follow traffic rules and develop knowledge of their local roads and routes. They may also load and unload items, review invoices, complete sales and complete additional documents or paperwork. Delivery drivers typically require a high school diploma and a valid driver's licence in their province.

If you want to work in this field, you may want to consider which industry interests you because this may require additional certifications or licences. For example, delivery drivers who want to operate large commercial vehicles may require special licences.

National average salary: $18.92 per hour

Primary duties: Medical billing specialists work in various medical locations, like private practices and hospitals. They maintain records, track purchases and invoices, plus navigating insurance claims. They also undergo training for medical terminology and on-site billing codes. Medical billing specialists ensure that their employers receive payments for all services and procedures. They also update patient data and information to ensure that they receive accurate, timely billing.

If you want to work in this field, you may want to develop your attention to detail and communication skills. This allows you to obtain essential information from clients and ensure that their files remain updated with accurate information.

National average salary: $20.46 per hour

Primary duties: Medical assistants navigate clinical tasks and maintain their patients' records. These professionals also prepare patients and patient rooms for exams, assist physicians with assessments and help with general administrative tasks. Medical assistants collect the results of laboratory experiments and perform basic tests to help physicians to identify potential health conditions and illnesses. Professionals in this field also inform patients of the appropriate diets and medications. Medical assistants may help physicians with additional tasks in medical institutions.

If you want to work in this field, you may want to develop your attention to detail. This helps you to identify potential symptoms in patients. You may also want to consider which specialty you want to work in. For example, medical assistants can work in geriatric or gynecological clinics.

National average salary: $20.53 per hour

Primary duties: Bus drivers transport their passengers from one location to another while ensuring their overall safety. These professionals work for schools and general transportation companies. They develop knowledge of various local transportation routes and work to schedules for each route. While some bus drivers travel between their passengers' homes and drop them off at a final destination later, others transport passengers between local bus stops. Some transportation companies offer services between provinces. For example, a bus driver may pick up a passenger in Quebec and drop them off in Ontario.

If you want to work in this field, the ability to be adaptable is important. Travel routes may change quickly, which requires knowledge of alternative bus routes. For example, harsh winters may require road closures and bus drivers typically discover new travel routes quickly while ensuring overall safety.

National average salary: $20.56 per hour

Primary duties: Administrative assistants develop letters and reports for their employers. They may also arrange employee schedules and respond to various office correspondence. These professionals organize office files and oversee general office procedures. During meetings, administrative assistance write minutes and notes for future reference. Their exact duties depend entirely on their employer's needs. These professionals also greet visitors who arrive and visit the office. Administrative assistants both maintain and develop filing systems for their offices.

If you want to work in this field, you may want to develop your organizational skills. This helps you to organize offices and manage general file systems. You may also want to develop your interpersonal skills, which helps you to navigate daily communication and interaction with clients, customers and coworkers.

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National average salary: $20.61 per hour

Primary duties: Construction workers prepare and maintain construction sites. These professionals navigate the materials and plans for buildings and structures. They also load and unload materials and tools for the construction sites. During the construction process, these professionals remove any excess debris and dangerous materials from sites to prevent issues and injuries. Construction workers also assemble barricades and temporary structures that help with the overall construction process.

If you want to work in this field, you may require significant physical strength and endurance. This helps you to load and unload construction materials and ensure you have the endurance required to work in fast-paced circumstances while maintaining safety and high-quality work.

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National average salary: $21.57 per hour

Primary duties: Veterinary technicians obtain and process medical information for pets and other animals. They also navigate the administration of medication and develop care plans for illnesses and diseases. These professionals oversee anaesthesia and monitor animal vitals when veterinarians perform surgeries. They also prepare animals for procedures and surgeries, administer vaccines and keep detailed records of animal files. These professionals place catheters, draw blood and help veterinarians determine diagnoses for illnesses and conditions. Veterinary technicians also clean animals as necessary, trim nails and provide supportive care during longer-term stays.

If you want to work in this field, you typically require strong communication skills. These skills allow you to communicate effectively with animal owners and ensure that pets and other animals receive appropriate care. These professionals require communication skills to speak with veterinarians and to transfer information between their supervisors and animal owners.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organization and a candidate's experience, academic background, and location.


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