Interview Question: "Why Do You Want to Work Here?"

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Updated October 14, 2022

Published May 17, 2021

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At some point in the interview process, potential employers may ask you why you're interested in working for them. This question can be phrased in a few ways, including: “Why do you want to work here?” “Why do you want to work for us?” and “What motivated you to apply?” No matter how the interviewer phrases this question, being prepared to discuss why the company and role appeal to you is crucial. In this article, we discuss how you can answer this question and sound enthusiastic about the role, and we provide some examples of good responses.

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Why is it important to know how to answer "Why do you want to work here?"

This is one of the most important questions in an interview because your answer helps the recruiter or hiring manager gauge your interest, and it gives you a chance to prove that you're well informed about the company and the role. By sharing the facts you've discovered through your research and displaying authentic enthusiasm for the organization and the industry, you can leave the employer with a favourable impression and get one step closer to winning the job.

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How to answer “Why do you want to work here?”

Consider the following steps to prepare your answer to this common interview question:

1. Study the job description

In addition to making sure you're knowledgeable and excited about the company, the interviewer wants to see if you understand the role you're interviewing for and all the duties it includes. If you get an interview for a job you applied for weeks or months earlier, you may need to refresh your memory.

Take a few minutes to go back over the job description, especially the information about what makes the company a great place to work and specific job responsibilities. Mention any skills or experience you have that match the description. For example, if a retail job asks for an outgoing, friendly person with two years of retail experience, make sure to say that you're outgoing and friendly. Also, mention that your experience will make you a great asset to the team. Relate to as many of the job's requirements as possible, and highlight how well you're suited to the position.

2. Look at the company's website

Recruiters and hiring managers often ask “Why do you want to work here?” to determine how much you've researched the company. An interested, excited candidate should be familiar with the company, its history and its mission statement. Read the business's “About Us” page to learn more about the company culture. If the website contains biographies of executives or managers, read them carefully. During the interview, you can mention how much you admire the achievements of the people you'll be working with and how much you would like to benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

Get to know the products and services that the company offers and any notable accomplishments or awards it has received. If the organization has a blog, take the time to read a few articles and note the brand voice, the topics covered and the common themes. You can use all this information to explain how you're connected to the company's values and how you might help it accomplish key business goals. For example, if a business's primary mission is delivering excellent customer service, make sure your answer describes how you can increase customer satisfaction.

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3. Review social media accounts

Pay close attention to what the company posts on their social media accounts, especially relevant industry news and customer comments or feedback. You can learn what current employees think about the company, the most common customer complaints and what clients like most about the business. Social media can also help you learn more about the brand's voice.

For example, if the business hosts “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” once per month, you can mention how much you look forward to participating and giving your pet some new friends to play with. Whenever you come across a piece of information that's interesting, exciting or relevant to your own career goals, make a note and think about how you can mention these things in your answer.

4. Make a list of your career objectives and core values

Make a list of your career objectives and consider how the position can help you achieve your goals. When you respond to the interviewer, mention the things listed in the job posting that align with your career objectives and highlight the duties that would make the best use of your skills. Also, talk about your core values and how the business's values align with them. If you're not sure what your core values are, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of culture do I want to work in?

  • What qualities do I feel make for strong, healthy relationships?

  • What traits do I admire most in my role models?

  • What motivates me?

  • What personal and professional qualities do I want to develop in myself?

  • What skills or actions can help me achieve my goals?

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5. Write an outline of your answer and rehearse it with a friend

Outline a short answer that includes all of these elements, and then rehearse it with a friend before your interview. You don't have to memorize your answer, but you should make sure that you can remember the key points that you want to include. Practising with a friend gives you a chance to get another person's opinion and make changes before your interview, if needed. For example, the person listening may say that you sound nervous because you're taking too fast, and that you should slow down and think about your answer a bit more.

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Example answers for “Why do you want to work here?”

Here are some examples of good responses to this interview question:

Example 1

“I've been working in the travel industry for more than five years. I've expanded my experience in customer service, and I'm ready to apply that expertise to a global company that's committed to its employees. I decided to apply for a position at this company because it's consistently ranked as one of the city's best places to work.”

Example 2

“I love working with people, and I'm particularly excited that this role will let me use my bilingual skills to speak to customers all over Canada. My ultimate objective is to rise to a leadership position in customer service, and I know that having this excellent opportunity to grow my experience and improve my skills will help bring me closer to achieving that goal.”

Example 3

“Your company has been around for several decades, and you've never wavered from your mission to give people a comfortable, fun and memorable travel experience. The organization has always been forward thinking, and it uses the latest technologies to help improve customer experiences. Your app is ranked as one of the top travel apps, and you've won some of the most prestigious awards in the industry year after year.”

Example 4

“When I began looking for a new position, I purposefully sought out companies that are committed to integrity and innovation, and your company ranks at the top of the list. The organization's philanthropy is well known as well, and the company gives to some of the same charities that I donate to myself.”

Example 5

“I've been a loyal user of your product for many years, and I'm consistently impressed by the advanced technology and great user experience your company provides. A few months ago, I had an issue and called customer support. The representative I spoke with was extremely helpful, personable and professional. I remember thinking then that your company must be a good one to work for.”

Example 6

“When I saw the job description for the Product Manager position, I decided to research your business's values and culture further. All of the information that I found supported my intuition that this is a place where I would love to work. I want to grow my career at a company that is passionate about user experience and innovation.”

Example 7

“I'm impressed by your company's commitment to the growth and development of its employees. One of my friends works in your marketing department, and she has praised this company for its excellent treatment of employees. I'm looking for an organization that empowers and challenges its employees to be the best professionals possible. In my research, I've found that you invest in continuing education for your employees through education reimbursement, on-site training and mentorship programs. In addition, you have a great reputation for leadership in the industry. I would be honoured to grow my career at this company.”

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