Where Can You Get Part-Time Remote Jobs? (With Options)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 9, 2022

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Many companies provide the opportunity for people to work in part-time, remote positions. If you hope to earn some additional income, or you want to explore different careers to determine which might be right for you, working in a part-time, remote position may be ideal. Learning more about common part-time remote employers can help you determine where to apply. In this article, we answer the question, "Where can you get part-time remote jobs?" by listing types of companies that commonly hire people for these types of positions.

Where can you get part-time remote jobs?

If you're wondering the answer to the question "Where can you get part-time remote jobs?", here's a list of types of companies that typically hire part-time, remote employees:

Call centres

A call centre is a centralized department that handles both outbound and inbound calls from current or potential customers. The employees who work in call centres often provide their support remotely through phone calls, e-mail, online chat, or other applications. In inbound call centres, employees often handle many incoming calls from customers who may want to make an inquiry about a product or a service, file a complaint, or request an order. In outbound call centres, employees make calls to current or potential customers on behalf of the organization.

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Telemarketing companies

Telemarketing companies often hire remote, part-time employees to educate potential customers about different products or services and sell to them over the phone. These companies may exist in a variety of industries, such as consumer electronics, real estate, and health care. Telemarketers typically call from a list of numbers of individuals who had previously interacted with the company. They may also send e-mail reminders to follow up with existing customers.

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Research organizations

Research organizations typically conduct scientific, business, or consumer research to inform the decisions other organizations and governments make. To conduct research, they often hire part-time employees to conduct phone surveys or collect survey responses in the area where they live. They may also hire employees to complete online research and report their findings. These jobs may require a certain level of research knowledge in addition to technical skills.

Accounting firms

Many larger accounting firms offer part-time, remote positions to individuals with a background in accounting or finance. These firms often offer specialized, outsourced accounting services to smaller organizations that don't have full-time accounting departments. Remote, part-time employees may use their understanding of accounting principles and bookkeeping practices to maintain important financial reports for their employer's clients. They might also ensure compliance with financial reporting requirements and recommend additional services that might be of value.

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Transcription companies

Transcription companies convert speech from a video or recording into a written electronic text document for organizations in a variety of industries to use. These companies are often common in medical, legal, or business settings. Part-time, remote transcriptionists listen to audio recordings and video interviews and create typed documents. Companies often have different standards depending on the industry, but most transcription jobs require people to type at high speeds and be highly proficient in spelling, grammar, and basic punctuation.

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Graphic design firms

Graphic design firms create creative visual content for clients. Their clients may range from authors who need designs for their book covers to companies wanting an infographic to explain a product or service to customers. These firms sometimes hire part-time, remote employees to assist with smaller projects for clients, typically on a contractual basis. These employees may arrange a meeting with the client to determine their specifications, use design software to complete the project according to those specifications, and revise their projects based on feedback from the client.

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Tutoring services

Tutoring services are private academic support companies that offer a structured learning approach to people desiring instruction. Many services hire remote tutors to provide this instruction for a short period of time, such as a few hours a week. Tutors may work with students individually or provide them with group instruction. The ages of the students and topics may vary, depending on the tutoring service. Some services may specialize in certain topics, like university preparation or elementary school science. Many services also allow tutors the opportunity to create their own work schedules.

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Copywriting agencies

Copywriting agencies are companies that provide copywriting and sometimes copy-editing services to other organizations. They may write content for blog posts, marketing materials, and landing pages. They might also create content for professional websites. Many copywriting agencies hire remote freelancers to work on a contractual basis and write copy for client campaigns. For example, a copywriter might help develop a pillar page for a client that specializes in professional tailoring.

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Technical support companies

Many companies outsource their technical support departments to a firm that specializes in providing this type of support. A technical support company may offer a broad range of services to customers or clients, depending on their needs. They often provide hardware and software support while assisting customers with technical issues like viruses or data breaches. These companies often provide flexible work arrangements, including the ability to work in a part-time, remote position. Technical support employees often answer phone calls or online messages from customers, troubleshoot technical issues, and make timely repairs to software or hardware systems.

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Recruitment firms

Recruitment firms are organizations that help people looking for work find potential employers. As recruitment needs often change throughout the year, some firms provide flexible recruitment positions, including the ability to work remotely and on a part-time basis. Remote recruiters call individuals looking for a new job, review their resumes, and ask them questions about their work experience. Depending on the firm, they may also contact employers and help them schedule interviews with a candidate.

Publishing companies

Publishing companies prepare books, magazines, and other print media for publication. These companies often hire freelance or part-time remote editors, proofreaders, and indexers to assist with this process. Employees in these positions may correct grammar and spelling, edit and revise text, and create indexes that people can use to locate information. Depending on the position, they may also make recommendations to improve the quality of the writing prior to publication.

Freelance services

Freelance services provide a platform for freelancers to find projects based on their abilities, often on a part-time, remote basis. Some freelance services specialize in a particular type of service, such as photography or writing, while others allow for all types of services. Clients often post their needs or project requirements and then compare different profiles to find the freelancer with their preferred qualifications. Similarly, freelancers can review different projects and apply for the one that best matches their skills.

Translation companies

Translation companies provide professional translation services to clients. They often manage multiple translation projects and may offer part-time, remote jobs. These jobs may include a position as an interpreter, translator, or editor. An interpreter uses their understanding of language to communicate the meaning of an unknown language, while a translator helps translate the written meaning of a language. This allows two or more parties to communicate with each other more effectively. These jobs typically require being proficient in more than one language.

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Software companies

Software companies produce various types of software for personal or professional uses. These companies help create, test, and deploy software solutions that meet the needs of their customers. As most software development work can occur from anywhere, many software companies offer remote positions with flexible schedules. Remote developers assist with the design and creation of software applications by writing code. They also troubleshoot software and validate it before deploying it. Developers might additionally collect and evaluate data from end users to improve the functionality of the software they design.

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Marketing agencies

Marketing agencies provide a variety of marketing and advertising services to clients in many industries. They help their clients increase their online following, retain their current customer base, and improve their brand recognition, increasing their sales and revenue. Many marketing agencies offer positions that provide the potential for remote work, including many that also have part-time availability. These positions may include the role of a social media coordinator, e-mail marketing specialist, and brand ambassador. Employees in a part-time, remote marketing position may create engaging content for their clients and interact with potential customers online.

Video production companies

A video production company helps create appealing video content, typically for marketing purposes. They may assist with the creation of commercials, online advertisements, and corporate videos. To film content and plan videos, they may hire experienced part-time, remote videographers, casting directors, and video editors. The responsibilities of these employees may include operating a video camera, finding people to appear in the video, and managing the technical aspects of video editing.

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