What Does a Service Manager Do? (A Comprehensive Guide)

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Published January 3, 2022

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If you want to pursue a career in service management or other jobs related to service management, it's important to know the job description. Service management is a responsibility in a business or institution aimed at providing quality services that the customers can use, enjoy, value, and appreciate. Understanding the job description of a service manager can help you discover what you require to be an efficient service manager. In this article, we explore the concept of service management, describe the role and duties of a service manager, and provide detailed steps on how to become a service manager.

What does a service manager do?

You may want answers to the question, "What does a service manager do?" Here are some duties of a service manager:

  • A service manager provides intending customers with relevant information to purchase a good or product from a company.

  • A service manager communicates the feedbacks and suggestions of the customers to the company for improvements.

  • The company's service manager recruits and hires efficient staff into the customer service unit.

  • A service manager controls the delivery of prompt and professional responses to customers' inquiries.

  • The service manager trains the staff in the institution to facilitate improvements in their sales strategies, brand promotion, and customer relationship.

  • A service manager maintains a strong working knowledge of industry regulations and ensures strict adherence to the revised regulations.

  • In a rental company, the service manager ensures that rented products are of standard quality by inspecting them for any sign of deterioration.

  • A service manager also documents correspondence with customers in reports for analysis in the future.

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Who is a service manager?

Most businesses and institutions seek to develop a unique and innovative product to ensure their competitive advantage. For this to work, it's important the relationship between the customers is healthy. That is where the service manager of the company comes plays a vital role. A service manager is an employee in an institution that oversees the department related to providing services to customers. They control the service department activities to ensure effective correspondence with customers and external service providers. They influence the relationship with customers and the after-sale experience.

What are the requirements for a service manager?

There are specific requirements to be fulfilled before you can secure a job to work as a service manager in a company. These requirements differ based on the level of the job you're seeking. Some industries require that you have certain qualifications before hiring you to function as a service manager. If you want to be a viable candidate, you require these relevant qualifications. Here are qualifications required if you wish to work as a service manager in a company:


Usually, the minimum education required for a service manager is a high school diploma or, its equivalence, general educational development (GED) test. Although, most companies pick candidates with a master's degree more often than those with bachelor's degrees and a high school diploma. You can gather as many skills and certifications as possible to be a viable candidate. The highest and most valued degree available in business and management is the Masters of Business Administration (MBA). A candidate with this degree is likely to get the job compared to candidates with a bachelor's degree and diploma. A degree in service management comprises coursework in these fields:

  • professional ethics

  • human resources

  • business administration

  • data analysis

  • marketing principles

  • social work


You require many other qualities apart from education to secure a service manager's job in a company. Possessing these specific skills as a service manager can help you do your job successfully. These skills are compulsory for any service manager in any industry:

Communication skills

The role of a service manager requires practical communication skills. You're to be in constant contact with the customers and the company's staff. An efficient service manager understands the vital role communication plays in a business. Effective communication skills can help to convince intending customers and keep existing ones. Service managers are the connection between the company and the customers. You require excellent communication to function effectively as a service manager as a candidate.

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Leadership skills

A service manager hires and trains employees and organizes other departments of the industry. To do this effectively, you require leadership skills. The training is important to update the employees on the new market trends and update and improve their skills and strategies to increase efficiency. As a service manager, you require top-notch decision-making and strategic planning skills in overseeing the affairs of the other employees and the industry. An efficient manager ensures every employee feels like an integral part of the team, and everyone is important to provide satisfactory products.

Time-management skills

Time management is the ability to use your time judiciously and efficiently. An efficient service manager with this skill can properly assess the time and energy required for each task and prioritize them to achieve overall efficiency. The service manager allocates time and energy to the responsibilities assigned, from handling customer feedback to ensuring correspondence between the customers and the upper management, keeping track of new and existing customers, and supervising other subsidiary units in the industry. Here are a few ways to exhibit your time management skills:

  • evaluate urgent tasks

  • prepare to-do lists and checklists

  • set your goals

  • rank your tasks in order of priority

  • fix reasonable deadlines for each task

  • audit and assess workflow

Computer skills

Employers require that a viable candidate for a service manager position possess excellent computer skills. This makes communication with customers possible. It also ensures safe and reliable documentation of important details and feedbacks. You only require an understanding of the basic functions of the computer. An efficient service manager knows how to use the computer to create presentations, store and edit important data and information, search and locate saved files, and communicate online.


Certifications are credentials awarded to individuals to verify their competence and ability to perform a job. Some industries expect that you have certain certifications before recruiting you as a service manager. As a service manager, you can embark on some service management training and earn optional certifications to confirm your ability and knowledge of a specific skill or role. Examples of relevant certifications in the service management field include:

Association Management and Consulting (AMCES)

AMCES is an institution with an excellent track record of relevance. AMCES aims to help associations improve and develop their products and abandon products that do not match the industry's strategic position. To get a certification from AMCES, you can apply to partake in the development and education programs and get certifications once completed.

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IT Service Management

Skilled organizations offer this certification. You learn the processes, procedures, governance, and continual IT service efficient practices important to plan, design, and ensure that your product meets the needs of the consumers. You can get valuable certifications like ITIL and COBIT. After the training, you can leverage the skills learnt to achieve the industry's objectives.

Certified Scrum Master

A scrum master is an expert who leads his team through a project using agile project management techniques. To earn this certification, attend a two-day training program. The certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) teach this two-day course.

How to become a service manager

If you want to pursue a career in service management, here are a few steps you can take:

1. Further your education

As mentioned earlier, industries regard candidates with master's degrees as more suitable to occupy a service manager role. If you want to work as a service manager, it's advisable to make sure you have at least a bachelor's degree to expand viable career options. It's also important to engage in internships to obtain in-depth knowledge of service management while gaining experience.

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2. Choose an industry

The job description as a service manager varies based on your industry. You can learn about the various industries available. This gives you various options from which you can select the one you consider interesting and provide opportunities for advancement. For instance, if you like hospitals, you can become a service manager in the health industry.

3. Earn certifications

Some industries require that candidates have certain certifications before they consider you for an interview. After you have successfully chosen the industry in which you want to work, the next step is to research the compulsory certifications required in that industry. You may pursue those and also try other certifications to boost your recruitment chances.

Service manager working condition

The working condition of a service manager depends on the type of industry. Some service managers work in a typical office setting, while others do their work in the field. Some operate full-time hours, while others work regular business hours. What is common is that they all oversee other units to ensure optimum efficiency and promote the corporate image of the industry.

How much do service managers earn?

The national average salary for a service manager is $71,957 per year. A service manager's salary depends on their experience in the industry. Experienced managers earn more than entry-level staff in the industry.

Please note that none of the companies mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed. Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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