What Does a Content Writer Do? (With Skills and Tips)

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Updated January 21, 2023

Published May 7, 2022

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Content writers use creative and strategic planning to produce high-quality articles to promote a company's products or services. Writers can develop their skills by learning specialized knowledge and techniques. Learning more about the role of a content writer can help you determine whether it is suitable for your interests and career goals. In this article, we answer the question “What does a content writer do?”, discover content writing skills, and identify how to improve these skills.

What does a content writer do?

You may be wondering, "What does a content writer do?" A content writer develops and produces digital and print content for organizations with the goal of publicizing their services and goods. Content writers describe a product's details, reflect the company's values and goals, and align the content with the company's target audience. A good content writer is dependable and submits their work on time.

There are several ways to get experience in this sector, including completing an internship. Learning how to use different publishing and writing applications can help you succeed in this industry. A content writer's primary duties include the following:

  • Create compelling content for the digital and print channels by crafting well-written, concise copy.

  • Implement SEO tactics to improve digital content on your website and social media platforms.

  • Study the structure and content of research materials and the content of competitors.

  • Establish an editorial schedule and work with the rest of the marketing team so they ensure timely submissions.

  • Monitor content's performance by analyzing a number of critical metrics, such as KPIs.

  • Develop and publish seasonal marketing reports that incorporate insights from marketing material and offer suggestions for improvement.

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Content writer skills

Content writing skills allow you to write clear, consistent, and relevant pieces for the company's intended audience to deliver a quality experience. Here are some skills necessary for one to be successful in content writing:

SEO capabilities

You can make creating easily discoverable content as a writer simple if you understand search engine optimization (SEO). To ensure that your article ranks highly in search engines, you may use many methods. There is a good possibility that the intended audience sees the material if it appears near the top of the search results. Using the rich snippet and applying the best practices on search engines can help you improve the value of your content.

Time management

It's crucial to manage your time wisely to create high-quality content for your website. As with writing, multitasking and prioritization are critical while working on many projects at once. Applying a good work ethic and ability to focus can result in increased productivity.

Editing skills

The ability to edit well is critical for authors as it increases the content's quality while decreasing the number of revisions needed. By reading aloud, you can easily find typing errors, grammatical faults, redundancy, and overused terms. This can allow you to continue to improve the quality of your article.


Strong communication skills help to deliver your message to your audience effectively. Your ability for verbal communication and writing is critical to your success. Understanding your target audience and knowing what to say to persuade them to take action is an essential part of effective communication.

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Being organized is essential in adhering to content rules and finishing your work quickly and effectively. This way, the audience has an easier time understanding your well-organized content. You can achieve this by structuring the material you've collected, selecting significant points from several sources, and organizing them to create a coherent flow.

Research skills

As part of your content planning process, make sure you conduct extensive research on your subject and then use data and quotes from reputable sources to bolster your writing's credibility. It's an excellent idea to analyse your competitors' material and add value to your post by incorporating relevant, first-hand information that they may have overlooked. As a result, your brand image is better in the long run, and you can compete more effectively.


Most writers aim to provide original content, no matter the subject. After conducting research, they can turn their findings into engaging and educational material for their target audience. People are more inclined to regard website content as unique knowledge if it's original.

Technical skills

Content writers require a basic understanding of technology to succeed. Computer literacy and proficiency with word processing and content management systems are some of the most common technical skills. Content writers also benefit from using and integrating analytics tools and digital collaboration platforms.

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The tone and style of a content writer's work can vary for each project. Some writers may choose to format their work to present the reader with helpful information. For example, a sales-oriented blog may differ from content for a research blog. Having the flexibility to change one's writing style is a valuable skill for authors.


As a content writer, meticulousness is essential. This allows you to identify flaws in your content and become more aware of how you phrase sentences in particular. This ensures that the content published is of the highest quality.

Knowledge of social media

Understanding social media networks can enable you to identify potential narrative ideas for your material. It's essential to find the most popular content by reviewing prior posts from the firm to guide you in making new content. Examine your company's social media profiles for ideas for future content to produce and to make predictions about how well it performs in the long term.


Finding your own point of differentiation from the competition is a vital skill to learn. After you've gained a thorough understanding of the subject, you can use the information you have gathered to establish your own distinct points of view. Depending on who your target audience is, this may help to make your material more interesting.

How to improve content writing skills

Here are some cation you can take to improve your content writing skills:

1. Find freelance writing jobs

Consider taking on freelance writing assignments to improve your talents. You can use samples to develop a portfolio that shows your experience. You can also help your friends and family members with initiatives like correcting written papers or developing marketing brochures for a new business. When searching for freelance writing jobs, have an open mind and consider taking on themes that may be unconventional. This can assist you in learning to adapt to diverse writing styles and gain experience.

2. Read more books and articles

Reading other people's work can help you improve your writing talents. These sources include books, periodicals, and newspapers that contain professional writing styles and are reputable. Learning unfamiliar words and phrases is possible through reading and observing how authors organize their content and tell a story.

3. Attend courses and workshops

Another innovative strategy to improve your writing is to seek help from writing experts. Consider taking a writing workshop or attending a content writing seminar to learn the best techniques. Take advantage of these opportunities to ask any writing-related queries you may have and learn from the experts in the field.

4. Create a personal writing blog

Having a personal blog is an excellent method for developing your unique writing style. Writing on a range of topics without the pressure of obeying guidelines established by clients or companies allows you to build your creative writing skills. Several industries require highly creative content writers, such as marketing agencies and the media.

It's possible to include some of your writing blog posts as part of your portfolio to show that you can write in various styles. Employers can get a better sense of your writing skills and interests if you're looking for work in a field related to your blog's subject matter.

5. Practise writing regularly

Writing every day helps you increase the quality of your content and develop your writing style as well. Developing your writing style enables you to enhance your writing and identify areas you excel in and areas to develop. As a freelancer, you can work with various clients and get feedback on your writing skills to develop your writing style as well.

6. Write with a partner

To improve your content writing, get a writing partner. Besides editing, writing partners can provide feedback on your text and help you identify errors. Colleagues or friends can also provide valuable feedback on what requires improvement in your work.

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