15 High Paid Jobs Working From Home (With Salaries)

Updated November 11, 2022

Working from home is the new preferred way of working for many people. If you want to work remotely, you may wonder about the best-paid jobs to secure while working from home. These jobs require significant hard and soft skills to succeed. Knowing what jobs are available helps you determine which jobs can fulfill your career needs and goals. In this article, we discuss some of the best high paid jobs working from home, along with their salaries and primary duties.

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15 high paid jobs working from home

Here's a list of high paid jobs working from home that you can try to obtain:

1. Graphic designer

National average salary: $21.88 per hour

Primary duties: Graphic designers oversee the aesthetics of projects and ensure that all media corresponds to project texts or messages. They meet with clients and employers to determine needs and goals. They also use innovative design software to design and complete the projects. Graphic designers also insert icons and photographs in their projects to develop stronger visuals. Their goal is to captivate their audience and help build the layout and oversee production.

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2. Blogger

National average salary: $27.03 per hour

Primary duties: Bloggers generate and research ideas for blog posts that they later pitch to clients and employers. These professionals write and edit content. They also promote new posts through advertisements and various marketing strategies. Bloggers attract their target audience through their content.

3. Recruiting specialist

National average salary: $49,528 per year

Primary duties: Recruiting specialists help organizations discover candidates for open positions. They also develop contacts with individuals and businesses to generate leads that fulfill specific qualifications. They manage recruitment duties within organizations and use several contact methods to interact with candidates and clients. Recruitment specialists also collaborate with the human resources department and managers to determine the qualifications required for job openings.

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4. Translator/interpreter

National average salary: $25.80 per hour

Primary duties: Translators read and listen to all forms of audio, visual, and written content in one language that they then translate into another. This requires a thorough understanding of at least two languages, along with the overall meaning and context of the materials they translate. These professionals often specialize in specific fields or languages. For example, some translators translate medical texts from French to English. They help ensure that all translations comply with the grammar and punctuation of language rules. These professionals understand idioms in various languages.

5. Freelance editor

National average salary: $21.03 per hour

Primary duties: Freelance editors review and edit content for their clients. Many freelance editors work with content campaigns and novels to fulfill their client's goals and marketing objectives. These professionals help with the production and customization of content for social media campaigns and platforms. When required, they also pitch articles to third-party websites.

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6. Grant writer

National average salary: $31.76 per hour

Primary duties: Grant writers develop and maintain relationships with donors. They produce proposals, donor appeals, and acknowledgement letters. These professionals also maintain and create a calendar of deadlines for reporting. Grant writers research, plan, and prepare grant proposals that fulfill the funding organization's requirements. These professionals develop budgets for projects and help clients achieve goals, timelines, and targets. They consider holistic plans and obtain the required documents to support grant proposals.

7. Coding specialist

National average salary: $27.01 per hour

Primary duties: Medical coders, otherwise called coding specialists, perform coding and abstracting on outpatient medical records. They draft lines of code, clinical data, and provide regular feedback to healthcare providers to correct deficiencies. These professionals also research and analyze reimbursement requirements with medical data. They review medical records and identify any issues within them. Coding specialists are resources for those who require support diagnoses and check the different treatment results.

8. Tutor

National average salary: $20.79 per hour

Primary duties: Tutors teach students and review their assignments in the applicable subject area. They ask students about trouble subjects that warrant further exploration and review test or assignment questions the student didn't answer correctly. These professionals prepare lessons based on student requirements, including tests, and correct them following their submission. They evaluate students' progress over time and determine whether they have the qualifications to pass their courses.

9. Insurance agent

National average salary: $49,143 per year

Primary duties: Insurance agents develop positive working relationships with their customers. They approach people via cold calling and direct mail to inquire about their insurance situations and future needs and deliver policy proceeds after a claim is filed and approved. These professionals oversee insurance premiums, coverage, and insurance claims. Insurance agents also assess market risk, help clients determine which insurance premium they require, and maintain client records.

10. Sales representative

National average salary: $54,525 per year

Primary duties: Sales representatives capture customer information, including address and phone number, for future follow-up. They adjust sales presentations based on success/fail averages and build rapport with customers through friendly, engaging communication. These professionals aim to serve customers by selling products that fulfill their goals and needs. Sales representatives review existing accounts when determining which products serve their clients best.

11. Technical writer

National average salary: $60,158 per year

Primary duties: Technical writers plan, develop, organize, write, and edit operational procedures and manuals. They perform research, develop, and document technical design specification test scripts. When required, technical writers produce electronic documentation in addition to hard-copy manuals.

12. Freelance marketing consultant

National average salary: $28.89 per hour

Primary duties: Freelance marketing consultants create a plan for strategic positioning with executives and high-level managers. They prepare a written marketing plan that addresses each of their core initiatives and recommends product positioning approaches for each new offering. These professionals also analyze the marketing strategies of clients. Freelance marketing consultants help create new marketing strategies for their clients and research innovations in marketing.

13. Programmer

National average salary: $25.75 per hour

Primary duties: Programmers code and test programming for in-house software programs. These professionals debug code for existing programs based on immediate needs and conduct end-user training upon completion of software. Programmers work with the writing and testing of code for new programs. They also secure programs that may face security threats and rewrite programs for various operating systems.

14. Affiliate marketing manager

National average salary: $68,405 per year

Primary duties: Affiliate marketing managers perform daily management duties to maintain assigned accounts and are active in industry forums and groups to propose potential new ones. They also retrieve business and acquire spending from accounts with competitors. These professionals respond to customer concerns and track metrics for their employers to determine the most effective marketing strategies for their clients. Affiliate marketing managers focus on developing strategies that promote company growth.

15. Web developer

National average salary: $27.34 per year

Primary duties: Web developers create applications that address the software development life cycle phases. They develop comprehensive application testing procedures and update existing applications to meet security and functionality standards. These professionals implement visual elements associated with projects and programming.

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Skills required for remote work

Here are the skills to acquire if you want a high paid job working from home:

Time management

It's beneficial to possess time management skills when working from home to accomplish your tasks. Using time management skills also helps you manage full-time work schedules and increase productivity. This is because you complete tasks and manage your responsibilities per your client's or employer's deadlines.


Working from home requires adaptability as work situations can change rapidly. This is especially true for freelancers who have several clients. Freelancers experience changes in client finances, the number of clients they work with, and client policies. Adaptability reduces overall stress and feelings of being overwhelmed when changes occur. By remaining adaptable, you can improve your well-being and organizational culture.

Digital literacy

Remote workers require strong digital literacy because they primarily work with computers. Digital literacy allows you to work more productively and helps you complete your tasks more efficiently. Those working from home typically research various programs to determine the best for increased processes and efficiency.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing. Salaries‌ ‌may‌ ‌‌vary‌‌ ‌depending‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌hiring‌ ‌organization‌ ‌and‌ ‌a‌ ‌candidate's‌ ‌experience,‌ ‌academic‌ background‌, ‌and‌ ‌location.‌

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