Top 15 Types of Designing Jobs for Creative People

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published September 29, 2021

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Designers have a significant impact on the appearance and function of objects, buildings, clothing, and software products. As a diverse field, you may choose from many design specializations in technology, business, manufacturing, and entertainment. If you're passionate about design and show creativity, it's important to explore career paths where you can apply and develop your designer skills. In this article, we discuss various types of designing jobs you can qualify for and explain why to consider a career in design.

15 popular types of designing jobs

Here are 15 popular types of designing jobs across various fields you can get as a designer:

1. Interior designer

National average salary: $56,497 per year

Primary duties: An interior designer works on interior spaces, such as offices and homes, to improve safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. They select furniture, lighting, flooring, and colour schemes that suit interior spaces and determine arrangements of physical elements. Interior designers typically sketch their ideas using design software and collaborate with architects and structural engineers, who implement their designs. They typically work for interior design firms, retail stores, architectural companies, and large businesses, but may also work independently as business owners.

2. Graphic designer

National average salary: $21.74 per hour

Primary duties: A graphic designer creates visual representations of ideas, such as images, logos, business cards, and ads. They produce designs for websites, brand identities, or product illustrations. Graphic designers combine their artistic ability with technical skills to create attractive designs that convey a message. They use graphic design elements, such as colour, form, line, shape, size, space, and texture, to improve their work's aesthetic appeal. Graphic designers typically work in studios equipped with drafting tables and computer systems. They may also work independently as freelancers or contractors, or gain employment in a company that provides graphic design services.

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3. Product designer

National average salary: $64,822 per year

Primary duties: Product designers create the appearance of physical products, ranging from household items to office equipment. They align the customer's needs to the business's goals to develop successful products. They may work on improving existing product designs and analyzing working designs from competitors. At work, product designers collaborate with engineers, technicians, and other designers to create a prototype of the final product. They typically work for industrial organizations, manufacturing companies, private consulting firms, and research agencies.

4. Architectural designer

National average salary: $55,548 per year

Primary duties: An architectural designer creates designs for structures, public spaces, and buildings. They create plans based on architectural sketches, typically using computer-aided drawing (CAD) software. Architectural designers typically report to an architect and may draw plans based on their supervisor's ideas. They also collaborate with engineers who provide specifications for their designs and models.

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5. Fashion designer

National average salary: $23.90 per hour

Primary duties: A fashion designer creates ideas for wearable items, such as accessories, footwear, and clothes. They produce designs on paper or digital devices and determine the product's materials, colours, and textures. Fashion designers also produce samples of their complete designs and collaborate with fashion models who wear the prototype. When they create multiple designs, fashion designers typically develop collection themes and may participate in marketing collections to customers. They work in manufacturing establishments, apparel companies, design firms, and theatre or dance organizations. Fashion designers are responsible for managing the clothing design process from start to completion.

6. Web designer

National average salary: $27.27 per hour

Primary duties: Website designers create the appearance of functional and interactive websites. They apply their knowledge of graphic design to meet their client's website needs. While they may write programming codes in HTML and CSS for a website's visual elements, a web designer's role is primarily to work on visual themes, colour palettes, font sizes, and web objects. They collaborate with graphic designers to create images, logos, and icons, and work with developers who integrate their designs.

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7. Video game designer

National average salary: $16.56 per hour

Primary duties: A video game designer creates designs of game characters, storylines, visual effects, and settings. They are responsible for a game's design and layout. Video game designers typically have a passion for video gaming and show creativity. They also apply their software expertise and knowledge of computer programming languages, such as C# and C++, to make video game elements function. Video game designers typically work as part of a team that includes video game developers and testers. Software corporations typically employ video game designers.

8. Photographer

National average salary: $18.20 per hour

Primary duties: A photographer captures pictures that describe a situation or document an event. They apply their creativity and technical expertise to operate cameras and photography equipment. After sessions, many photographers use photographs to create designs. For example, they may design an album that includes wildlife photographs. While some photographers may travel to a location to capture an event or scenery, others work in studios, taking portraits.

9. User experience designer

National average salary: $65,816 per year

Primary duties: A user experience (UX) designer monitors interactions with digital products and identifies areas for improvement. They design websites, mobile applications, software, and video games that are intuitive and easy to navigate. UX designers study how users interact with systems and design products to meet their needs. They analyze system components, such as value, usefulness, and accessibility.

10. User interface designer

National average salary: $58,855 per year

Primary duties: A user interface (UI) designer creates interfaces and layouts, such as menus for software applications and touchscreen displays for vehicle displays. They collaborate with user experience designers to ensure interfaces are intuitive, easy to navigate, and aesthetically pleasing. User interface designers show empathy to meet the user's and client's needs.

11. Animator

National average salary: $21.39 per hour

Primary duties: An animator creates multiple images called frames, which depict the movement of a digital character. They may create animations for movies, commercials, video games, and television programs. Animators create sketches for new animations and recommend the best approaches to integrate animation components into products. They also design elements of animated environments, such as backgrounds and sets. Animators collaborate with story editors, designers, photographers, and other animators to develop motion paces and finalize projects.

12. Art director

National average salary: $77,789 per year

Primary duties: An art director is an experienced design professional who oversees artistic activities. They may work in various settings, such as newspapers, magazines, advertising, online publications, or public relations agencies. Art directors manage a team of design professionals and review all creative materials before customer presentations. They determine each project's overall style and communicate their vision to design professionals who produce graphics, charts and graphs, stage sets, or photographs.

13. Design director

National average salary: $100,110 per year

Primary duties: A design director develops the aesthetic characteristics of a product or project and manages design professionals. They may work in video or film, computer gaming, software development, or digital design. Design directors create visual strategies for producing a brand, marketing a product, or structuring a magazine.

14. Design engineer

National average salary: $73,273 per year

Primary duties: A design engineer uses computer-aided design (CAD) software to evaluate, develop, test, and improve engineering designs. They may work on converting product or process ideas into designs. Design engineers collaborate with manufacturing, reliability, and process engineers to perform tests on prototypes. Through their work, they ensure engineering designs meet product specifications and the client's needs. While design engineers typically work for engineering companies and construction firms, they may also work independently as contractors or business owners.

15. Design manager

National average salary: $69,057 per year

Primary duties: A design manager coordinates design projects from start to completion. They may create building, engineering, or website designs. As leaders, design managers oversee the activities of a design team and ensure its progress. While many design engineers work for construction, software development, and engineering companies, others work independently as contractors. They apply their design and project management skills to ensure design project success.

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Why consider a career in design

If you enjoy engaging in creative tasks, you can consider a career in design. This growing field is adapting to client needs, making it ideal for ambitious professionals who can solve creative problems, visualize situations, and generate new ideas. Designers look for the best designs that appeal to an audience, and roles typically allow you to pursue a unique style and approach to creating designs.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organization and a candidate's experience, academic background, and location.

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