A List of Social Media Job Titles (With Salaries and Duties)

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Updated November 17, 2022

Published September 29, 2021

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With social media becoming a consistent part of our daily lives, companies require different types of employees with various social media job titles to establish their brands online. These jobs require knowledge of social media algorithms and content development. By understanding which jobs are available in this field, you determine which career path is best for you. In this article, we discuss the job titles of various social media positions, provide you with their respective salaries, and go over the primary duties associated with these job titles.


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Social media job titles

Here is a list of social media job titles, their respective salaries, and their primary duties:

1. Social media intern

Average national salary: $16.42 per hour

Primary duties: Social media interns work under full-time social media professionals and help them with daily responsibilities. These professionals help coordinate marketing initiatives and create calendars for social media campaigns. They also track analytics for their supervisors' campaigns, choose media for social media posts, and write captions for these posts. Social media interns learn basic social media concepts and algorithms. They study changes to algorithms across various platforms and research social media trends to ensure their organization remains updated with current research and innovation.

2. Marketing associate

Average national salary: $17.66 per hour

Primary duties: Marketing associates plan and implement a brand's marketing strategy. These professionals ensure the marketing department functions efficiently. They find new marketing opportunities by researching the industry and identifying new ways to create leads and increase sales. Marketing associates also analyze consumer behaviour and data by analyzing web traffic, rankings, and other metrics. Marketing associates need strong attention to detail to identify the best opportunities for their employer.

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3. Social media community manager

Average national salary: $18.49 per hour

Primary duties: Social media community managers are responsible for their company's social media growth. They navigate their employer's overall brand on social media and identify areas for improvement. Social media community managers ensure consumers feel welcomed by the brand and aim to increase consumer retention. They implement social media campaigns to improve brand recognition. When consumers express concerns on social media, social media community managers respond to those concerns and questions.

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4. Social media coordinator

Average national salary: $18.62 per hour

Primary duties: Social media coordinators ensure social media campaigns function efficiently. These professionals maintain their company's social media presence and research recent marketing trends. They work with social media community managers, content developers and writers to establish strong brands. Social media coordinators choose which projects to advertise on the company's social media platforms. They also collaborate with clients and finance teams to discuss budgeting and fund allocation.

5. Social media specialist

Average national salary: $19.15 per hour

Primary duties: Social media specialists create and post content on social media platforms. Their main goal is to build an audience and increase the company's reach. They monitor a platform's metrics to identify which campaigns are most successful. These professionals remain updated with new trends and technologies. Social media specialists write and schedule posts with online tools and develop advertisements across platforms. They work to maintain a positive company and brand image.

6. Social media manager

Average national salary: $19.34 per hour

Primary duties: Social media managers oversee their company's social media department. They collaborate with the marketing and sales departments to determine which services, products, and campaigns are successful. These professionals ensure that all social media posts align with the brand's aesthetic and company values. They hire copywriters and graphic designers to develop content for the company's social media pages. Social media managers oversee content strategies and navigate the company's interactions with consumers. They analyze data to determine engagement and build digital communities.

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7. Blogger

Average national salary: $23.12 per hour

Primary duties: Bloggers write content that is shared on websites and social media platforms. These professionals typically work within a particular niche or industry and produce content based on consumer interests. Bloggers research, generate and suggest blog post ideas to their employers. When they receive approval for blog posts, they write, edit and publish content on the company's website. They write content that is of interest to the company's target market and generate followers through emails, social sharing and advertisements.

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8. Content curator

National average salary: $24.08 per hour

Primary duties: Content curators locate and evaluate valuable content which they share with their platform. They focus on the accessibility of content and sort, organize and structure content to increase the company's accessibility. Content curators develop content according to particular audiences and re-purpose content to add value to the company's content strategy. These professionals use content curation tools to discover relevant articles, images, and videos to share with their audience.

9. Copywriter

National average salary: $49,486 per year

Primary duties: Copywriters write and develop sales copy for their employer's social media platforms and websites. These professionals develop and implement marketing strategies according to their employer's needs. They analyze metrics to identify which types of content consumers engage with and adjust their approach to consider these metrics. These professionals collaborate with other social media professionals to ensure the company's content aligns with its core values and sales goals.

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10. Digital strategist

National average salary: $55,242 per year

Primary duties: Digital strategists evaluate and implement digital strategy improvements. They research new, interactive trends and innovations to improve this strategy. These professionals use search engine optimization(SEO) to generate traffic to social media content and websites. Digital strategists aim to implement cost-effective improvements and increase their organization's overall value. Digital strategists aim to launch successful, multichannel social media campaigns by studying the marketing channels available and determining potential improvements. They use social media strategies to increase sales.

11. Digital project manager

National average salary: $59,428 per year

Primary duties: Digital project managers navigate projects and ensure employees complete tasks on time according to specific budgets. These professionals work with clients to build trust and guide the company's social media decision-making process. Digital project managers also monitor social media reviews to determine customer satisfaction and to identify areas for improvement. They monitor whether employees have an appropriate amount of work. They also manage client accounts and liaise between the company and its stakeholders.

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12. Content strategist

National average salary: $61,034 per year

Primary duties: Content strategists develop content strategies depending on the company's objectives and the consumer's needs. These professionals plan their employer's brand strategy and determine which pieces of content the brand shares. They research market trends and work with content writers to plan what types of content to produce. They work with videos, blogs and infographics on the company's website and social media platforms. These professionals determine what kind of content their target audience wants to engage with, and they follow up by collaborating with various social media professionals to develop that content.

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13. Brand manager

National average salary: $63,140 per year

Primary duties: Brand managers aim to build their company's brand according to the target audience's needs. They ensure the company's content and marketing campaigns align with the brand's message, value, goals and style. Brand managers aim to maintain the brand's integrity by ensuring all content respects the company's values. They oversee email, paid media and traditional marketing campaigns. Brand managers aim to increase consistency across all social media platforms.

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14. Data analyst

National average salary: $75,505 per year

Primary duties: Data analysts collect and research data from social media campaigns. These professionals assess whether their company's social media campaigns are effective. They analyze impressions, click-through rates, engagement and likes on social media posts. These professionals also use sales software to identify whether the company's social media campaign generates conversions. Data analysts design and maintain company databases and fix errors in those databases. When necessary, these professionals mine data from primary and secondary sources, which they reorganize to increase readability.

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15. Creative director

National average salary: $84,003 per year

Primary duties: Creative directors create proposals and suggest ideas about content to ensure projects meet deadlines. These professionals oversee team members and help them work effectively. When necessary, they assign tasks to staff, brainstorm ideas with team members, and act as liaisons between employers and stakeholders. Creative directors oversee advertising and marketing campaigns for their employers. These professionals need good communication and presentation skills to discuss findings and suggest ideas for campaigns. They also need good time-management skills because they typically navigate multiple projects simultaneously.

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