14 Side Gigs That Can Help You Make Some Extra Money

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 25, 2022

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Getting a side gig can be a great way to bring in some additional income while exploring your skills and interests. A side gig can often develop from a hobby when you learn to monetize a pastime. Learning more about different types of side jobs can help you explore new fields and potentially discover fulfilling or lucrative career opportunities. In this article, we explore some of the most popular side gigs and share some tips on choosing the right side gig for you.

What are side gigs?

Side gigs are small jobs that people work part time, often on the weekends, to supplement their income. You might search for side jobs to save up for a large purchase or investment, or because you enjoy making money while doing what you love. They may relate to your full-time job or be completely separate. Side gigs usually happen on weekends, evenings, or days off, and involve a small, flexible time commitment.

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14 side gigs that can make you some extra money

Here are 14 side gigs that can help you improve your income and explore new ideas:

1. House or pet-sitter

National average salary: $16.55 per hour

Primary duties: House and pet-sitters stay in and maintain someone's home and take care of their pets, often while the homeowners are travelling. Being a house or pet-sitter doesn't require any specific education or experience. There are a number of online platforms that connect homeowners with individuals who can watch their property while they're away.

2. Mystery shopper

National average salary: $16.83 per hour

Primary duties: Mystery shoppers are people who pretend to be regular customers while secretly gathering data about different aspects of the shopping experience. This can range from examining produce freshness to reporting on the service you receive at a retail outlet. If you enjoy shopping or the thrill of going undercover, you might find mystery shopping to be a rewarding side gig.

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3. Background actor

National average salary: $17.18 per hour

Primary duties: Sometimes called extras, background actors or BGs are individuals who appear in TV shows and movies as actors without speaking lines. This is a great way to test acting as a profession and become more familiar with the process of making an entertainment product. Background actors usually get paid by the hour, although there are several conditions that can increase your take-home amount, such as needing to wear a costume or having to drive to an on-location shoot.

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4. Photographer

National average salary: $18.44 per hour

Primary duties: If you enjoy taking photographs as a hobby, you may enjoy taking photos professionally as a side gig. As a part-time photographer, you can choose to work with clients directly or sell your photos in digital marketplaces. Sharing your photographs on social media can help you generate excitement about your work while potentially finding new clients or gigs in the process.

5. Dog walker

National average salary: $18.76 per hour

Primary duties: If you love dogs and spending time outdoors, becoming a dog walker can make a fun side job. While handling several dogs can be challenging, dog walking can be a quick way to earn some extra money while getting exercise and fresh air. There are many applications and websites that help dog walkers and sitters connect with owners, which can make the process of finding your first customers much easier.

6. Delivery driver

National average salary: $18.93 per hour

Primary duties: Becoming a delivery driver can be an effective way to earn some extra cash. Delivery drivers and cyclists deliver a variety of products, such as restaurant food, groceries, and pharmaceuticals. If you have a car, scooter, or bike and some extra time, you have everything you require to get started. Most delivery companies give you complete flexibility over when and how much you work, so it's easy to fit this job into almost any schedule.

7. Artist

National average salary: $19.23 per hour

Primary duties: If you enjoy making art or other creative projects as a hobby, you may be able to generate income by selling or licensing your creations to others. With so many online platforms available for selling your creative work, becoming a part-time artist can be an accessible way to earn some extra income and enjoy a creative outlet at the same time. Displaying your art on social media platforms can also help you build a following and find potential buyers.

8. Photo and video editor

National average salary: $20.64 per hour

Primary duties: Photo and video editing are among the most in-demand contract skills on the internet. Visual content is becoming an expectation among consumers, and many small and medium businesses are now creating their own photo and video assets. Proof of experience, however brief, or a small portfolio of previous work can be all it takes to get your first few clients. There are also online marketplaces that can help you find new clients easily, such as Fiverr and Creative Market.

9. Blogger

National average salary: $20.93 per hour

Primary duties: If you have a passion for writing and knowledge of a particular topic, then you can write blogs as a side gig. Bloggers write about a variety of topics for online publications called blogs. You can write for your own blog, or you can make money by writing on other people's websites as a guest blogger. Individuals who start their own blogs often make their money from advertising, so building an audience and attracting readers with exceptional content is essential to success with this side gig.

10. Content writer

National average salary: $21.24 per hour

Primary duties: If you have a flair for communication and the written word, then becoming a content writer may be a rewarding choice. There are many online platforms that allow you to write different types of content on a per-project basis. Companies that hire part-time content writers typically ask for sample pieces of writing before sending you projects, so it's helpful to prepare one or two example pieces. Doing content writing on the side can be a great way to build your portfolio if you're interested in pursuing writing as a full-time career.

11. Graphic designer

National average salary: $21.66 per hour

Primary duties: If you have some experience in creative work, part-time or freelance graphic design can make an attractive weekend job. If it's been a while since you've done some design work and you no longer have an up-to-date portfolio, it may be beneficial to work on some new speculative work that you can show off to clients. As a part-time graphic designer, you can choose either to find clients yourself, work for an agency, or sell your work on online design marketplaces like 99 Designs or Dribbble.

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12. Apparel designer

National average salary: $23.39 per hour

Primary duties: There are many print-on-demand apparel services that let you create and sell clothing of your own design. This can be a quick way to earn some extra money from your art and learn more about the industry of selling apparel. Platforms like Redbubble allow you to post your designs on dozens of different apparel options while taking care of everything to do with manufacturing and shipping.

13. English teacher

National average salary: $23.54 per hour

Primary duties: It's a common misconception that you're required to know another language in order to teach English professionally. Most online language learning services that provide language tutors focus on immersion and conversational fluency, meaning all instruction happens in your native language. Some online platforms require a post-secondary degree, but many require only strong communication skills and a desire to help others with their English language ability.

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14. Music teacher

National average salary: $29.27 per hour

Primary duties: If you have some talent with a musical instrument, you can share this talent with others by teaching music lessons. Teaching music is inherently flexible, as it's up to you to schedule tutoring sessions, come up with lesson plans, and plan practice calls. Finding clients can be challenging, but with some entrepreneurial thinking and social outreach, you can build a sustainable side business with referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.

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