10 Online Jobs for Teachers (With Tips for Remote Work)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 10, 2022

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Teaching can be a strenuous career when you factor in the stress of getting to school and the relatively low pay. An excellent way to continue educating people while avoiding many of the rigours of traditional teaching is to consider an online job. Understanding the available online jobs for teachers can help you supplement your income and use your free time effectively. In this article, we discuss some online jobs a teacher can do and provide some tips for working online.

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9 online jobs for teachers

Here are some online jobs for teachers that you can consider:

1. Tutor

National average salary: $20.41 per hour

Primary duties: Online tutors train students in specific subjects or fields virtually. They're responsible for creating personalized and flexible learning plans to help students develop competence across specific areas. They take advantage of various online platforms where they register as a tutor and teach students worldwide.

2. Language arts teacher

National average salary: $25.43 per hour

Primary duties: Language arts teachers help students develop reading, writing, and comprehension skills in a specific language. As more employers favour candidates who speak multiple languages, there's a vast and growing market for language arts teachers. Their duties include providing learning materials, conducting assessments, and developing lesson plans.

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3. Music teacher

National average salary: $29.82 per hour

Primary duties: Music teachers help their students develop various musical skills. This can involve playing an instrument or learning how to sing. Like other teachers, music teachers are responsible for creating lesson materials, conducting assessments, and teaching relevant music theories. Music teachers require an understanding of theory and a mastery of several instruments to excel in this role.

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4. Curriculum developer

National average salary: $24.85 per hour

Primary duties: Curriculum developers design, amend, and update school curriculums. In addition, their duties include developing educational materials, auditing school programs to ensure compliance, and researching best teaching practices. They might develop curriculums for several grades at large schools, or more personalized curriculums for homeschooled students or small private schools.

5. Educational consultant

National average salary: $24.11 per hour

Primary duties: Educational consultants provide professional advice on optimizing education and learning. Their duties include researching relevant topics, delivering lectures, and providing advice to educational institutions. This role requires research skills, strategic thinking, and attention to detail.

6. Academic coach

National average salary: $59,965 per year

Primary duties: Academic coaches work with high school students and help them make career choices. They help students analyze their strengths and weaknesses to set achievable goals. Their duties also include helping students develop the proper habits and mindset for success in college and the workplace.

7. Educational writer

National average salary: $22.34 per hour

Primary duties: Educational writers create content about education for various platforms. They may publish their work on blogs, websites, magazines, or newsletters. This role requires excellent writing skills and knowledge of relevant software. They can create opinion pieces, review institutions, recommend the best programs, and provide relevant guides.

8. Blogger

National average salary: $20.93 per hour

Primary duties: Bloggers write and publish short content on blogs across various topics. Their goal is to provide easy access to a repository of information on a subject and educate readers. As teachers, they can blog on topics related to education, relying on research and personal experiences.

9. Author

National average salary: $38.21 per hour

Primary duties: An author writes and publishes books. Teachers have extensive knowledge of a specific topic and the ability to explain it in a way for others to comprehend. Teachers can write and publish books online for readers to learn from their specialized expertise. Some genres to consider are self-help, science and math guides, or children's books.

Tips for working online

Here are some tips you can apply to make your online job more rewarding:

Have a clear schedule

One of the challenges of working online is managing your time effectively. You can resolve this by having a clear schedule. Dedicating time to each task can improve your focus and productivity. More importantly, it helps you avoid being lazy on the job. You can design your schedule in whatever way is comfortable for you using various productivity tools.

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Develop a morning routine

A morning routine can help with mental clarity to be more productive and focused at work. Your morning routine can be anything, from drinking a coffee to meditating. The most important thing about your routine is to remain consistent. You can pick anytime in the morning that works for you.

Set clear boundaries

While working at home, it's important you set clear boundaries to protect your work time and productivity levels. For example, you can inform your roommates, family, or children that you're working and don't want any disturbances. Similarly, you can inform anyone you're living with that you can't do chores or errands while working. Setting these clear boundaries can help you to avoid distractions while at work.

Take breaks

Breaks are essential to refresh your body and mind. Taking regular breaks from work can help you maintain your focus and productivity levels. You can schedule the amount of break time you require to recover from work stress. For example, you can follow the traditional one-hour lunch break and two 15-minute short breaks. If your work involves long hours sitting with a laptop, ensure you give yourself short breaks to stretch and move around to improve blood flow.

Take time to go outside

When you work online, it's easy to spend most of your day indoors. Taking some time to go out is a great way to refresh yourself, socialize, and get some exercise. Additionally, it can assist with creativity and help you resolve complex problems. You can schedule a weekend to go out with your friends or pets.

Do some light exercise

Working online usually involves spending long hours sitting in a position or staring at a screen. This has an impact on our posture and overall fitness. Consider incorporating some light exercise into your daily routine to reset your body and mind. For example, you can consider doing some light stretches after waking up or before going to bed. Other exercises like running and weightlifting also have many mental and physical benefits.

Ask for necessary resources

If you're working online for an employer, you can request the necessary resources to complete your tasks. This is particularly important as you may be unable to reach your employer or colleagues during working hours, especially if you're working in a different region. Getting all your resources ready ensures you can complete your work more efficiently.

Have a specific workspace

Having a designated workspace helps you organize your work materials better. It also allows you to focus on work more easily, which improves productivity. Consider designating an area in your house to a workspace. Ensure you keep the space clean and organized so you're in the right mental state while working.

Socialize with colleagues

It Socializing with your colleagues can help your mental health and make you feel more connected to your work. Many companies provide ways for colleagues to interact with each other in an informal atmosphere. Ensure you leverage these opportunities to get to know your colleagues better. In addition to growing your network, socializing can help you develop valuable soft skills to aid your career.

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Improve your skills

You can dedicate some time to searching for opportunities for personal and professional development. Ensure you monitor all training opportunities in your workplace and request to participate. This can help you advance your career and develop your online working abilities.

Be positive

Ensure you always use a positive and polite tone in your correspondence. This facilitates collaboration and improves your chances of getting your desired results. Especially when communicating with students or clients online, it's essential to communicate your positive tone using your writing, tone of voice, and body language if working by videoconference.

Leverage technology

Various applications can help you work online. For example, you can research time management or productivity apps to help you schedule your day and send reminders. Similarly, various team management applications make it easier for colleagues to communicate and share work resources, or to share documents with students. Using these applications can make working a better experience.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organization and a candidate's experience, academic background, and location.

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