12 Exciting Jobs in Gaming (With Duties and Salaries)

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Updated September 28, 2022

Published August 17, 2021

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The gaming industry has become a multi-billion dollar entity within entertainment, and its products appeal to customers of all ages. There are many benefits to working in the gaming industry, such as competitive pay and flexible working hours. Knowing about the different types of jobs you can get in this field, and the typical responsibilities of each position can help you determine which career in the gaming industry might be right for you. In this article, we discuss 12 different gaming jobs you can pursue, including the national average salary and primary job duties for each title.

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What are jobs in gaming?

Jobs in the gaming industry typically focus on designing, developing and selling new video games. This can include games that run on gaming consoles, online games and mobile applications. Several areas of the gaming industry can offer great opportunities for employment, including game design, marketing and retail.

Whether you want to help create stories and characters for games or promote new games to potential customers, there's likely a place in the gaming industry that may help you build a career that can help you feel fulfilled and allow you to enjoy yourself while at work.

12 jobs in gaming

Here are 12 jobs you can find in the gaming industry:

1. Writer

National average salary: $44,934 per year

Primary duties: A writer helps to create stories and characters that a development team can use to produce new video games. Writers in the gaming industry can develop narrative storylines that become the basis for new games. They follow guidelines from game designers and write scripts for cut scenes and interactions between characters. They also draft other written content that a game might feature, such as pop-up instructions, menu items and object or character descriptions.

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2. Retail sales associate

National average salary: $48,149 per year

Primary duties: A retail sales associate helps customers find and purchase the products in a store. In the gaming industry, a retail sales associate can share information about different gaming systems and games. They also need to be knowledgeable to answer customers' questions and make recommendations for products they think customers might enjoy. Retail sales associates can also encourage repeat business by ensuring customers are aware of upcoming promotional offers and video game releases.

3. Programmer

National average salary: $54,153 per year

Primary duties: A programmer uses computer programming languages to write lines of code that give elements in a video game the ability to function. Programmers can add movement to stationary objects using code and adjust the speed of character movements, like running or waving. They use specialized software to render large images in a video game after they're designed as two-dimensional objects.

Programmers can also work closely with designers and developers to ensure they adhere to the game designer's creative vision when adding movement and features to the games they program. They're responsible for both the functionality and visual design of a video game.

4. Game tester

National average salary: $55,906 per year

Primary duties: A game tester provides quality assurance for video game production companies during the development phase of new games. Their job can involve playing video games before release to test for proper function and identifying bugs in the system or other errors. They then provide their feedback on the overall gaming experience to game developers and designers so they can adjust features if necessary. A game tester can also review the instructions in a game to ensure they're easy for players to understand.

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5. Graphic designer

National average salary: $57,744 per year

Primary duties: A graphic designer is an artist who develops the visual elements of projects. In gaming, a graphic designer might have responsibilities like designing the details of character templates and skins and creating the layout of a video game's map. They typically draw basic two-dimensional designs for objects or characters before developers render them using software. Graphic designers in gaming can also work on logos for games and companies they can use for packaging and advertisements.

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6. Marketing manager

National average salary: $58,561 per year

Primary duties: A marketing manager oversees creating and implementing campaigns promoting a particular product or service. In gaming, marketing managers often have job duties like developing advertisements to showcase the most exciting parts of a new game, conducting market research to determine which forms of advertising might be most effective for a particular game and leading teams of marketing professionals who create marketing materials, like newsletters and print advertisements. A marketing manager can also organize special events that promote new video games, such as launch parties and conventions.

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7. Technical support specialist

National average salary: $60,990 per year

Primary duties: A technical support specialist is an information technology professional who assists customers who experience challenges when using a piece of software or computer equipment. Technical support specialists who work in gaming can answer customer questions about using a particular gaming system or accessory and troubleshoot to identify errors when customers report that a game is malfunctioning.

They communicate through phone calls and online chat rooms with customers. A technical support specialist can also perform basic repairs on damaged gaming equipment that customers bring into a store or tech support facility.

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8. Animator

National average salary: $68,071 per year

Primary duties: An animator is an artist who adds movement to visual designs. Animators in the gaming industry can have responsibilities like adding facial expressions and other types of movement to characters that allow them to interact with objects in the game. They can create moving elements that appear in the game, such as trees blowing in the wind or running water. An animator can also work with graphic designers to animate the loading or menu screens which can appear to the player at various points in a game.

9. Video game designer

National average salary: $71,568 per year

Primary duties: A video game designer develops concepts for new video games, including characters and settings. Video game designers can meet with teams of other creative professionals to workshop their ideas for new games, create storylines that can become the foundations of new video games and organize the details of video games like plot points and levels. A video game designer also typically collaborates with developers and programmers to implement their ideas in games by rendering them with software.

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10. Developer

National average salary: $71,866 per year

Primary duties: A developer helps transform a game designer's ideas into functional, playable video games. Their job can involve reviewing specifications provided by the game designer to create plans for how to develop a new game, writing lines of code that can add movement and function to different aspects of a game and adding commands to the programming of a game that allows the various software programs being used to interact with each other. Developers can also program non-player characters that appear throughout a game with artificial intelligence.

11. Software engineer

National average salary: $74,773 per year

Primary duties: A software engineer develops computer software that developers can implement in new systems, including video games. Software engineers who work in the gaming industry can write lines of code that give function to different aspects of a video game, program avatars to move in specific ways to develop characters and render large images and three-dimensional worlds on digital systems, such as when creating the setting for a video game. They can also run diagnostic tests on the software they create to ensure it properly functions before developers add it to a game.

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12. Audio engineer

National average salary: $113,855 per year

Primary duties: An audio engineer works on the sound design of a video game, including music and sound effects. Audio engineers can develop songs for a video game's soundtrack, create background noise to create different ambiances in various areas of a game and add sound effects for specific character actions, like jumping into the air or hitting objects. An audio engineer can also synchronize voice-overs completed by voice actors with animations of characters so that the characters in a game can speak.

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