21 Jobs in Architecture (With Salaries and Duties)

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Updated September 22, 2022

Published August 17, 2021

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Architectural professionals can work in various positions, depending on their areas of interest. While many individuals who studied architecture choose to apply their knowledge directly as architects and drafters, others can work in related positions. If you are interested in working as an architect or in a related role, learning about the different architectural jobs can help you decide which career path you are most suited for. In this article, we discuss 21 jobs in architecture and explore their salaries and job duties.

21 jobs in architecture

Here are 21 jobs you can consider if you're interested in architecture:

1. Architect

National average salary: $90,817 per year

Primary duties: An architect is a professional who plans, develops, designs and oversees the structural construction of objects, like buildings. They can perform these duties in the public or private sectors and sometimes work on restoration projects. Other projects they may work on include commercial spaces, sports stadiums, schools, outdoor spaces, or duplex and single-family homes.

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2. Junior architect

National average salary: $56,025 per year

Primary duties: Junior architects focus on standard architectural tasks like planning, developing and designing structures. They primarily assist with the planning stages and help prepare the necessary documentation, like building permits. Junior architects also focus on identifying structure specifications that need to be included throughout construction, which can vary from project to project.

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3. Senior architect

National average salary: $208,324 per year

Primary duties: Senior architects primarily work on structural design drafting, which is the blueprint of how structures are being planned for construction. This may mean they review both structural and engineering blueprints before construction begins. Items they might examine are whether the plan meets compliance standards, specifications from the client, and environmental standards.

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4. Architectural designer

National average salary: $59,669 per year

Primary duties: Architectural designers create visual representations of structural plans for clients and stakeholders to review. They usually use many of the same skills as graphic designers, like illustrative technology, to show how the structure might look from different angles. Architectural designers may also assist with drawing tasks during the creation of blueprints.

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5. Senior architectural designer

National average salary: $73,216 per year

Primary duties: A senior architectural designer manages structural design decisions and creates digital and drawn representations of the structures. This may mean they work closely with construction teams to ensure they build structures as planned. Other tasks might include managing other designers on their team and training them.

6. Drafting technician

National average salary: $64,953 per year

Primary duties: A drafting technician creates digital models of physical design drawings by using design software. These professionals might focus on creating three-dimensional representations of blueprints to help highlight how a structure might look. Drafting technicians may also use their models to communicate the structure's spatial location in relation to other nearby buildings.

7. Architectural technician

National average salary: $57,750 per year

Primary duties: Architectural technicians work directly with architects and engineers to determine the construction needs for specific projects. They may create architectural drafts or building codes by using their technical skills and knowledge. Typically, they communicate between different architectural teams, like designers and engineers. They usually work to ensure everyone is aware of important measurements and requirements.

8. GIS analyst

National average salary: $67,350 per year

Primary duties: A GIS analyst is someone who analyzes architectural mapping technology to gather geographical information. When examining different maps, they may look for important criteria like how communities use land in specific areas or the distance between different locations. GIS analysts' primary duty is to analyze and gather land-use data for architects.

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9. CAD technician

National average salary: $56,795 per year

Primary duties: CAD technicians use specific software and technology to create highly detailed drawings and drafts for steel fabricators, erectors, and other raw materials and manufacturing clients. They develop plans like blueprints and architectural illustrations that help guide construction professionals through their processes. CAD technicians usually use technical, spatial and mathematical skills to accomplish their work.

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10. BIM modeller

National average salary: $58,322 per year

Primary duties: A BIM modeller, known as a building information modeller, uses computer-based software to build immersive structural models. Their models usually include detailed characteristics of the spaces they are planning to build, whether they are physical or functional components. BIM modellers focus on providing structural engineers and architects with the visual representations they need to make informed building decisions.

11. BIM manager

National average salary: $84,562 per year

Primary duties: A BIM manager delegates tasks to BIM modellers and oversees design processes. They may also handle communications with other architectural teams to provide them with completed models. Other tasks might include providing relevant software training to the teams they manage and creating collaboration opportunities.

12. Studio manager

National average salary: $41,707 per year

Primary duties: A studio manager in architecture, otherwise known as an architectural studio manager, is someone who oversees all architectural designers and their operations. This means they may work daily with GIS, CAD and BIM teams to coordinate design operations to meet deadlines. Clear and concise communication is key for studio managers to delegate tasks and ensure teams meet client goals.

13. Architectural project manager

National average salary: $75,991 per year

Primary duties: Architectural project managers supervise the design and construction processes of specific projects. They may oversee development and review processes and drafting to ensure a specific project complies with environmental and zoning regulations. Project managers also work on budgetary matters, financial tracking procedures, and team communication to guide their teams towards successful project completion.

14. Urban planner

National average salary: $117,320 per year

Primary duties: Urban planners use research and analysis to create plans and design public land for community use. Their plans aim to meet the requirements of building codes and public regulations in the area. Urban planners also engage in community meetings and discussions to help ensure they meet the community's needs with the land development projects they implement. While some urban planners focus their work on environmental improvement, others may specialize in revitalization or transportation infrastructure.

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15. Structural engineer

National average salary: $76,142 per year

Primary duties: Structural engineers research and analyze the components used to create structures to determine their unique benefits and functional features. They can often share this knowledge with architects during the planning stages to ensure they make informed decisions. The primary focus of structural engineers is ensuring that buildings are safe and comfortable.

16. Landscape architect

National average salary: $81,480 per year

Primary duties: Landscape architects design, plan and manage outdoor spaces such as parks, residences, school campuses, cemeteries, hotels and resorts, corporate campuses and gardens. They may design and engineer spaces geared toward improving community and environmental health. Landscape architects might work in public planning to design community spaces or private planning to work on residential projects.

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17. Interior designer

National average salary: $57,131 per year

Primary duties: Interior designers create functional, safe and visually appealing interior spaces. They curate specific materials, decor and lighting to actualize their ideas. Interior designers may use drafting and visual design skills to create plans for their projects. While interior designers may work as part of a team, they often provide direct oversight on an interior project to its completion. They can complete interior projects for new buildings or interior restoration projects for old buildings.

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18. Lighting consultant

National average salary: $69,624 per year

Primary duties: Lighting consultants plan and design lighting systems. While they often work for lighting companies, consultants may also provide their services to large venues, residential clients, retail spaces, event companies, or architecture firms. They visit project sites, create plans for client specifications, manage budgets and oversee installation efforts.

19. Framer

National average salary: $61,354 per year

Primary duties: Framers use carpentry and engineering-based skills to construct or repair the framework of building structures. They may work in the commercial, industrial, or residential sectors. Framers assess building needs, draft plans and take measurements when necessary to ensure they install materials properly.

20. Historian

National average salary: $78,920 per year

Primary duties: A historian is a professional who focuses on learning, analyzing, and documenting the past. In the architectural career field, these professionals primarily work on restoration projects to ensure architects preserve the history of structures properly. They may work as internal historians at architecture firms or as external consultants.

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21. Professor

National average salary: $97,961 per year

Primary duties: Professors who teach architectural studies can work at colleges and universities as educators and academic researchers. Depending on their specific role, they may teach undergraduate and graduate students studying in their field. Other duties they may handle include planning curricula, overseeing extracurricular efforts, completing research projects, securing grants, publishing written work, and supporting student development.

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