Jobs for Canadians in the US (With Steps to Getting a Job)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 9, 2022

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If you want to work in the United States, it's important to evaluate if you're eligible to work there. It's important to consider that there are procedures you may take to get the required visa and work permit to validate your position as a legal employee. Learning how to get a job in the United States can increase your chances of getting a job quickly. In this article, we discuss different types of jobs for Canadians in the US, share how to become eligible for work in the US, and explain how to get a job in the US.

Types of jobs for Canadians in the US

Although there are several jobs for Canadians in the US, you might need a work permit to qualify for them. The required work permission might depend on the educational background of the candidate, the industry of employment, and the nature of the job. The United States issues a multitude of work visas to the immigrant population so that they may receive lawful employment. Here are some job opportunities for Canadians in the US:

Jobs in medicine

Usually, the American medical industry looks for exceptional employees from Canada. Because of the wide variety of specialized disciplines, medical professionals seeking employment in the United States may have several prospects. Some of the best career prospects in this field are:

  • professor of medicine

  • medical researcher

  • dentist

  • occupational therapist

  • pharmacist

  • physical therapist

  • recreational therapist

  • registered nurse

  • veterinarian

  • medical technologist

  • nutritionist

  • dietician

  • psychologist

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Jobs in teaching

Like in Canada, in the United States, teaching is a respectable career. If you feel passion for this professional field, you look for a job as a teacher. It's important to choose a job that matches your educational background, experience, skills, and preferences. Here are some position you can consider:

  • elementary school instructor

  • high school teacher

  • college lecturer

  • university professor

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Jobs in science

The US provides several opportunities for those with a background in science. If you have the necessary credentials and skill set, you can find employment in a wide range of fields, including science, engineering, IT, agriculture, chemistry, geology, mathematics, and meteorology. The overall selection process may largely depend on your educational background and work experience. Here are some roles you may find in the science field:

  • engineer

  • scientist

  • agriculturist

  • biochemist

  • biologist

  • chemist

  • entomologist

  • meteorologist

  • pharmacologist

  • physicist

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How to become eligible to work in the United States

You can take the following steps to validate your eligibility to work in the US:

1. Establish your eligibility and complete the paperwork

Before you can work in the US, it's important to obtain a work permit, commonly known as an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). This is an authorization necessary for all employees in the US, including citizens, to show their legal right to work in the country. As an individual with a temporary visa or an immigrant, you might have a valid EAD for a full year and can renew or replace it when necessary.

After confirming if you can get employment in the US, you can complete an EAD application, which is the main form you need if you want to work in the US. Read the instructions carefully to verify that you're completing the form accurately and satisfying all the criteria. After reading and filling out the full form, you may pay the fee specified on the form.

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2. Obtain further information and guidelines

After receiving your documents, the government may conduct a thorough assessment and provide a receipt. This indicates that they received your application. Depending on your circumstances, they may seek extra information or ask you for an interview to learn more about your work and personal data. Once they have gathered all pertinent information, you may receive notice of their final decision through e-mail, mail, or phone.

3. Complete an I-9 form

Once a company has offered you a position, you may show evidence of your passport and visa to verify your legal right to work in the United States. Before proceeding with the recruiting and onboarding process, an employer may then provide identification and eligibility verification information. The employer may next request that you complete an I-9 form with your employment details for tax and payment reasons.

4. Provide further evidence of your eligibility to work

When the company provides your I-9, it may request additional documentation to complete the recruiting process. Depending on the employer and your immigration status, the company might ask you to provide authentic documents. Some of these documents include a birth certificate, as this can support and verify your Canadian citizenship and identity.

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5. Renew your EAD

As your EAD normally expires after one year, it may be important to understand the renewal procedure. You can use a form I-765, known as Application for Employment Authorization, to apply for an EAD renewal. Consider submitting the renewal form before the expiry date of your existing EAD to guarantee you get the new EAD on time. You may submit an application to extend your EAD up to six months before its expiry date.

How to get a job in the United States

Here are some guidelines for obtaining employment in the United States:

1. Search for employment online

You can begin your job search and application process by doing an internet search for open positions in the United States. If you have a degree in a specific sector, you may seek for positions within that sector to verify that you satisfy the essential academic criteria.

It's beneficial to look for employment within a field in which you already have experience. Consider storing the job descriptions you encounter throughout your search. After locating a substantial number of openings in your chosen region and sector, you can reduce the list based on your interests and prior experience.

2. Consult a recruitment agency

Additionally, you might contact recruitment agencies throughout your job search. This option is ideal for professionals with over three years of experience in a relevant sector. Most recruiters conduct thorough searches within a state to identify the most suitable positions for candidates. They may also have relationships with companies and access to professional opportunities that you may not see through an independent search. Recruiters handle the first contact between you and the company's hiring manager, leaving you more time to prepare your application materials and do independent job searches.

3. Build your resume

After collecting many job descriptions, thoroughly examine them for keywords. These are terms or phrases that show the talents or background a potential employer is seeking in a candidate. Include these keywords in your abilities and job experience sections to guarantee that your resume appeals to the hiring manager. Your resume may also contain pertinent parts, such as your contact information, a summary statement, your job experience, your education, your abilities, and any applicable certifications.

4. Compose an effective cover letter

It's frequently helpful to provide a cover letter for every position you're pursuing. A good cover letter might explain on your resume's past and talents to provide the hiring manager with information of how you've used these qualities in prior roles. Try to ensure that your cover letter has a personal introduction, a statement of interest in the position, and descriptions of how you've succeeded and developed skills throughout your career.

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5. Send a reminder

Consider sending a follow-up e-mail a week after submitting your application, resume, and cover letter to the hiring manager. This confirms that they've got these materials and offers a reminder to contact you to schedule a job interview. Sending a follow-up demonstrates your enthusiasm and wish to work for the organization. Try to be professional and polite when you thank the employer for their time and inquire about the status of your application.

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