List of 11 HR Jobs in Edmonton (Including Salaries and Duties)

Updated February 2, 2023

Human resources (HR) is a rewarding career path with immense potential for advancement, learning, and development. HR departments perform various personnel management functions, including finding, hiring, training, and supporting new employees. Learning about human resources jobs in Edmonton can help you identify and pursue new opportunities for professional development. In this article, we examine a list of 11 HR jobs in Edmonton, including their national average salaries and their primary duties.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organization and a candidate's experience, academic background, and location.

List of 11 HR jobs in Edmonton

Researching HR jobs in Edmonton can help you find a role that fits your interests, qualifications, and career aspirations. The following is a list of 11 HR jobs in Edmonton, including their salaries and primary responsibilities:

1. Human resources intern

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National average salary: $23,881 per year

Primary duties: Human resources interns are entry-level employees who help organizations conduct their daily HR activities. These interns perform various tasks depending on the company's needs. They may help the HR department by gathering market salary information to develop new compensation packages and benefits. They may also maintain the accuracy of employee files, organize and screen resumes, manage job ads, and help implement company policies. Interns in human resources may proofread HR documents, such as audits, marketing materials, and employee handbooks.

2. Human resources assistant

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National average salary: $49,032 per year

Primary duties: Human resources assistants handle an organization's daily administration and personnel management. HR assistants schedule appointments, conduct orientations, and document employee information. They also help with recruiting and maintaining payroll records. When onboarding new employees, HR assistants may review the new employee orientation checklist and ensure that new hires have a designated phone number, system access information, workstation, and office keys. A human resources assistant can be an intermediary between an organization's insurance and retirement benefit providers. Benefits management includes adding or removing employees from benefit programs and resolving benefit-related issues.

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3. Human resources administrator

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National average salary: $53,893 per year

Primary duties: Human resources administrators manage and prepare various HR documentation, help employees with workplace concerns, facilitate employee onboarding and training, and provide payroll support. A human resources administrator has both managerial and administrative responsibilities within an organization. They develop regular presentations and reports concerning HR metrics, such as turnover and retention rates. They also arrange travel accommodations and handle expense forms through routine communication between departments.

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4. Human resources coordinator

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National average salary: $58,624 per year

Primary duties: Human resources coordinators oversee various human resources functions and programs, including employment issues, compensation and benefits, negotiations with unions, and employee relations. They work closely with the HR director, hiring managers, and recruiters to ensure that the organization's HR policies, processes, and practices are efficient and effective. They conduct audits of HR programs, such as benefits and retirement, generate reports on general HR activity, and recommend actions to improve existing procedures. They also help with performance management by preparing materials for performance reviews and providing guidance on performance management.

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5. Human resources associate

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National average salary: $60,587 per year

Primary duties: Human resources associates collect, record, and interpret information about human resources. They keep records of applications, resumes, and applicant logs. They also prepare employment contracts and benefits, ensuring that all new employees understand how the company operates and what they can expect. HR associates work closely with department heads to understand their business plans and align HR activities to help support, enhance, and improve their operations. HR associates report to the HR manager or director and perform various duties, including recruitment, record maintenance, administration, and policy development.

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6. Human resources generalist

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National average salary: $63,482 per year

Primary duties: Human resources generalists manage administrative tasks, regulatory compliance, and strategic planning. They advise management on human resources issues, such as maintaining positive relationships with employees and hiring quality personnel. HR generalists may also identify and work with human resource information systems (HRIS) such as workforce management programs, talent management programs, or niche recruiting software.

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7. Human resources specialist

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National average salary: $65,804 per year

Primary duties: Human resources specialists provide expertise in particular areas, such as compensation, benefits, recruitment, employee relations, or employee wellness. Their daily tasks include processing paperwork, maintaining employee records, and ensuring compliance with HR regulations. A human resources specialist has a variety of responsibilities depending on their specialization, along with several general human resource responsibilities. For example, recruitment specialists may travel to colleges to meet with potential applicants and attend job fairs to recruit potential candidates. A human resources specialist with expertise in compensation and benefits planning may prepare incentive plans that benefit the employee and the organization.

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8. Human resources advisor

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National average salary: $68,738 per year

Primary duties: Human resources advisors supervise the administration of human resources procedures. They develop company policies, research performance evaluation methods, and provide hiring managers with interviewing tips. HR advisors guide the human resources department on employee welfare regulations, help employees understand human resource policies, and ensure adherence to company values. By working with HR teams, HR advisors improve relations between managers and employees. They may also oversee grievance procedures, investigate disciplinary actions, and facilitate conflict resolution.

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9. Human resources manager

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National average salary: $78,132 per year

Primary duties: Human resources managers plan, direct, and supervise an organization's administrative activities. They ensure that other members of the human resources team can work efficiently and collaborate effectively with one another. They also support other departments, plan team events to build morale, and train supervisors and employees. They help managers determine when bonuses and raises are appropriate based on performance. Depending on the situation, they may also provide training resources and workshops to increase employee engagement, address workplace inequalities, or improve employee skills.

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10. Human resources business partner

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National average salary: $78,964 per year

Primary duties: Human resources business partners (HRBPs) help department managers develop strategies for hiring suitable candidates with the skills and experience necessary for specific job openings. They collaborate with the HR department and consult with the executive team on HR matters. They contribute to developing HR initiatives and strategies that affect the entire organization. As HR leaders, HRBPs develop and oversee human resource policies and programs to help organizations achieve their business goals. HRBPs also monitor the human resources budget and advocate for redistributing funding to high-priority roles or departments as necessary.

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11. Director of human resources

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National average salary: $137,782 per year

Primary duties: Directors of human resources lead, direct, and oversee policies, activities, and personnel within an organization's human resources department. They recruit new employees and negotiate their employment contracts. HR directors develop strategies for business growth and allocate budgets for employee benefits and other organizational expenses. They update and improve company policies, monitor work performance and employee discipline, and prepare progress reports for senior management. Human resources directors also develop strategies to ensure that employee wellness is a top priority in the organization.


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