The 15 Highest-Paying Jobs in Marketing (With Duties)

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Published May 23, 2022

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Holding a high-paying marketing job can be a lucrative and very rewarding experience in a fast-paced industry. There are plenty of entry-level, managerial, executive-level, and specialist positions to choose from. Learning more about each marketing position, their average salaries, and their typical responsibilities can help you understand the industry better before deciding which path to choose. In this article, we discuss the 15 highest-paying jobs in marketing and explain how to pursue a career in the industry.

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15 highest-paying jobs in marketing

If you are interested in working in the marketing field, you probably want to learn more about the highest-paying jobs in marketing. Effective marketing can help companies generate revenue, increase sales, demonstrate product value, and strengthen brand loyalty. Marketing is the process companies use to engage a target audience and build strong relationships with their customers. There are many careers available in the marketing industry, including:

1. Data scientist

National average salary: $80,883 per year

Primary duties: Data scientists collect and interpret information to understand the statistical risks of business decisions. They provide financial recommendations to top executives and members of the management team. They may also advise a company on business development decisions. Data scientists typically oversee data analysts, data engineers, and data architects in large companies to collect and analyze data thoroughly.

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2. Product marketing manager

National average salary: $83,439 per year

Primary duties: Product marketing managers develop talking and presentation points for sales representatives selling a product. They create sales collateral and train sales professionals on the best ways to market a set of products for upselling, renewals, and booking new business. Their central focus is acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers.

3. Marketing director

National average salary: $94,340 per year

Primary duties: Marketing directors oversee a company's marketing strategies to ensure they're efficient and align with business goals and policies. They lead marketing groups to help ensure processes run efficiently and both the team and employees meet their personal goals. Marketing directors may also conduct market research to develop competitive marketing plans for new products or services.

4. Business analyst

National average salary: $70,955 per year

Primary duties: Business analysts identify and interpret data to make critical business decisions. They work with many departments, including finance, marketing, and sales. They aim to improve company operations to achieve specific business goals, such as increasing revenue or brand awareness.

5. Market analyst

National average salary: $142,006 per year

Primary duties: Market analysts study selling and buying patterns as they develop in the market. They translate economic and financial trends to make product and messaging decisions for a business. Their main goal is to help companies make informed decisions for marketing initiatives and projects to minimize potential risks.

6. Brand manager

National average salary: $63,721 per year

Primary duties: Brand managers develop and maintain the way the public perceives a brand. They create and improve a company's marketing strategies and plans. These professionals work closely with design, marketing research, and public relations teams to increase and strategically position a brand in the market.

7. Data analyst

National average salary: $58,497 per year

Primary duties: Data analysts collect and interpret data for various business functions. The difference between a scientist and an analyst is that analysts only perform data collection and interpretations instead of analyzing risk and providing decision recommendations. They may collect data by conducting surveys or buying datasets, simplifying the raw data to make it easier for data scientists to analyze.

8. Digital strategist

National average salary: $53,700 per year

Primary duties: Digital strategists identify the goals of a business to develop and execute digital marketing plans. While they might solve problems through traditional and digital marketing products or services, their main focus is digital tactics. For example, a digital strategist may optimize a company's website using SEO techniques to increase organic traffic.

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9. Global marketing manager

National average salary: $137,684 per year

Primary duties: Global marketing managers focus on a brand's international marketing presence. They oversee and maintain operations between multiple marketing managers responsible for different markets. They may perform market research to identify opportunities for expansion into various international markets.

10. Account manager

National average salary: $53,072 per year

Primary duties: Account managers might work for agencies or publishers and manage a book of business made up of one or more clients. They might also be responsible for upselling or carrying out renewal sales to ensure the client meets sales goals. They may manage a client's campaign to ensure the company is meeting its marketing and advertising goals.

11. Content marketing manager

National average salary: $55,469 per year

Primary duties: Content marketing managers develop and execute content strategies to help a company meet its sales goals. The content might include blogs, videos, photos, and infographics. Then, they distribute this content through various platforms, such as the company's website or social media accounts.

12. Media planner

National average salary: $40,996 per year

Primary duties: Media planners identify optimal patterns, times, and platforms for distributing a marketing campaign. They do so by analyzing data, such as social media metrics and designing innovative strategies for companies to reach their target audience effectively. They typically work for one or more clients through marketing or advertising agencies.

13. Public relations manager

National average salary: $58,708 per year

Primary duties: Public relations managers manage a company's or individual's public-facing image. They complete tasks such as developing relationships with key publishers, writing press releases, and managing potentially damaging situations. They may also plan public activities or events that benefit their client's image and promote visibility.

14. Social media manager

National average salary: $52,364 per year

Primary duties: Social media managers oversee and develop social media strategies for a brand. They might work in a marketing agency or directly in a company to increase and maintain the health of their social media presence. Typically, their goals are to expand their client's following, oversee social media campaigns, produce or approve content, and review analytics.

15. Digital community manager

National average salary: $59,026 per year

Primary duties: Community managers maintain and develop online communities related to a brand or company. Another interpretation of this title is a person responsible for representing a brand in online properties, such as social media, reviews, and forums. They typically engage with a company's online following by answering messages, responding to comments, or addressing complaints.

How to get a job in marketing

Here's a list of steps you can take if you're interested in pursuing a job in marketing:

1. Get a bachelor's degree

The minimum requirement for most marketing jobs is a bachelor's degree. While a bachelor's degree in marketing may be the most valuable option, other programs like English, advertising, or public relations can also be suitable. Getting a relevant bachelor's degree can give you the foundational knowledge you need in any marketing role. It typically takes four years to complete a bachelor's degree program.

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2. Consider a master's degree

Many marketing careers, especially executive-level ones, require a master's degree to qualify. Pursuing a master's degree allows you to specialize in a specific area of marketing. To determine which specialty to choose, research the positions you're interested in, as each may have different requirements. For example, a social media manager may need a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing.

3. Pursue hands-on experience

While you're in school, you can pursue opportunities for hands-on experience. Start by checking if your university offers internship or co-op opportunities you can take advantage of, which allows you to gain industry experience in a controlled environment. You can also consider entry-level marketing roles, like a marketing assistant or a social media coordinator, to gain firsthand experience.

4. Update your resume

Once you have an educational background and a level of experience you're happy with, you can start applying for marketing positions. To do this, you need an updated resume. Start by including any degrees or certifications you have at the top, showing prospective employers that you're qualified for the position. Then include any relevant work experience you have, including internship or co-op programs, and end with a list of your skills.

Here are some skills and attributes that are useful in any marketing career:

  • Creativity

  • Adaptability

  • Communication

  • Persuasion

  • Problem-solving

  • Leadership

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