13 High-Paying Jobs in Toronto (With Salaries and Duties)

Updated February 2, 2023

People may pursue high-paying jobs for a variety of reasons, including to achieve personal or professional goals, such as buying a home or getting their ideal job. There are several high-paying industries in Toronto, including health care, business, finance, and development. Learning about Toronto's high-paying jobs can help you start a new career or advance in your current position. In this article, we provide a list of 13 high-paying jobs in Toronto, review their average salaries, and discuss their primary responsibilities.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organization and a candidate's experience, academic background, and location.

List of 13 high-paying jobs in Toronto

Exploring high-paying jobs in Toronto can help you find a job that matches your aspirations, qualifications, and skill set. The following is a list of 13 high-paying jobs in Toronto, including their salaries and primary responsibilities:

1. Data scientist

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National average salary: $130,307 per year

Primary duties: A data scientist is an expert in analytics who interprets and extracts meaning from data. Data scientists collect and organize data, convert results into actionable plans, and communicate their findings to colleagues. They may provide management or IT departments with predictions and findings through data visualizations and reports. Data scientists' responsibilities may vary depending on their experience and position. For example, a senior data scientist at a company providing data-driven services may design and develop new software, while a data scientist at a smaller company may primarily clean data.

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2. Software architect

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National average salary: $137,569 per year

Primary duties: Software architects are developers who make high-level decisions regarding each phase of the development process and oversee a team of engineers. By creating high-level product specifications and design documents, they provide architectural blueprints for the development team. A software architect may consult with the development team throughout the development process and provide troubleshooting to resolve issues relating to coding or design. During the last stages of development, software architects test the final product to ensure that it's fully functional and meets the client's requirements.

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3. Litigation attorney

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National average salary: $145,230 per year

Primary duties: A litigation attorney is a lawyer who provides legal representation for individuals and organizations. A litigation attorney investigates the facts of a case and decides whether to sue for their clients or whether to gather enough evidence to defend them against a lawsuit. Litigation attorneys may specialize in a particular field, such as real estate or business. During a trial, a litigation attorney represents their client in court. Preparing for trial involves interviewing witnesses, reading depositions, and analyzing evidence. Litigation attorneys present evidence, address opening and closing statements, question witnesses and experts, and argue motions during court proceedings.

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4. Data engineer

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National average salary: $146,548 per year

Primary duties: Data engineers collaborate with data analytics teams in a variety of industries and organizations. They compile, manage, and convert raw data into usable information for data scientists and business analysts. The amount of data an engineer works with varies according to the organization's size and the complexity of the analytics architecture. A data engineer also develops, customizes, and manages integration tools, databases, warehouses, and analytical systems.

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5. Traffic engineer

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National average salary: $148,483 per year

Primary duties: Traffic engineers specialize in designing and maintaining safe roads and highways. They prepare plans, design projects, and oversee the construction of ground transportation systems. Traffic engineers provide recommendations and reports to city departments on engineering issues. Using special computer software, they analyze and simulate the impact of alternative signage and materials on traffic. A traffic engineer may also estimate the number of vehicles going in a particular direction by counting traffic at highway intersections and on highways.

6. Chief financial officer (CFO)

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National average salary: $163,291 per year

Primary duties: Chief financial officers are the highest financial authorities in an organization. Using financial and operational data, they forecast the organization's financial position and provide strategic guidance to the CEO and board. CFOs allocate financial resources and assign responsibilities to department supervisors and managers within an organization. CFOs protect company assets, ensure compliance with financial regulations, produce financial reports, and help investors understand the value and risk factors of the company.

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7. Dentist

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National average salary: $181,478 per year

Primary duties: Dentists specialize in oral health and provide patients with information about proper oral hygiene. They can perform procedures such as repairing fractured teeth, filling cavities, straightening teeth, and extracting teeth. Dentists diagnose patients by viewing X-rays and examining their mouths for cavities, gum disease, or jaw problems. Dentists create treatment plans for improving oral health and prescribe antibiotics as necessary.

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8. General counsel

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National average salary: $206,415 per year

Primary duties: The general counsel, also known as the chief legal officer or corporate counsel, is a company's main legal representative and primary source of legal advice. A general counsel reviews, researches, interprets, and prepares opinions on different legal subjects. They maintain corporate records, such as minutes of meetings and resolutions, and manage copyrights and trademarks. A general counsel may also examine and draft employment, real estate, and supplier contracts.

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9. Psychologist

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National average salary: $216,355 per year

Primary duties: A psychologist specializes in explaining and understanding thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behaviours. Psychologists develop theories about a person's beliefs and feelings through observation, assessment, and experimentation. They assess and diagnose behavioural, emotional, and cognitive disorders, provide psychotherapy, and conduct research on behavioural and mental processes. Psychologists prepare summary reports during psychotherapy reflecting relevant client insights and action plans, including referrals or resource recommendations. Psychologists also present at conferences, workshops, or educational institutions to promote training, awareness, and knowledge about mental illness.

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10. Neurologist

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National average salary: $255,427 per year

Primary duties: Neurologists specialize in treating conditions affecting the brain, peripheral nerves, spinal cord, and muscles. They diagnose and treat patients by evaluating the patient's mental and physical condition, conducting medical tests and scans, and evaluating the results. Neurologists provide their patients with information about nervous system diseases, including risk factors, genetic influences, and the impact of the environment on their health. Neurologists may also take part in clinical trials and neurological research to gain a better understanding of diseases and further the field of neuroscience.

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11. Cardiology physician

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National average salary: $315,347 per year

Primary duties: A cardiologist is a doctor who specializes in treating heart and blood vessel conditions. They evaluate patients, examine their medical histories, and recommend treatment. Cardiologists provide patients with answers to their questions and communicate with their families during treatment. A cardiologist orders a variety of medical tests throughout their workday, including echocardiograms, angiograms, and cardiac catheterizations. Depending on the patient's condition, cardiologists may become part of the patient's medical team, working with other doctors and medical personnel.

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12. Podiatrist

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National average salary: $330,909 per year

Primary duties: A podiatrist is a physician who specializes in treating foot- and ankle-related pain and disorders surgically and medically. A podiatrist diagnoses and treats fractures, prescribes medications, orders lab tests, and takes X-rays. They may use braces, casts, shields, orthotics, physical therapy, or medications to treat patients. Podiatrists may also recommend specific exercises or customized shoe inserts for different conditions. A podiatrist may specialize in different areas, such as sports medicine, pediatrics, or occupational health.

13. Surgeon

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National average salary: $465,429 per year

Primary duties: Surgeons are doctors who specialize in evaluating and treating conditions that may require surgery. During a resident or fellowship program, surgeons may receive specific training in 14 different areas of surgery, such as pediatrics, cardiology, vascular surgery, orthopedics, or neurological surgery. The surgeon performs the surgical procedure and directs all medical personnel who are in the operating room. Performing some procedures takes hours and requires extensive medical knowledge, precision, and endurance. The surgeon consults with the patient before and after surgery to address any concerns or questions. Following surgery, they evaluate the patient's recovery.


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