Top 9 High-Demand Freelance Jobs (With Responsibilities)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 26, 2022

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You can look for high-demand freelance job opportunities in different industries, as many companies hire freelancers to help them complete their projects. To obtain a freelance job, it might be necessary for you to have a portfolio of your work, develop a strong online presence, and be proficient in the skills needed for the job. Reviewing a list of high-demand freelance roles can help you evaluate these career paths and find the best one for you.

In this article, we list 12 high-demand freelance jobs you can consider if you want to work independently and share tips on how to get a high-demand freelance job.


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Top 9 high-demand freelance jobs

Here are nine high-demand freelance jobs you can consider before choosing a career path:

1. Interior designer

National average salary: $16.47 per hour

Primary duties: Interior designers are responsible for creating detailed plans for the interior of a building, usually using 3D computer-aided design software. Through these computer programs, these professionals can visualize the space of the building and rearrange walls, furniture, lighting, and paintings. They can choose colours and textures for the walls, select the living room furniture, decide the location of the fireplace, and develop the layout of the kitchen according to their clients' preferences. Interior designers can also estimate the cost of the project and determine the amount of time required to complete it.

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2. Photographer

National average salary: $18.38 per hour

Primary duties: Photographers are responsible for taking photographs of people, objects, and places. To do this, they can use a digital or manual camera, photographic film or paper, or specialized software to manipulate their images. These professionals can also take photographs in studios, on location, or in post-production. They can develop their own style of photography or work following a technique suggested by their clients. Photographers can develop their career paths in various areas, including commercial photography, medical photography, photojournalism, and forensic photography. These professionals usually develop skills to edit and retouch images based on their clients' expectations.

3. Social media manager

National average salary: $20.13 per hour

Primary duties: Social media managers are responsible for the maintenance of the social media accounts and the content their clients want to post. They're experts in using social media to build relationships with their clients' customers and develop a community around their brand. These professionals can also conduct market research through social media and plan and launch marketing campaigns. They work with marketers, community managers, brand managers, and content creators to develop the best social media strategy for their clients. These freelancers may work with clients from all industries, as having a social media presence is important to most businesses.

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4. Video editor

National average salary: $20.64 per hour

Primary duties: Video editors are responsible for creating a final video that their clients can use in marketing campaigns, in-person training sessions, business presentations, and online courses. They usually are experts in video editing software, have the ability to create high-quality videos with minimal post-production, and understand how to use basic special effects to enhance the look of the videos. These professionals can work with a variety of video formats, including HD, 4K, and 3GP. They can also edit short videos or create longer multimedia material their clients can use to explain and promote their products.

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5. Content writer

National average salary: $21.25 per hour

Primary duties: Content writers are responsible for creating content that's relevant to a specific audience. They're usually experts in grammar, spelling, punctuation, search engine optimization (SEO), and word processors. These professionals often create content following their clients' instructions and requirements, which might respond to their needs and industry. To do this, their clients give them some parameters they can change, depending on how their content positions within relevant search engines. Content writers can work with marketers, social media managers, community managers, writers, editors, and graphic designers. They can write manuals, books, posts, blogs, articles, TV and radio scripts, and e-mails.

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6. Graphic designer

National average salary: $21.60 per hour

Primary duties: Graphic designers are responsible for the visual design of all printed and online images used by a client to promote a product or service. They can create illustrations, logos, typographies, charts, posters, ads, brochures, magazines, book covers, and website graphics. These professionals usually meet their clients to understand their needs, products or services, expectations, and instructions. They can also assess their understanding of graphic design to establish parameters for the design process, such as delivery dates and the number of revisions allowed. Graphic designers can work across different industries, such as fashion, advertising, publishing, health care, and entertainment.

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7. Virtual assistant

National average salary: $21.72 per hour

Primary duties: Virtual assistants are responsible for helping other professionals with their day-to-day tasks. They usually manage contact lists, book hotels and flights, organize their clients' agendas, reply to or forward e-mails, schedule business and personal meetings, and track their clients' expenses. These professionals can also help with administrative tasks, such as making phone calls, providing customer service, and filing paperwork. Virtual assistants usually are experts in word-processing software, spreadsheets, online calendars, shared work environments, e-mail platforms, cloud services, and VoIP. They typically possess excellent organizational skills, time management abilities, and multitasking skills.

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8. Web developer

National average salary: $29.10 per hour

Primary duties: Web developers are responsible for building websites and creating web-based applications. They're usually experts in programming languages, cloud-based technologies, and user interface design. These professionals can work for a variety of companies, including startups, large corporations, and non-profits. They can also work across different industries, such as health care, banking, insurance, video games, construction, and food and beverages. Web developers generally create website architecture, design the site appearance, and write the code that makes the website.

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9. IT security specialist

National average salary: $41.84 per hour

Primary duties: IT security specialists are responsible for developing and implementing security policies and strategies for software systems, data centres, and networks. These professionals are experts in cybersecurity, programming languages, databases, hardware such as routers, and IT security applications. They usually build firewalls and use anti-virus software to protect the company's systems and all its data. They can also address any external hack and evaluate internal vulnerabilities to prevent future attacks.

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Tips on how to get a high-demand freelance job

Here are some tips you can consider if you're pursuing a high-demand freelance job:

Use your professional network

It's beneficial to use your professional network to help you find a high-demand job position because you may access information that isn't public. As employees are more likely to know about freelance jobs and contracts that the company is looking to fill, you can contact these connections and ask them about any opportunities. You can also contact them to inform them about your intentions and job search process, as this might encourage them to provide you with a reference and a referral.

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Look for comments and posts on social media

One way to know what high-demand freelance positions might be available within a specific company is by looking for comments and posts on social media. You can review the professional social media accounts of all the companies you want to work for to see if they're offering any freelance contracts. You can also search for any information related to a company's tendering process. Be aware of any expansion the company might be planning, as this can entail new services and products they might require in the short term.

Deliver some cold pitches

You can send a few or several cold pitches to potential customers by using your professional e-mail address. To do this, prepare a list of e-mail addresses, research each company, find the name of each hiring manager to personalize your messages, and explain why you consider yourself as an expert in the industry. You can also use this opportunity to highlight your skills, experience, and proficiency in the industry. Sending these e-mails may help you obtain an interview.

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