11 of the Most Fun Jobs in the World

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published May 17, 2021

When thinking of your career path, looking for a job that you find rewarding and enjoyable is important. Having fun and enjoying your job makes the time fly by and encourages you to produce even better work. Whether you want to work in business, finance, technology, arts or another industry, there are plenty of reliable careers you can pursue that offer fun and satisfaction.

In this article, learn more about how to find a fun job that suits your needs, and what 11 of the world's most fun jobs pay.

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How to find fun jobs

As different people have different opinions on whether something is fun, you need to consider what types of jobs or activities you enjoy. If you can identify what makes you happy and motivated, you know exactly what to look for in job descriptions. Here are three steps you can take to find a fun job:

1. Consider your past experience

Start by thinking about duties or responsibilities you've had in the past that you enjoyed doing. Consider any previous experience you have, such as your time at school, work or even duties or responsibilities you have at home. Then look for jobs that offer the same or similar tasks. For example, if you enjoyed meeting new people at your restaurant job, consider a sales job or a career in human resources so you can continue to meet new people. Look for roles that highlight the need for interpersonal and communication skills.

2. Think about your favourite activities or hobbies

Next, consider what activities or hobbies you enjoy, even if you don't think they relate to a career. Turning your hobbies into a career is doable and might be easier than you think. For example, if you enjoy reading, you can look into several careers such as a librarian, author, editor or bookstore clerk.

3. Evaluate your values and missions

The last thing to consider is your values or mission. You'll find work more fun if you agree with the company's values, so think about what values you want to uphold in your professional and personal life.

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What are the most fun jobs?

Determining the most fun jobs is subjective, but they all have something in common. Fun jobs allow you to integrate your interests and skills into your work. You should find enjoyment and overall satisfaction in your day-to-day work when you have a fun job.

Fun jobs should also be practical. It's important that you earn enough to meet your needs and aren't working too long, so you can have fun in your personal life as well. This means you need to find the balance between a job that is fun and practical. Thankfully, there are plenty of great ones out there.

11 of the most fun jobs in every field

No matter which industry you want to pursue a career in, you can always find a fun job. Here's a list of 11 fun jobs in a variety of fields to give you a better idea of what's available. See their primary duties, benefits and the national average salary for each:

1. Chocolatier

National average salary: $16.67 per hour

Primary duties: If you have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect career for you. Chocolatiers specialize in making different chocolate and sometimes invent their own flavours! If that's not enticing enough, chocolatiers need to sample their work to ensure it meets their standards, so you'll constantly be trying new and delicious chocolate. This is an excellent career for anyone who is creative, loves to bake and can manage their time well to fulfill their orders quickly.

2. Personal shopper

National average salary: $13.85 per hour

Primary duties: You may think you can't turn your love for shopping into a career, but you can! Personal shoppers work with clients that don't have the time or desire to shop for themselves. This requires a lot of communication, good interpersonal skills and an understanding of finances to stay within the client's budget. Personal shoppers can buy any products for clients, but most focus on clothes or home furnishings.

3. Tour guide

National average salary: $16.88 per hour

Primary duties: Tour guides are the people that show groups around attractions, such as museums, monuments and sometimes entire cities. Tour guides are extremely knowledgeable about the attractions they're showing and come up with creative ways to make the experience fun for their guests. They may host walking tours, bus tours, day trips and overnight stays. This is an excellent job for anyone that loves to meet new people, learn and share interesting facts and get to know their area better.

4. Interior designer

National average salary: $15.36 per hour

Primary duties: If you have a creative eye, this is the perfect job for you. Interior designers work with clients to design a home or office space that is aesthetically pleasing. Interior designers must be creative and have excellent communication skills to understand clients' needs. They research current trends and create an outline of their design to show clients for approval before implementing the design.

5. Pet sitter

National average salary: $17.42 per hour

Primary duties: If you love animals, this is the perfect job for you. A pet sitter takes care of their clients' pets either in their own home or the client's home. They feed and play with the animals to keep them happy and take dogs on walks for some healthy exercise. Depending on the client's requests, the pet sitter may need to stay with the animal the entire time the client is away or they may just check in daily. If you have a flexible schedule, you can also take pet sitting international and travel around the world on a budget, caring for pets in exchange for free accommodation.

6. Video game designer

National average salary: $16.58 per hour

Primary duties: Video game designers create and test computer and console games. They oversee all aspects of creating a video game by creating engaging storylines, designs and objectives with a team. They use coding languages to bring the vision to life and sometimes write or consult on instruction manuals. Once the game is complete, video game designers test it to look for problems or errors they need to fix before releasing it to the public. There are also jobs dedicated to just the testing stage if you prefer to play video games instead of designing them.

7. Character performer

National average salary: $34.34 per hour

Primary duties: Character performers dress up as certain famous characters, such as princesses, animals or cartoon stars, and bring the magic of their favourite stories to life for children. They typically work at theme parks, cruise ships or private events. They act and speak just as the character would and perform songs, take pictures with children and interact with them.

8. Boat captain

National average salary: $21.11 per hour

Primary duties: Boat captains get to see the world from a unique perspective as they manage a boat and its crew. They navigate the open seas, set course and lead their crew from one destination to another. If their boat carries passengers, boat captains greet them and ensure their safety for the journey. They assess weather conditions, come up with an informed travel route and sometimes act as a guide by offering unique boat tours. Becoming a boat captain is a perfect job for anyone who loves travelling and the sea.

9. Author

National average salary: $20.42 per hour

Primary duties: If you're creative and love to write, becoming an author may be the perfect career path. Authors can write anything from books to magazines to articles in any genre they prefer. They come up with new ideas, develop a storyline and research their concept to ensure accuracy. Authors can be self-published or pitch their ideas to publishing companies and work with an editor to develop the final product. Authors get to exercise their creativity to bring their ideas to life and share stories with others. They have the freedom to do what they love on a flexible schedule and work from anywhere.

10. Sommelier

National average salary: $16.93 per hour

Primary duties: Can you really get paid to drink wine? By becoming a Sommelier, you can! These experts have an in-depth understanding of different wines and know detailed information about them. Sommeliers train their senses over many years to identify minor details about wine just by smelling or tasting it. For example, they can identify the year and the country or region in which it was made. Sommeliers use their knowledge to help restaurant or winery patrons find the perfect wine to pair with their meal or personal tastes. This is the perfect job for anyone who's a wine lover and has an astute palate.

11. Event planner

National average salary: $20.55 per hour

Primary duties: Event planners help clients plan weddings, fundraisers, parties and other special occasions. They organize the event from start to finish by hiring caterers, decorators, musicians and other vendors. They work closely with their clients to ensure their vision for the event comes to life and meets or exceeds their expectations. A career in event planning is perfect for someone organized, creative and who loves bringing people together for memorable events.

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