What Is a Director of Digital Marketing? (With Duties)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 22, 2022

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Marketing is a vital business concept that helps companies achieve goals and generate revenue. Organizations with a marketing department often require the services of a professional to supervise the activities of team members. Understanding the core duties of this position can help you determine if the role is suitable for your goals and interests. In this article, we define the role of director of digital marketing, provide steps for becoming one, highlight their responsibilities, list industries with job positions for these professionals, and explore tips for this role.

Who is a director of digital marketing?

A director of digital marketing is a marketing expert who creates and supervises online campaigns or digital promotions. This position's scope is specific, as it requires using the internet and other digital tools like computers and mobile devices to inform consumers about a brand's products. Professionals in this position require expert knowledge of marketing concepts and technical processes and extensive professional experience to supervise the activities of team members.

Companies may combine traditional and digital marketing experts in a marketing unit, as their responsibilities are similar. The major difference is while traditional marketing employs conventional methods like newspapers and magazines, digital marketing uses digital channels. Because of this difference, there may be additional professionals in the digital marketing team, such as an SEO specialist, UI/UX expert, or front-end developer. All these professionals report directly to the digital marketing director.

How to become a director of digital marketing

Before you can direct a digital marketing team, you require professional experience in the department. Examine the steps for becoming a digital marketing director below:

1. Obtain a minimum of a bachelor's degree

Many hiring managers expect viable candidates for this job position to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in marketing or a related field. Other related courses you can pursue are a degree in digital media, advertising, business management, communication methods, or media processes. The role of the director is a senior role, and so you may require advanced knowledge. Consider earning a master's degree to expand your knowledge and increase your chances of getting the job.

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2. Develop professional skills

To become an effective director of the digital marketing department, you require the professional skills of a digital marketer and manager. With your managerial skills, you can supervise the activities of team members to ensure the release of effective marketing promotions. The professional skills peculiar to a digital marketer are essential to make informed decisions while managing team members. You can learn these skills from your formal education or participate in professional workshops and training sessions. Types of digital marketer skills include:

  • Social media management: Social media is an essential tool through which digital marketers perform their duties. If you understand how to manage a brand's social media account, you can release timely marketing campaigns to increase awareness and inform the target audience about the brand's products.

  • Content writing: Content writing is common in digital and traditional marketing. Effective content writing incorporates advertisement and marketing so that after customers read a piece of content, they have an idea of a brand and its products.

  • Creativity: Digital marketers require creative skills to develop original campaign ideas to inform the target audience about a brand. If you have this skill as the director of the digital marketing team, you can generate effective marketing strategies to increase the brand's visibility and sales.

  • Project management: The director of digital marketers leads the team toward completing various marketing projects. For example, before a brand launches its new product, the digital marketing team informs the target audience about the new product and influences them to purchase it when it's available.

  • Analytical skills: With analytical skills, you can measure a marketing strategy's effectiveness. If you have this skill, you can gather data based on customer interaction to discover how to improve online campaigns and promotions.

  • Graphic design skills: Digital marketers often release visually appealing content on the brand's online channels to promote its goods and services. With effective graphic design skills, you can increase consumer engagement and conversion rates through a campaign.

  • Communication skills: Digital marketers require effective communication skills to build relationships with the target audience and convincingly convey information. As the team director, you require communication skills to convey an idea to team members and supervise their work to ensure concise, clear, convincing, and engaging campaigns.

  • Research skills: Digital marketers read from different sources to develop content to release on a brand's online channel. With research skills, you can get accurate data for any subject matter.

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3. Earn professional certifications

Register for professional courses in digital marketing to remain updated on digital marketing tools and processes. If you're a recent graduate, attending this training can benefit you, as it helps you build the related skills and apply them before you begin your professional career. Obtaining professional certifications can increase your chances of getting a job.

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4. Gain professional experience

The director of the digital team is a senior-level position requiring extensive work experience. Before you can occupy this position, hiring managers expect you to have worked in entry-level roles like a digital marketer, marketing analyst, marketing specialist, or marketing coordinator. Working in these roles helps you apply your skills and prepare you for other advanced roles like the director of the digital marketing team.

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5. Network with digital marketing professionals

Consider building professional relationships with other professionals in the digital marketing field. You can connect with them online or by attending digital marketing conferences or seminars. Networking with professionals can benefit you as they can share industry updates like job vacancies.

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6. Send job applications

Make a list of companies with vacant positions for this role and research them to see if they align with your expectations. While sending your applications to your preferred companies, ensure that you highlight your positive qualities and what you can offer the company. Include your resume and contact details in case they consider you for an interview.

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Duties of a digital marketing director

The director of a digital marketing team manages team members' activities and ensures the effectiveness of a brand's online channels. Consider other primary duties of a director of the digital marketing team below:

  • coordinating the activities of digital marketers in the department

  • creating and implementing digital strategies to improve a brand's awareness

  • developing and submitting online advertisement reports to a brand's executive stakeholders

  • hiring and training team members in the digital marketing team

  • supervising a brand's online interactions and communications with the target audience

  • reviewing written and graphic content for a brand's blog or digital channels

  • calculating the promotional budget for various digital channels and submitting to stakeholders

  • conducting keyword research and reviewing web statistics to improve marketing strategy

  • collaborating with managers of each digital channel to foster even growth and consumer interaction

Industries where directors of digital marketing can work

Digital marketing is a common business process in various industries and fields. Here's a list of industries that often hire for director of the digital marketing team roles:

  • health sector

  • entertainment field

  • e-commerce and retail industry

  • food services

  • real estate

  • fashion

  • educational sector

  • automobiles

  • travel industry

Tips for digital marketing directors

If starting a career as a digital marketing director, here are tips to help you succeed:

Develop time-management skills

Learn to organize your time by prioritizing tasks and scheduling deadlines. You require effective time-management skills to benefit from online trends, especially in digital marketing. Assign tasks to team members and set the deadlines before the actual submission so you have enough time to review and approve them.

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Encourage team members

You can create a healthy work environment by introducing reward systems in the digital marketing team. Encourage team members by rewarding them when they deliver quality content. These rewards may be recognition or free lunch to motivate them to maintain efficiency.

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Give feedback

After every digital campaign, ensure that you research to measure the success. After your research, you can share feedback with team members on areas to improve. You also can suggest new ideas they can implement in future campaigns.

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