Guide: 10 Copywriter Certification Programs to Consider

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 22, 2022

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As a copywriter, it's important to constantly work on refining your skills and developing your writing abilities. To do this, you can take copywriting certification programs to learn about the various copywriting techniques and discover helpful tips from experts. There are many copywriting programs, so it's important to select a few that are simple to understand and offer significant benefits to participants. In this article, we discuss 10 great copywriter certification programs, explore the various topics these courses cover, and explain the importance and impact of these accreditations on your career as a copywriter.

What do copywriter certification programs teach?

Copywriter certification programs teach a wide range of copywriting skills, content creation, and content optimization, including:

  • web content creation

  • web content optimization

  • blogging and press releases

  • search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques

  • brochures and flyer content

  • basic legal writing

  • social media content

  • basic social media marketing

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10 copywriter certification programs

Below are 10 copywriting certification programs that are excellent for advancing your career as a copywriter:

1. B2B SEO Copywriting certification by Success Works

Success Works is a content creation and marketing agency specializing in SEO and copywriting. The B2B SEO Copywriting certification program is available online and lasts for three months. It teaches students about keyword research, copy conversion, and measuring copy success. The program uses videos and workbooks to instruct and monitor students' progress, and there are also multiple training calls with SEO and copywriting experts each month. At the program's end, students take an exam. If they achieve a score of 70% or higher, they receive their certificates.

2. Certified Content Marketer program by Copyblogger Authority

The Certified Content Marketer program by Copyblogger Authority teaches various content marketing strategies to improve copy and content quality. The course lasts four weeks and has eight modules that instruct students on a range of topics, from content strategy to keyword research and the framework for building a company's audience. After completing the program, students submit an original copy and content for peer review and evaluation as their application for certification. If they pass, they receive the accreditation and access to additional classes and live training for the next year.

3. The Complete Copywriting course by The Writer's Bureau

This is a great course for beginner copywriters who want to gain an in-depth knowledge of the copywriting industry. Since it has no deadline for completion, you can take this course online and at your own pace. The program teaches students the basics of copywriting and different techniques for writing PR copy, advertisement, sales letters, and optimizing copy. Students also have access to a personal tutor who reviews their assignments and offers advice for further improvement.

4. Awai Certified Site Content Audit Specialist program

The Awai Certified Site Content Audit Specialist program by the American Writers and Artists Institute is a program for copywriters working as freelancers for multiple clients. It's an excellent choice for beginner copywriters as the program offers four weeks of intense training in copywriting techniques, audience building, and SEO strategies. At the end of the program, students can earn the certification by submitting a site content audit report for evaluation and scoring a passing mark on the final exam.

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5. Diploma in Copywriting by The Blackford Centre

The Blackford Centre offers an online copywriting course that's suitable for beginner copywriters searching for expert advice and in-depth training. Over the course of eleven interactive modules with assignments and class exercises, a team of tutors and expert copywriters provide students with an in-depth learning experience. The 19 modules cover hundreds of copywriting-related topics, such as keyword research, copy optimization, and copy streamlining for a specific audience. It also provides each student with e-mail support from a tutor and access to the center's writer database. There, you can receive updates on writing and further training opportunities.

6. Role of Content course by Semrush Academy

This online copywriting and SEO certification is suitable for copywriters trying to improve their strategy and writing skills. The course has 10 lessons that instruct students on the roles of content in SEO, various optimization techniques, backlink analyses, and copy focuses for various customer groups. The program also includes video lessons and free resources for further practise. Students take a final exam to pass the course.

7. Advanced SEO certification by Market Motive

Market Motive offers an advanced SEO certification that helps professional copywriters develop their writing skills and knowledge of SEO concepts and techniques. The program includes lessons for content optimization, keyword research, and SEO content analytics. It spans 15 hours of live, online classes taught by expert copywriters. There are also over 30 hours of tutorial videos that students can access at any time. Pupils can apply for the certification after completing more than 85% of the program's lessons, three of its industry-based practical projects, and scoring more than 60% on a simulation test.

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8. Carmine Masterpierro's Copywriting Mastery Course, Sell Like Hell

Expert copywriter Carmine Masterpierro offers this program for writers who want to develop their sales conversation skills. Masterpierro teaches various conversion copywriting techniques that you can use to transform your copy, whether it's landing pages, social ads, or social media marketing content. The course is online and flexible regarding access and time restrictions. It's a great program for copywriters with some experience in the industry who wish to advance their skills and master copy conversion.

9. Professional Copywriting course by Transmedia

This program teaches copywriters and marketing professionals various techniques to improve their copy and content creation skills. The course helps students understand the different types of audiences, improve their knowledge of branding and corporate identity, and learn how to write effective taglines and content for different marketing purposes. Transmedia also offers telephone support from various expert copywriters during the course. You can complete this online program in a day, and it's a great option for marketers with some experience who want to develop their current knowledge.

10. Copywriting Course by Neville Medhera

Copywriting Course is a comprehensive copywriting training program that teaches students copy conversion and optimization and prepares them for a career as a copywriter. The program also introduces all students to a full copywriting community where they have access to professional copywriters for reviewing their work. This helps students build their professional networks and exposes them to job opportunities and additional training programs. The course is entirely online and has no time restrictions. Students have the opportunity to ask experts questions during the course and receive peer and professional reviews of their assignments and practice copies.

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Importance of copywriting certification programs

The following are a few reasons these certification programs are a good option for copywriters:

  • They're a source of expert industry knowledge. Many copywriters have a talent and passion for writing, but that isn't enough to succeed in the industry. The expert industry knowledge you can gain from these programs sets you apart from other copywriters and helps you advance your career faster.

  • The programs can provide career-advancing opportunities. Some programs offer students access to exclusive internships and copywriting jobs during and after their time in the program. These opportunities help them integrate into the industry faster and expand their copywriting portfolio.

  • They provide students with access to a copywriting community. Copywriting certification programs offer access to a community of other copywriters and writing professionals. These experienced mentors can give acolytes tips for improving their skills and advancing their careers while assisting them with information regarding well-paying writing jobs and opportunities.

  • Copywriting certification programs can advance your marketing knowledge. These programs develop your understanding of and proficiency for copywriting and teach you how to use your skills to add value to a company's marketing operations. The lessons creators developed the courses to expand your copywriting abilities and prepare you for additional career options in marketing.

  • The programs provide access to copywriting resources. The communities these programs expose you to might also give you a starting place to ask for and find copywriting resources. Sometimes, you can acquire essential resources, such as word processing software and grammar checkers, at lower prices.

  • The certifications are proof of your skills as a copywriter. Copywriting is a relatively new field with no major certification or diploma, so the best way to prove your abilities is to earn several accreditations. They might also attract and impress clients and provide you with access to higher-paying job opportunities.

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