Tips for How to Open WPS Files Using Different Programs

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Published April 25, 2022

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Knowing how to use word processors is an important technical skill for professionals in almost every industry. WPS files are text documents that can store and record information in soft copy. Understanding this file type and knowing how to open and edit one allows you to work with WPS documents. In this article, we define what a WPS file is, explain the importance of knowing how to open one, describe programs that can open these files, and show you how to use them.

What are WPS files?

WPS files have a .WPS extension. A WPS file is a word processing document with a similar format to a Word document but with fewer formatting options. These file types were common in the 1980s and 1990s and mainly stored documents, such as letters, invitations, resumes, and reports. Although Word documents are more popular than WPS formats, you may still encounter some of these files since they're compatible with most word processors.

Why is it important to know how to open a WPS file?

Computer literacy skills can show that you're proficient in using basic technology and software tools. Understanding how to open a WPS file can highlight these skills. Most recruiters still consider WPS document skills valuable and applicable in various industries. Since you may encounter WPS files in your job, understanding how to open them enables you to work with these files using the software you already own.

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Programs that can open a WPS file

When you encounter a WPS file, it's helpful to know which software you can use to open it. This allows you to read and edit the document freely. You can check your current software to determine if it supports WPS file types. Here's a list of programs you can use to open a WPS file:

  • Word: Word is similar to Works. It allows you to create, read, edit, save, and export files in different formats, including WPS.

  • Excel: Most people may associate Excel with spreadsheets. It can also open and access information in WPS files, allowing you to edit and use the data.

  • AbiWord: This word processing application is similar to Word. Since it's freeware, it's a cheaper option than other programs and allows you to open, edit, and save WPS formatted files.

  • LibreOffice Writer: Since this software is open-source, you can install it without additional charges. It allows you to efficiently create and edit different types of files.

  • NeoOffice: This is a collection of applications. This software contains a word processor that can open WPS files and offers an affordable option for businesses and individuals.

  • OxygenOffice Professional: OxygenOffice Professional is an office productivity suite that can open WPS file types. Although you can use this freeware for spreadsheets and word processing, it offers various additional application options.

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How to open a WPS file

Here are three methods you can use to open a WPS file:

Method 1

Follow these steps to access a WPS file:

1. Locate the file

Find the file you're looking for on your computer. These files are typically in the "Documents" folder. If you've downloaded a file from the internet or your email, you can find it in your download folder by default.

2. Double click the file

Your operating system relates the file extension to a suitable program by default. It then opens the file, enabling you to edit it. If you cannot open the file, install a program capable of opening WPS documents and repeat the first step of this method.

Method 2

Use these simple steps to open a WPS file in an application:

1. Open the application

Install a program capable of opening a WPS file, such as Word or LibreOffice. Click on the application to launch it on your computer.

2. Select "File" and "Open"

Click on the button labelled "File" in the top left corner of the screen. Select "Open" on the list that appears.

3. Select "All files"

By default, most word processors automatically open a pre-programmed file extension. Find the file type drop-down menu, usually at the bottom of the display window. Select "All files" from the menu.

4. Click on your file and select "Open"

Select the file you wish to open once the window displays a list of options. Click on the file and select "Open" for the program to open the WPS file. Once the file is available, you can make changes and save the document in the same or a different file format.

Method 3

You can also open WPS files online. Unlike desktop applications, online WPS software has fewer functionalities, with most only able to open and display the file. They have the advantage of not requiring software installation and may be helpful when you only use the WPS format once. Here are the steps to open a WPS file using online programs:

1. Locate an online WPS file viewer

Find a web service that can open a WPS file using a search engine. The first result is usually the most popular choice, meaning that you're more likely to get help on that site. Check to see if the site is still active.

2. Locate and upload your file

Some websites encourage drag-and-drop functionality, while others request you to select the file manually. Upload the file. Select the "Process," "Convert" or "Open" button to start the program. The site then displays your file in a readable format. You can download the file after converting it to a format you can edit using the office suite installed on your computer.

Tips for working with a WPS file

The following tips allow you to work efficiently with a WPS file:

Use online resources

Since these file types are less common than others, you may not be familiar with them. The internet can provide insight and tutorials on working with a WPS file. There are a variety of materials to suit your preference, such as videos, blog posts, documentation, and communities where you can obtain more information. If you're having trouble finding a specific solution to your problem, you can inquire in online forums and support sections of different word processing applications.

For example, if the software only displays half of the file in a readable format on opening, you can inquire in a forum where other users can help you troubleshoot the issue.

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Convert the file to a different format

If you don't have an application to open and edit a WPS file, you can first convert it to a suitable format. This allows you to open the file and use advanced editing features only available in some programs. This also permits you to edit the file in different software, making it easier to process the same data across different programs. For example, you can use a website to convert the file to DOC format to work on it in Word.

Once you open the WPS file, you can save it in a transferrable format and access it using most modern applications. This enables you to work on the document from anywhere. It also helps you access modern tools to manage your data efficiently. Using a more common file extension, such as DOCX, is best when sharing the file with different people.

Refresh your computer skills

A good practice is to refresh your computer literacy skills constantly. You can achieve this by pursuing online training and courses that can help you better understand how to handle such files. You can also practice frequently by performing tasks on your computer. Computer workshops are available that allow you to obtain knowledge and practical experience in a learning environment. By developing your computer skills and including them in your resume, you can expand your career and boost your access to job opportunities and better pay.

For example, you can list skills like technological proficiency and troubleshooting to reflect your computer literacy.

Save the file online

You can save the WPS document online to access it remotely. This is also beneficial when it's time to share the document. In case you have issues with the document, an IT professional can access the file and troubleshoot it for you. Saving the document online can also make it easier to collaborate when many people access the file, and you can monitor the changes made by different users. This is helpful when collaborating on a writing project involving a WPS formatted file.

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