What To Include in a New Hire Welcome Package (Plus Tips)

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Updated September 23, 2022

Published September 29, 2021

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A high-quality welcome package can allow new employees to feel welcome in a work environment and acclimate to a company's protocols. It can help a business introduce its objectives and core values in a streamlined way so new staff can better learn a company's standards and incorporate them into their work conduct. By reviewing some diverse ideas for a welcome kit, you can determine which option best suits a company's preferences and needs. In this article, we define what a welcome package is, explain its benefits, and list which items you may decide to include in one.

What is a welcome package?

A welcome package is a collection of free objects that a company can offer new employees on their first day in the workplace. They often include fundamental items for a new job position and a few gifts to celebrate a new staff member's arrival. Human resources (HR) departments typically prepare welcome kits during a new employee's onboarding process, meaning they typically incorporate some valuable resources for success in a job position. They may also introduce a new employee to a company's brand identity.

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Benefits of offering a welcome pack to new employees

Consider the following benefits of offering a welcome pack to new hires on their first day:

  • Creates a welcoming environment: Offering an assortment of useful and enjoyable items can help cultivate a positive relationship between a company and a new employee. It can also help them feel included in a department's day-to-day activities when they arrive.

  • Establishes a company's culture: Certain items can convey a business's value system and preferred methods of communication. For example, offering items like a free day pass for a local gym or an assortment of nutritious snacks may show that fellow staff members value self-care.

  • Inspires excitement about a company: Welcome kits can help new employees to feel enthusiastic about working at a new company. It can allow HR professionals to promote growth opportunities and amenities that a company can offer its staff members.

  • Increases employee retention: This package can help new employees feel appreciated and valued, which may encourage them to stay at a company after the first year. It can serve as a first impression of a company that informs their overall point of view.

What to include in a welcome pack for new employees

Here are some examples of items you can include in a new hire package:

Employee manual

An employee manual describes a company's mission statement, code of ethics, and workplace protocols. It typically includes information about how management expects staff members to interact with each other and perform in their job positions. It also describes their legal rights as employees, such as work hours per week, compensation, and anti-discrimination policies. By including an updated employee manual in a welcome pack, a company can convey information about day-to-day processes in a document that new staff members can refer to in the future.

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Welcome letter

Consider including a physical note to a new employee signed by a company's executives or the HR professional onboarding them. This gesture can help a company welcome this individual to a particular team or department using language that aligns with a company's brand and overall style. Depending on the preferences of an HR department, you can include a first-day itinerary and any dress code requirements for an office building. It may be helpful to create a handwritten letter using high-quality stationery, as this action can emphasize care for a new staff member and personalize the interaction.

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HR forms and documents

Provide a folder or digital access to documents that a new employee must review, complete, or sign for an HR department. These documents often describe different company resources an employee can access and highlights staff members they can ask for assistance. Examples may include a copy of an employee's contract, a confidentiality agreement, emergency contact records, and a description of employee benefits. It may also be helpful to include a flowchart of a company's hierarchy, a directory of staff members and their contact information, and a map of an office building, if relevant.

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Company culture information

You can include a document that describes unique aspects of a company's culture. For example, each team member in a specific department can provide a paragraph about their background and interests so a new employee can learn new information about their colleagues. Consider listing a company's extracurricular activities, like team-building seminars, volunteering events, or educational opportunities. You can also implement a guide to the local area surrounding a workplace, including popular restaurants or coffee shops, grocery stores, and local parks.

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Company materials

Consider providing an assortment of wearable or usable items that show a company's brand identity, like a logo or associated colours. This option can serve as an inclusive gesture to new employees, particularly if they use high-quality materials and align with their preferences and clothing size. Some examples can include a t-shirt, sweatshirt, water bottle, and coffee mug. It may also help a company continue a recruitment process elsewhere, as staff members can advertise a company's brand identity by wearing the clothes or using the objects.


Depending on a company or job position, it may be useful to provide a personalized nameplate in a welcome pack to help a new employee connect with other staff members. This item typically describes an engraved placard containing an individual's full name and title to identify their office door or desk. Some modern options can include a felt or cork-material letter board that allows employees to switch out their name for an inspiring quote or temporary message or an electronic version with glowing letters that can accomplish the same task.

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Office supplies

New employees may appreciate some new office supplies on their first day of work, as having more tools can help them learn job tasks with more ease. Consider including a selection of blank printer paper, pens and pencils, a stapler, and information about how they can order new supplies in the future. If they have a desk, you can provide some storage containers, dividers, or three-ring binders so they can store these materials efficiently. You can also include some blank photo frames to display photos of family and other loved ones.

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Technology information

As many companies use particular hardware and software to accomplish daily responsibilities, it may be helpful to include access in a welcome kit. Depending on a business's resources, you can include any devices to help new employees conduct their duties effectively, including a laptop, keyboard, e-reader, or digital storage system. Consider including a manual or guidelines for the software programs a company uses so you can address questions or concerns. You can also provide information about a company's technical support team, so new staff members know who to contact after the first day.

Building-related items

Including materials that allow access to a company's facilities may be another way to help welcome new employees. Some examples include the keys or access codes to an office building, an official identification card, and a daily parking pass. You can also include a detailed map of the facilities to help new staff navigate around the premises during their first few months. This option may be especially helpful for a company with a larger office space or multiple buildings in the same local area.

Gift cards or services

A new staff member may appreciate a gift card or temporary service so they can select their own items that best appeal to their preferences. Consider surveying current employees to learn which type of item they may have appreciated during their first week and month. For example, you can offer a gift card to a nearby coffee shop that many individuals in a company frequent or a month-long membership to a local gym. If a company has a partnership with another business, you can offer rewards for products or services from their selections.

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Work-from-home supplies

Remote employees may appreciate a welcome kit that includes helpful items for conducting tasks in a home office environment. For instance, you can send a portable desk platform that allows individuals to work in different areas of their houses. Depending on a company's resources, you can also send a small coffee maker to store on their desk, noise-cancellation headphones, or a candle with a soothing scent. Consider sending a survey to a new remote employee to learn which options they prefer and what can help them succeed in their job position.

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Food gifts

Consider including non-perishable food to supplement another gift in a welcome kit to provide some nourishment to a new employee. This option may be especially useful for a food-focused company, as you can send product samples to help new staff members learn information about them. You can also send pastries, candy, or other sweet-flavoured food to convey a sense of positivity and kindness. After selecting this option, be mindful to learn if a new employee has any allergies or food restrictions, as this demonstrates care for their well-being and overall safety in a company.

By following these steps and developing a welcome package for your new hires, they are sure to start their new position with excitement and ease.

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