10 Virtual Team Celebration Ideas (With Benefits and Tips)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published May 9, 2022

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Celebrating team achievements is crucial to keep your team motivated and productive in the workplace. There are many ways to virtually celebrate the completion of a large project, the success of a happy customer, or a personal event, such as a birthday or employee milestone. Learning how you can host virtual team celebrations can help you show appreciation for the effort and dedication of your team toward organizational goals. In this article, we explore what virtual celebrations are, their benefits, describe how to host virtual celebrations, and provide 10 virtual team celebration ideas.

What are virtual team celebration ideas?

The goals of virtual team celebration ideas include reviewing team successes and hurdles, relaxing after completing a project or a successful quarter, or congratulating each other for doing a great job, even when team members physically can't be together. Virtual team celebrations function similarly to in-person team celebrations, but everyone uses their digital device and webcam.

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Benefits of celebrating as a virtual team

Celebrating team successes and employee milestones is important for the morale, productivity, and motivation of a team. The team is more likely to produce high-quality work that satisfies stakeholders and generates more revenue for the organization. Here are some benefits a team may experience from virtual team celebrations:

Motivating employees

A motivated team leads to many benefits, such as lower employee turnover rates, an increase in innovative ideas, and a higher level of commitment. It's essential that team members and managers consistently encourage each other to work toward the overall goals of the organization. Virtual team celebrations are a great way to recognize the achievements and milestones of your colleagues and motivate them to continue to work hard.

Increasing team relationships

It can be challenging for team members to socialize and feel connected in a virtual workplace environment. Everyone is speaking through a digital device and a webcam, so it takes more effort to create relationships with colleagues. Team relationships are critical because you spend most of your time collaborating and brainstorming with your colleagues. With a strong team relationship, you can create a healthy environment that promotes trust and confidence.

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Having fun

While projects are crucial for the overall success of an organization, it's also necessary to create opportunities for team members to relax and have fun. It can be easy for team members to feel overworked and tired if they're always busy with their responsibilities. Creating a fun environment in the workplace can make your colleagues less stressed, more productive, and more creative. You can play games, take a break from project meetings, and talk to your colleagues.

Tips for hosting virtual team celebrations

Here are some tips to ensure the success of your virtual team celebration:

  • Host when everyone is available: Everyone has different schedules and commitments in the workplace, so hosting virtual team celebrations at a time and date when most people are available can encourage attendance. E-mail software often has scheduling tools to help you find the best meeting times to accommodate everyone.

  • Gather feedback: It's important to gather input and feedback from your colleagues about the type of events they want. It can help you plan virtual team celebrations that are more engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved.

  • Be consistent: There are many reasons to celebrate team members, their achievements, positive news, and company successes. Consistent virtual team celebrations ensure you continuously recognize the efforts of team members and improve their overall motivation and productivity.

  • Be creative: There may be limitations to what you can do in a virtual team celebration, but you can still be creative in the events you host. Creativity makes virtual celebrations more fun, and team members can look forward to these celebrations in the future.

  • Choose the right platform: There are several online tools you can use to host events online. It's important to choose a platform that everyone can access.

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Ten virtual team celebration ideas

Hosting virtual team celebrations is a great way to improve the culture of an organization. Here are 10 virtual team celebration ideas to inspire you:

1. Have a team lunch

A team lunch is a great way to celebrate events casually. You can allot an hour where team members sit in front of their digital devices and eat lunch together. You may also consider giving colleagues a specified amount of credit to order food through a food delivery service. Team lunches are easy to host because there is very little preparation. You can spend the lunch hour talking about hobbies, life events, or project and quarterly successes.

2. Play trivia games

Another casual virtual team celebration idea is to host a virtual trivia event. There are many online tools you can use to create trivia questions. Team members can compete in teams or against each other. A trivia event may take longer to set up because you prepare the questions ahead of time, and everyone needs access to the online program. You can include questions related to the celebration or about general knowledge. You may also offer prizes to winners to increase participation.

3. Celebrate on social media

Social media posts are a great way to recognize team members and present their achievements to a large audience. They are especially great for employee tenure milestones, significant project successes, and community involvement initiatives. You can easily recognize remote team accomplishments by creating a social media post, group, or campaign dedicated to certain workplace events.

4. Watch a movie

A virtual movie night is a fun way for team members to spend time together and relax. You can ask your colleagues what they want to watch or create polls and choose the most popular option. It may be better to host movie events outside of work hours because some movies are rather long. You may choose to make your virtual event more engaging by having chat sessions beforehand. Team members can also use the chat function in your virtual meeting room to talk during the movie.

5. Host a virtual escape room

There are plenty of virtual escape rooms where you can work with your colleagues to escape. Virtual escape rooms are fun activities that challenge individuals to problem-solve and communicate with one another. They are also a great team-building exercise because team members collaborate and leverage individual strengths. This virtual event may have more preparation beforehand and a fee if you're using a virtual escape room company.

6. Host workshops

You can organize a group class to learn a new skill together, such as painting or cooking. You can also hire a professional to host the class or invite a colleague to demonstrate their skills. Encourage participants to turn on their webcams to follow along and show their progress. Workshops are a great way to relax, do something fun and unique, and learn a new skill.

7. Host holiday events

Holiday events are a great way for large groups of people to recognize achievements. During these parties, you may review the accomplishments completed throughout the year and highlight specific team members that contributed to the overall success of each project. You can customize the events to include holiday-themed games and contests, holiday music, and festive clothing.

8. Share success stories

You can host dedicated meetings to share success stories or highlight specific accomplishments in regular team meetings. It's a great opportunity to showcase what team members have done and learn about the achievements of other colleagues. You can create a presentation that includes photos or simply read success stories aloud.

9. Track birthdays

Celebrating team members' birthdays is a great way to build positive relationships. It recognizes and celebrates the personal milestones of team members. You can use a calendar to record birthdays and send meeting invites a few days before someone's birthday to host a virtual celebration. You may also consider sending a colleague a small gift or card to show your appreciation and best wishes.

10. Send a care package

A care package is a great way to boost team morale. Gifts can be as big or small as you want, and you can show your appreciation without spending a lot of money. You may include craft kits, candles, puzzles, cards, mugs, or treats. You can also customize each care package according to the recipient's interests.

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