When to Send a Thank-You Team Message (With 16 Examples)

Updated December 4, 2022

An expression of gratitude is one of the best ways to help employees feel valued and respected for their hard work. As employees are the backbone of any organization and make the success of large-scale projects possible, it's important to thank them appropriately for their efforts. Ensuring employees know you value them can help reduce turnover rates and increase morale in the workplace. In this article, we discuss why and when it's beneficial for managers to send a thank-you team message, provide a template as a helpful reference, and share 20 examples of thank-you messages to guide you when writing your own.

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Why managers should send a thank-you team message

As a leader, you can write thank-you messages to your team after completing a project, reaching a milestone or goal, or making a significant achievement. Whether you choose to send your message as an email or write individual cards, these sentiments can be meaningful for your team members, showing them that you acknowledge their efforts and that you value them as members of the company. Small gestures, like a thank-you note after a job well done, can help increase productivity and employee engagement.

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Thank-you team message template

When sending thank-you messages, be sure to customize them as much as possible to recognize your team and their efforts. Here is a general template that you can use to help you customize your own thank-you team message:

Thank you [team name]!

With your [positive attribute] and [positive attribute] we were able to [the positive results or outcome of their hard work]. I want to express my thanks and [an appropriate reward, which can include anything from your thanks to a fruit basket or a bonus]. I look forward to your continued success.

[Your name]

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16 thank-you team message examples

The following are examples of thank-you messages written for teams and employees that you can use as inspiration when writing your own:

1. Grateful to lead this team

Here is an example of how to convey gratitude for a team and their hard work:

Wow team! The rise in productivity in Q3 was nothing short of incredible! This increase helped us to exceed our targeted goals. I cannot thank you all enough for your determination and commitment to the goal that mattered most. We have taken this company to another level, and am so grateful to lead such an inspiring team!

2. Through thick and thin

This is an example of a way to thank a team for coming together during a difficult time:

Being a manager of an organization is not easy, but with a team like you standing beside me, it all seems effortless. This team has always motivated me and pushed the limits so that this organization can see brighter days. Thank you for the support you've all offered through thick and thin.

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3. Surprise at their desk

Here is an example of how a manager can thank their employee not only with an email but a gift as well:

The time and effort that you have put in over the last few months are just incredible. Not only do you inspire your team, but you also motivate them to work hard and meet targets. We are fortunate to have you as part of our company, and I'm excited to see what successes this next quarter will bring for you!

P.S. There's a surprise waiting for you at your desk for when you come in tomorrow!

4. Team night out

Offering a night out on behalf of the company is a great way to thank your team. It also acts as a team-building opportunity. Here is an example of a thank-you email with the promise of a team night out:

Dear graphics department,

With a lot of positive feedback from everyone on the executive management team, we want to thank the team for their outstanding performance with the fall catalogue launch. Your enthusiasm has been exceptional, and the catalogue is simply beautiful! We're so thankful for your dedication and want to express our sincere gratitude. You're all invited to meet up for some delicious food at Batch Brew Pub tomorrow after work. Well deserved!

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5. On behalf of the management

This is an example of how to offer thanks on behalf of all upper management:

On behalf of the management team, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone in the HR department for the amazing job on our university recruitment program. The endless hours and unyielding positivity you have each given have greatly impressed the organization. Thank you again for all of your effort!

6. You make it easy

Here is an example of a way to thank a team for making the achievement of a company milestone easier:

Thank you all for your amazing dedication and effort! It feels amazing to work with a team that is so motivated and self-reliant. Without the support you have all provided, the company would not have achieved this milestone, Despite the numerous deadlines, each one of you made it all feel easy. This is all because of you!

7. Thank you for your focus

Here is an example of a way to express thanks to a team for their focus:

Thank you for putting all your focus on the work, folks! It would have been impossible to achieve our goals without everyone's full effort and willingness! The management wants to thank each and every one of you for your efforts. You are rock stars! P.s. Don't bring lunch tomorrow! It's on us.

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8. Bonus

Here is an example of a thank you that includes a mention of a bonus as well:

Dreaming big is easy when you have a team of superstars like you. There is no goal you can't achieve! Our recent project was a great success, not only improving our revenue but stock prices have also rocketed. There's a little something extra on your next paycheque to show the company's appreciation. It is an honour to work with you all.

9. Thanks for making an effort

Here is how you can send a short thank-you to a team for their efforts:

Congratulations to the entire accounting team! I extend thanks on behalf of our entire management team, and we know this is just the first of many future successes. I continue to appreciate your effort and dedication.

10. Thanks for taking initiative

This is an example of how you can thank an individual for taking initiative:

Thank you for helping to deliver the project to the client yesterday! I have appreciated your contributions to the team, and I'm thrilled to be able to continue working with you. Thank you for taking the initiative to help get this project done on time.

11. During my absence

Here is an example of how to thank a specific team member for their effort while you were out of the office:

Thank you for stepping up during my absence to run the meeting last week. I appreciate your continued flexibility. The meeting was a success because of your contributions. I have complete confidence in you, and as new responsibilities continue to take me in various directions, I know the team will always be ready to handle anything, because of you.

12. Reach new heights

Here is how you can thank a team for their success on a project:

Thank you all for your hard work and contributions to last week's project. I appreciate your help communicating with the client, crunching those numbers, and finalizing designs. With a team like you-- there is no way to fail. Thank you for always working hard and helping our team reach new heights. I look forward to seeing what we collaborate on next.

13. Great negotiator

Here is an example of thanking an individual for their great negotiating work:

Thank you, Steven, for selflessly committing yourself to give your best every single day. You challenge our toughest competitors, so thank you for making our bid a huge success. You are an incredible negotiator and I can't imagine doing this without you.

14. Happy clients

This is an example of thanking the team for pleasing the client:

Most teams have a base of rules, instructions, and procedures, but our team has trust, communication, and support. That's why we succeed. Our company couldn't have a better team for such an extensive amount of work. It was a job well done, and our clients are thrilled. Thanks for being such a great team.

15. Determination and guidance

This is an example of thanking a team for their dedication during a busy time period:

Hi team! Thank you for giving me much-needed assistance during our hectic period. Without your determination and guidance, we might have become overwhelmed and would not have completed our project in the required time. I appreciate the support which helped us keep on track and reach our target.

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16. I am honoured

Here is an example of telling the team how honoured you are to work with them:

I am honoured, and proud to share my ideas with such an incredible team. You are all so enthusiastic, positive, and energetic. Without your tremendous support, our organization wouldn't have been able to achieve this much success. I want to thank each one of you for your consistent hard work and commitment.

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