Importance of Review Sites and How to Get More Reviews

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published May 2, 2022

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Companies use a variety of marketing methods to raise awareness of their brands to increase sales. Online reviews are a type of marketing that leverages consumer feedback to promote businesses and demonstrate the value of a company's products to clients. Learning about the importance of review sites can help you increase a company's sales and brand awareness. In this article, we define customer review sites, discuss why they're important, and provide tips on improving customer reviews.

What are customer review sites?

Review sites are online platforms that allow consumers to express their opinion about a product, service, or brand. Customer reviews are comments made by consumers regarding a business' products and services that others can view. Individuals read these reviews to learn about new companies that they're unfamiliar with and to choose which one offers the best value for their money. Usually, internet reviews contain a star rating out of five, which buyers can easily check while determining which business to use for their specific needs. Most businesses seek four or five-star evaluations and detailed descriptions of the customer's overall experience.

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Reasons why online reviews are important

Online reviews are critical for many businesses because they have the potential to influence customer behaviours. There are various ways in which online reviews may impact a business:

They can influence search engine rankings

Positive reviews can help your search engine results. The algorithms used by search engines recognize the amount and type of reviews on your products. For instance, if a customer searches for "counselling services in Toronto," the search engine typically provides a list of counsellors with the highest-rated listing first. Counsellors with negative evaluations or ratings may appear lower on the page or on later pages, resulting in fewer views by users.

They can increase your visibility to consumers

Many internet customers use filters to refine their search results, which may involve excluding goods with a low average star rating. For example, some consumers may exclusively purchase goods that have received at least three stars in reviews. This may occur on both big retail websites and search engine results pages, as each can return different results depending on the chosen search terms. Maintaining a high average rating may result in more online users in finding your items, which can cause increased traffic and revenue.

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They can validate your product or service

Online reviews assist prospective customers in validating your goods or service. They can explain differences between products that may not be part of the product description. This can help other consumers who are comparing similar goods. Positive internet reviews may be the determining factor for some buyers when making a purchasing decision.

They can help guide users

Online reviews from consumers may provide more specific information about items and services. Consumers may use reviews to get answers to their questions, choose between different sizes or colours, and learn more about a business. Many reviews contain beneficial information, such as whether clothing and shoes fit large, small, or true to size.

Reviewers can also share recommendations, such as the best area to park near a company, or comment on complaints raised by other users. For instance, a reviewer may express dissatisfaction with the service they experienced in a restaurant. Other reviewers can then explain that the restaurant has new management and a new employee training program aimed at improving service.

They can build trust

Positive internet reviews may aid in development of trust between a brand and its customers. These evaluations show that your items or services satisfy client expectations, meet their needs, and correspond to their online representation. Many positive ratings can also demonstrate the integrity of a business and its products or services.

They can provide a personal feel to the business

Online reviews can also become a forum for customers and clients to voice their opinions about a company. These personal testimonials might give insightful information to other customers. Reviewers may discuss how the company exceeded their expectations through superior customer service, superior product quality, accessibility, or responsiveness to inquiries. These individual situations may convey the personality of the business and its employees, helping readers to connect with the organization on a more personal level.

They can help promote small businesses

Small companies may lack the financial resources to engage in the same level of marketing as bigger organizations. Online reviews provide small companies with a cost-effective way to improve brand recognition and establish a favourable reputation both online and in their neighbourhood. Online reviews may persuade buyers to choose goods from lesser-known companies over those from well-known businesses. Small company owners may also read and reply to internet reviews, enabling potential customers to communicate directly with businesses. Interacting with representatives from a business can inspire buyers to make a purchase or visit a retail store.

They can supply testimonials

Online reviews may be an excellent source of information for marketing. You can use customer or client testimonials from user evaluations on the company website, social media platforms, or advertisements. You can ask for reviewers' consent and consider photographing or filming the customer for your marketing effort.

Tips for improving customer reviews

Enhancing your customer evaluations is critical if you want to demonstrate the value of the items and services provided by a company. Here are some tips you can use to increase your chances of receiving favourable reviews:

Consider negative reviews and suggestions

Developing the business processes and offerings of an organization is an effective way to increase the quantity and quality of client evaluations. This can help you better understand your target market and meet their expectations for quality and type of product offers and customer service. To accomplish this, you can evaluate your reviews frequently and note those that are unfavourable or propose methods to improve the brand. Then, make adjustments in response to those evaluations.

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Ask for reviews in different ways

To increase your chances of receiving reviews from a variety of clients, you can use a variety of methods to obtain reviews. This can inspire customers to submit reviews about their interactions with the business and help the brand increase popularity. You can solicit reviews on your website, in product packaging, or in follow-up emails sent after a consumer receives a product or service. Follow-up emails can be particularly beneficial as you may send them directly to consumers who have made a purchase and learn whether they want to share their experience with others.

Regularly respond to consumers

Responding to customer reviews regularly can enable you to monitor what customers are saying about the business and openly address their problems in front of other buyers. When you respond to reviews, you work with consumers to resolve issues and demonstrate to other buyers that you want to improve the situation for dissatisfied customers. Additionally, you may respond to positive reviews and express your gratitude to the reviewers for their support and for sharing their perspectives with others.

When online buyers read these responses, they may become more interested in the business and post their own evaluations after making a purchase. When customers see you care about responding to consumer reviews, they may develop greater confidence in you and the business and create a stronger connection to the brand.

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Simplify the review process

Simplifying the review process may encourage more consumers to post reviews. Customers may be more willing to post reviews if the process is simple. You can simplify the review process by using software that enables users to enter their information quickly and submit a review without having to navigate through several web pages. It's also usually helpful to provide consumers with a link after they make a purchase so they may leave a review for the goods or services.

Create a review page that is easily accessible

Customers may be more likely to submit a review if they know others can see it, so developing an easily accessible review page is critical. You can accomplish this by adding a sub-page to your website that displays star ratings and reviews or by creating a new webpage that people can reach from the company's homepage. This may show customers you welcome reviews and appreciate their opinions enough to publish them openly online.

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