How To Write Promotion Announcement (With Tips and Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

August 31, 2021

When an employee performs well consistently in their role, they may deserve a promotion. An announcement of promotion is a message conveyed to employees and stakeholders about a team member's upcoming promotion. If you're an employer, understanding how to create an effective announcement about a promotion can help you convey necessary information. In this article, we discuss what a promotion announcement is, explore what to include and why they are important, provide steps for how to write one , and share tips and examples to help you create your own.

What is a promotion announcement?

In a promotion announcement, a supervisor or manager informs employees of the advancement of a staff member to a higher position of responsibility. Companies have different ways of announcing promotions of employees. A small business may use a staff meeting to let others know of a promotion. Large companies may need to use email, memos, newsletters, or other company-wide methods, such as a press release.

What does an announcement of promotion include?

Regardless of the method used to convey the message, a notice of promotion typically contains the following components:

  • Name of the promoted employee

  • Current and new designation

  • Effective date of promotion

  • Responsibilities of the new position

  • Acknowledgement of the employee's contribution

  • Brief background of the promoted employee, such as education or certification

  • Congratulatory note and best wishes

  • Call to action or request for support of the promoted employee

Why are announcements about promotions important?

Announcing the promotion of an employee is important for their morale. It also helps other employees and stakeholders understand the new organizational structure. Here are more reasons announcing a promotion is important:

  • It is a way of celebrating the employee's achievements.

  • It encourages other employees to work harder for promotions.

  • It strengthens the relationship between employer and employee.

  • It creates a spirit of teamwork among employees.

  • It reinforces the company's culture.

  • It reduces any resentment that a secretive promotion might create.

  • It contributes to a smooth transition of the employee

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How to write an announcement of a promotion

Here are the steps you can take to create an effective announcement of the promotion of an employee:

1. Decide on the delivery channel

There are various methods you can use to deliver the promotion message. The most appropriate channel to use depends on factors such as company culture, size of the organization, and intended audience of the message. Various channels you can use include:

  • Email: An email is appropriate for large organizations comprising many employees spread across different departments or geographical locations. Email is also an appropriate channel to inform external stakeholders, as it is cheap, fast, and effective.

  • Memo: You can write a memo and post it on the company's message board. Alternatively, you can include a memo in the company's newsletter.

  • Office meeting: You can announce an employee's promotion during office meetings. This channel is appropriate for small companies.

  • Online portal: If a business has an online portal or a website channel, you can include the announcement there. Online channels are appropriate for an internal audience who have access to the portal.

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2. Begin with a salutation

Determine your audience to help you begin an appropriate message. If you choose a written medium such as an email or memo, use proper salutation such as " Dear All," or "To All Company Staff ." If you announce the promotion verbally, schedule a meeting where the intended audience is present, including the promoted employee. It is also advisable to prepare the employee in advance so they can expect the message.

3. Introduce the promoted employee

After determining the channel and the audience, you can now introduce the promoted employee. State their full name, current designation, and the new role. Outline the duration they have been in the current position and a brief background. This puts the promotion in context and also serves to make the employee familiar to other staff.

4. Outline the justification of the promotion

It is important to explain why the specific employee is being promoted. You can do this by outlining their achievements in the current position. Provide evidence of their contribution to company projects by sharing figures of performance metrics to help other employees view the promotion positively. You can also disclose any education or certifications earned by the employee which makes them suitable for advancement. Sharing the reasons for the promotion is crucial when several employees are being considered for advancement.

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5. Explain the employees' new roles

In this step, state the job title, duties, and responsibilities of the employee in their new role. Explain the department where they are going to work, their tasks, reporting lines, and important relationships. If there are projects they lead or take part in, include this information. This is important as it allows employees to know how communication and work progress with the changes. Setting expectations for the promoted employee is acceptable. You can also describe the connection between their new position and the company's strategic goals.

6. Congratulate the employee

After outlining the new responsibilities, congratulate them on the well-deserved promotion. Thank them for their contribution and offer your support in their new position. Publicly congratulating the promoted employee motivates them and gives them confidence in knowing they have your support.

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7. Close with a call to action

Finish your announcement with a call to action. This can encourage other employees to congratulate the promoted employee. It also fosters teamwork and begins the new work relationship on a positive note.

Tips to announce employee promotion

Here are helpful tips when preparing to announce the promotion of an employee:

  • Verify all information: Before sending the announcement, ensure all information is accurate. This is especially important if you mention the employees' previous position, contributions, or previous employers.

  • Be concise: Keep the email or memo brief and to the point. A good announcement is ideally on one page, regardless of the employee's length of experience with the company or well-known history.

  • Use a professional tone: Ensure you use a professional tone in the announcement, including proper salutations, appropriate words, and etiquette. Keep in mind that it's an official communication and it may affect the company's image.

  • Proofread and edit: Proofread the announcement and edit as necessary. Double-check the announcement for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.

  • Be informative: The primary aim of the announcement is to inform the audience of the changes. Congratulate the employee without making it too celebratory.

  • Show enthusiasm: The announcement can be formal but still show enthusiasm. It can convey the confidence the management has placed in the promoted employee.

  • Observe business letter format: Use business letter format for the announcement, such as placing the memo or letter on the company letterhead.

  • Signatories: Sometimes the announcement needs to be signed by several people. Before sending the announcement, ensure all who need to sign have done so.

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Examples of announcements of a promotion

Here are examples of an announcement to help you write your own:

Example 1

Review this example where an employer notifies their staff of an employee promotion:

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,
I am honoured to announce the promotion of Luther James as our new chief technology officer, effective October 1, 2021. Prior to this promotion, Luther was our Information Security Analyst for the last five years and has been invaluable in helping our company navigate the treacherous cybersecurity ecosystem.

Luther has shown his deep knowledge of technology, and his work is crucial as the company embarks on establishing a robust remote working support system for our remote staff. In his new role, he leads the tech team and helps the company sustain market leadership as a provider of effective technological solutions for our clients.

For any inquiries about Luther's new role and working relationship, please contact me.
Join me in congratulating Luther for this well-deserved appointment and wishing him the best of luck.

Kind regards,
Gerry Morton

Example 2

Here is an example where an employee gets a promotion to the head of a division:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with immense pleasure that I'm announcing the promotion of Peter Drury as the head of the broadcasting division at CMM.

Peter has been with CMM for the last ten years, starting as a broadcasting intern and working his way up to become a weather news anchor, sports anchor and, lately, our prime-time news announcer. Throughout his time at CMM, dedication, diligence, and attention to detail have distinguished his service. A case in point is the role he played in helping the company win the deal to broadcast the Winter Olympics in 2018.

As the head of broadcasting, Peter leads the company into the exciting future of live-streaming and helps the company leverage mobile technology to deliver great content to our customers wherever they are. Peter's knowledge, wide network, and media experience are exactly what the company needs at this point in time.

Let us all congratulate Peter on this promotion and wish him luck in his new role.

Alex Sykes