What Are Professional Services (Definition and Examples)

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Published May 23, 2022

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Businesses offer professional services to help companies, organizations, or individuals accomplish various tasks or achieve their goals. Each service aims to create positive outcomes for customers. Each industry offers different services, and learning about them can help you find a suitable service for you or market your skills to provide a professional service. In this article, we explain what professional services are, discuss changes in the industry, and offer examples of the services different industries offer.

What are professional services?

Professional services are nonphysical products or services that individuals or companies provide to customers to help them manage or improve a specific area of their businesses. For example, an acting coach offering lessons to actors could be a professional service. An individual offering a professional service may have expertise in a niche area, like digital marketing, and provide services to a business to improve their digital marketing efforts. Professional services can be freelance, contract, or private practice work.

Companies or firms can also provide a professional service to customers. For example, a marketing agency might provide services to help a business expand its brand awareness or engagement. Both individual and company-provided services may charge billable hours or fixed rates.

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How is the industry growing and changing?

As technology becomes increasingly popular and advanced each year, the professional service industry grows and changes to accommodate it. Companies that offer a professional service may integrate technology into their services to increase efficiency. For example, accountants may offer their services in-person and online so that anyone can access them. The industry typically changes to meet customers' demands and needs. For example, a social media management company may adjust their services to include the management of a new social media platform.

Examples of professional services

Here are some examples of services that different industries offer:

Medical and public services

Some professional medical and public services are:

  • Physical therapy: Physical therapists work with patients to help them regain mobility after injuries or illnesses. They may develop in-person therapy or at-home treatment plans for patients.

  • Dental health: Dentists and dental hygienists provide services to help individuals maintain oral hygiene and protect their teeth or gums. These services can include oral examinations, prevention strategies, or operations.

  • Physical health: Physicians can make sure individuals are in good health by performing annual examinations. They may also give patients tips for improving their health.

  • Therapy: Therapists provide specialized professional mental health services to address the concerns of individual clients. They may also suggest coping tools and resources that help patients regulate their emotions.

  • Speech pathology: Speech pathologists help individuals overcome speaking challenges. They can provide different strategies and exercises for patients to practice their areas of concern.

  • Translating: Translators and interpreters can make communications accessible for all individuals. Typically, a translator communicates something from one language to an individual's native language. An interpreter translates verbal communications using sign language for those with hearing loss.

  • Emergency response: Professionals like emergency medical technicians (EMTs) provide emergency services to help injured people. This may require them to perform first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

  • Teaching: Teachers can provide professional education services to students of all ages. They may personalize the learning process to meet the needs of individual students.

  • Tutoring: Tutors can provide professional learning services to help students who have difficulty learning certain subjects. When working with students, tutors may provide them with practice problems or a content review.

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Planning and construction

Some services in planning and construction are:

  • Architecture design: Architects can design or redesign buildings and structures for specific purposes. They may use research to develop the most cost-effective designs for clients.

  • Urban and regional planning: Urban and regional planners create comprehensive short-term and long-term development plans for towns and cities. They may also conduct research within communities to identify residents' needs.

  • Construction management: Construction managers oversee the daily operations of the construction process and help ensure the development meets completion deadlines. They may also create budgets and schedules and ensure their team adheres to both.

  • Landscaping: Landscapers can provide clients with personalized greenscapes in outdoor spaces. They may design visual plans and complete them.

  • Mechanics: Mechanics can provide services for different modes of transportation, including cars, trains, and aircraft. They may check for issues during routine inspections and address potential malfunctions.

  • Plumbing: Plumbers provide services like unclogging pipes, installing plumbing systems, and preventing in-home flooding. They may also perform routine maintenance on pipes.


Some professional legal services are:

  • Corporate law: Corporate lawyers provide services to corporate companies, including assisting with business operations or the formation of corporations. They may also address potential compliance concerns.

  • Intellectual property law: Intellectual property lawyers provide services regarding copyright, design patents, and company secrets. These lawyers help individuals maintain property over their creations.

  • Environmental law: Environmental lawyers protect the environment and natural resources such as forests and minerals. These environmental laws can vary at provincial, territorial, and national levels.

  • Estate planning law: Estate planning lawyers manage trusts, wills, and assets. Their services may also include the creation of legal contracts or documents.


Some available marketing services are:

  • Paid advertising: Ad buyers help companies purchase advertisement slots that meet their needs. They find slots that can help companies improve brand awareness and revenue.

  • Public relations: Public relations specialists help companies develop or improve their brands. They do so by booking interviews or other public appearances, creating television promotions, or organizing advertisement placements.

  • Copywriting: Copywriters write content, such as blog posts or articles, helping companies increase online traffic to their websites. They may include search engine optimization (SEO) in their services or write advertisements for a company's products or services.

  • Social media management: Social media managers assist clients by increasing their social media followings, improving engagement, and promoting new products or services. They may create and post content, respond to messages and comments, or research trends for companies to include in their posts.

  • Brand development: Brand developers typically help new companies develop a brand by creating a logo, developing brand awareness strategies, or creating a style guide for the company to follow. They may also help established companies improve and maintain their brand.

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Here are some services available in the finance industry:

  • Evaluation: Financial evaluators identify the financial value of items, such as antiques or commercial equipment. They may also evaluate property and businesses to determine their value, which can be helpful for clients who want to sell.

  • Accounting: Accountants work with individuals or companies to help them file their taxes, track their income and expenses, or offer advice on wealth management. Accountants may specialize in a specific area to target their services, such as investment accounting, project accounting, or forensic accounting.

  • Investment management: Investment managers help individuals or companies with their investment portfolios. They may develop personalized investment strategies or diversify existing portfolios.

  • Financial planning and advising: Financial planners and advisors help clients set and reach their financial goals. They may create short-term or long-term financial plans to help companies or individuals spend and save their money wisely.

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Computer science

Here are some services available in the computer science industry:

  • User interaction (UI) development: UI developers build and maintain interactive products or service experiences. Companies may use interactivity to engage existing or potential customers in what they can offer.

  • User experience (UX) development: A user experience developer, or front-end developer, writes the code to build software such as mobile applications. They focus on ensuring the software is visually appealing and user-friendly.

  • Software development: Software developers often work with UI and UX developers to create and test programs. They typically focus on back-end software development by writing the code that helps the software function.

  • Web development and design: Web developers and designers create websites to help companies improve brand awareness. Web developers typically focus on writing the code for the website to make it functional, and web designers focus on the visual appeal.

  • Cybersecurity management: As people store a lot of sensitive information online, cybersecurity is an important service. Cybersecurity professionals help companies and individuals minimize the risk of security breaches by protecting their online data and information.

  • Information technology (IT) support: IT support specialists may help companies or individuals troubleshoot technology issues, perform routine updates on their technology, and install or uninstall software and hardware. They may help clients remotely over the phone or work onsite.

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