30 Ways to Say "It Was a Pleasure Working With You"

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Published May 14, 2022

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There are multiple occasions in a work environment when you may wish to express that you've enjoyed working with a manager, colleague, client, or customer. Expressing the sentiment clearly so that it conveys your gratitude is essential. It is good to consider in advance how you wish to communicate this to those you work with when the time comes. In this article, we discuss why it's important to say "it was a pleasure working with you," and provide 30 ways to express the sentiment in a range of different work situations.

Why saying "it was a pleasure working with you" is important

There are multiple instances in a work situation where it's important to say "it was a pleasure working with you" to those you are working with. Most people use the sentiment to let colleagues, a manager, a team, or a client know they appreciate the experience they've had together. It also lets them know you appreciate the opportunity to work with them and that their contribution is of value while conveying your respect. This helps create a positive work environment and helps build strong relationships.

30 ways to say "it was a pleasure working with you"

Here are 30 examples of ways to express this sentiment in a range of work situations:

Ten alternatives for when you leave the company

These suggestions might be useful when you are leaving your current company for a new role:

1. "Not only have I enjoyed my job here, but I have also enjoyed working with each of you and am glad to have had the opportunity. I have learned a lot and appreciate the knowledge and skills that you all have taught me. This knowledge won't go to waste and is essential to my being successful in my new role. I hope we can all stay in touch, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours."

2. "I have enjoyed working with each of you over the last three years. Although I'm sad I won't be part of the team any longer, I'm looking forward to the challenges my new role brings. Good luck in the future."

3. "The culture of this team is unique and a result of the contribution you all make. Managing this group has been one of the highlights of my career to date. I am proud of what we have achieved together."

4. "When I first started here, I wasn't aware I would be collaborating with such skilled coworkers. It's been nice working with everybody over the years."

5. "Working with you has been a fantastic experience. I have enjoyed every moment of my time here working with such an inspiring group of individuals. While leaving is never easy, I am looking forward to the challenges that come with my new role. Good luck to you all."

6. "Although I'm leaving, I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was being your colleague."

7. "I'm always going to remember my time working here. I've learned so much, had amazing experiences, and worked with some great people. It's been my pleasure, and I wish all of you well in the future."

8. "Working here has been a lot of fun because of you. The memories I have of my time here make leaving a little easier. I hope that we can remain in touch."

9. "I can't forget my time spent working here. Managing this team has been easy due to the skills and attitude of each team member. I hope to work with you again in the future."

10. "When I first started here, I had no idea I would be working with such a talented and inspiring group of people. The time has come for me to move on to a new stage in my career. Although it's hard saying goodbye, I'm excited about the opportunity that my new role presents. It has been a pleasure meeting and working with you all. I wish you all the best for the future."

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Five alternatives for when a colleague leaves the company

When a colleague is leaving the company, other colleagues and those in leadership positions may consider the following examples to acknowledge their contribution and let them know everyone is going to miss them:

1. "Thank you for the contribution you've made to the team. You are a valued member, and we are all sorry to see you go."

2. "It's been great working with you. I appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise with me. This has contributed to my professional development and has helped me advance my career. I hope you keep in touch."

3. "Thank you for your work here. You have been a valued member of the team, and it's been an absolute pleasure working with you. Good luck in your next endeavour."

4. "We are going to miss you. We hope that your new company enjoys working with you as much as we all have over the last five years."

5. "Working with you has been a privilege. It's going to be strange, come Monday, not to see you in the office next door. Don't be a stranger."

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Five alternatives for when you move to a new department

When a promotion or new opportunity means that you move to a new department, the following can express that you've enjoyed working with those in your old department:

1. "This team has become like a second family to me throughout my time here, so I hope we remain in contact. I am happy that even though I won't see you every day, the friendships we've made mean we can still spend time together. I wish you all the best."

2. "Although we won't be working together every day, I look forward to the projects where we have the chance to work together again."

3. "While I'm looking forward to my new role and the challenges it brings, I'm going to miss working with the team. I hope that we can have the opportunity to collaborate on other projects in the future."

4. "Your belief in me gave me the confidence to apply for my new position. I can put the knowledge and skills that you've shared with me over the last five years to good use."

5. "I feel privileged to have worked with you. I'm going to miss the ongoing support I've received from this team. We may no longer work together, but I am sure we can remain good friends."

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Five alternatives for when a project ends

Consider these alternatives when you complete the project you've been working on and the team is disbanding:

1. "Each of you has contributed something unique to the success of this project. I have enjoyed working with and learning from you all. I hope we have the chance to work together again soon."

2. "I'm proud of what we have achieved over the last six months as a team. The project would not have been a success had it not been for each of you."

3. "I'm grateful to have such wonderful colleagues. We all worked well together, and I wanted to express my appreciation for all of your hard work."

4. "The success of this project is directly attributable to the team that worked on it. Thank you for making managing this project so easy."

5. "As the team leader, it was my pleasure to manage you all and watch the team come together and develop into a cohesive unit. I appreciate all the work that you have put into this project."

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Five alternatives for when you finish work with a client or customer

When you're working with a client or customer, consider these suggestions to show you appreciate the opportunity:

1. "Thank you for appointing our company to handle all your outsourcing needs. We look forward to working with you."

2. "I am happy that our current project has proven beneficial for both companies. I am looking forward to working with you again in the future."

3. "It was great working with you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and ideas relating to this project. I always enjoy working with clients like you."

4. "Thank you for the opportunity to work together. I hope that you choose to work with our company again in the near future."

5. "On behalf of the company, we are proud to be working with you and look forward to collaborating with you and your team going forward."

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