Guide: 16 Personality Types

Updated September 18, 2023

When you look for a job, there are plenty of factors to consider to help you find the right fit. One of the most common ways to do so is to find a job based on your personality. While everyone is different in their own ways, personality types can be classified into 16 different categories according to the Myers-Briggs test. Looking for a career that fits your personality type can help you find work that's fulfilling and engaging. Take a look at this overview of each type, and discover what kind of jobs may be a match for you based on your personality's strengths and weaknesses.

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ISTJ - The Logistician

The ISTJ personality type is defined by its logical decision-making processes and exceptional organizational skills. They often value a strict order and organization within their workplaces, and they find comfort in tradition and repetition. Because of this, workplace scenarios that change often typically aren't suited for ISTJ types. When it comes to work that requires organized focus and singular correct answers, ISTJs tend to shine. Here are some of the best careers for this personality:

  • Attorney

  • Dentist

  • Civil Engineer

  • Proofreader

  • Software Developer

ISFJ - The Defender

ISFJ types are typically concerned with helping others. They value order and structure, so their idea of helping is often expressed by providing others with the environment they need to succeed. ISFJs work methodically while being conscious of others, yet they work with an unrelenting focus and don't find satisfaction until the job is done. Here are some of the best jobs for ISFJs:

  • Elementary teacher

  • Research Analyst

  • Account Manager

  • Accountant

  • Health Care Worker

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INFJ - The Advocate

The INFJ personality is said to be the rarest type. They express deep empathy for others while having high emotional intelligence. Individuals falling under this type find innate satisfaction by being able to help others directly. They are goal-oriented and are primarily concerned with producing work that does as much good as possible whether it helps the world, those in need or simply their coworkers. Nonprofit work is especially popular with INFJ types, which in turn means that profit-oriented business work may be a poor fit. Here are some suitable jobs for INFJs:

  • School Counsellor

  • Psychologist

  • HR Manager

  • Project Coordinator

  • Community Outreach Specialist

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INTJ - The Architect

INTJ personalities are the ones that have a plan for everything and are governed by reason and logic. They value knowledge and taking a rational approach to problem-solving. Additionally, INTJs are remarkably efficient and notably confident, but that confidence tends to be about their ideas rather than working with other people. They can be a part of a team, of course, but they tend to be more comfortable working with groups of people they know well, or will opt to work alone. Some INTJ career matches for this personality are as follows:

  • Architect

  • Microbiologist

  • Screenwriter

  • Statistician

  • Detective

ISTP - The Virtuoso

Think of the Virtuoso as the handyman or jack of all trades. While they can specialize in virtually anything they want to, ISTP personalities are predominantly defined by their ability to find workable solutions to all sorts of problems using a variety of tools at their disposal via logic and reasoning skills. They prefer to focus on a singular task and tend to work better on their own rather than in a large group. Additionally, ISTPs tend to value tangible results rather than more abstract accomplishments. Here are some of the most popular careers for ISTPs:

  • Airline Pilot

  • Machinist

  • Landscaper

  • Mechanic

  • Construction Worker

ISFP - The Adventurer

ISFP personalities are always looking for new experiences, finding fulfillment in trying new things and working in rapidly changing environments. They often have a largely positive outlook in life, however, they may not be as outgoing as others. In fact, they're typically non-confrontational and can be quite sensitive. Additionally, ISFPs prefer small projects to long-term assignments, and they can work well handling multiple tasks at the same time even in fast-paced environments. Here are some applicable careers for ISFPs:

  • Artist

  • Social Media Manager

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Chef

  • Marketer

INFP - The Mediator

INFP personalities are generally curious and inquisitive, coming up with ideas for innovation while also being conscious of the feelings of others. They often find fulfillment in abstract thinking and can find connections and patterns that others might miss. While they tend to work fine on their own, being part of a small team can be fulfilling as well. Large groups tend to make INFPs slightly uncomfortable. Here are some of the best careers for these curious inquisitors:

  • Counsellor

  • Film Editor

  • Journalist

  • Graphic Designer

  • Museum Curator

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INTP - The Logician

INTPs are defined by their ability to find practical solutions to problems that arise in just about any environment. They are driven by their often-skeptical philosophies and analytical nature to not only identify potential problems but to preemptively come up with solutions as well. They enjoy abstract thinking as well and they function best on their own or as a part of a very small group. Here are some careers that would suit these intelligent and creative individuals:

  • Computer Systems Analyst

  • Composer

  • Biomedical Engineer

  • Scientist

  • Professor

ESTP - The Entrepreneur

ESTP personalities tend to be pragmatic and flexible, but they can also display pinpointed focus if necessary. Just remember that these personalities also tend to prefer fast solutions, even if that means taking on some serious risks. Any problems that arise are adapted to. Put simply, ESTPs don't treat problems like roadblocks but rather as obstacles to conquer. They are the epitome of those who live in the moment to get the most out of the present rather than doing any long-term planning. These jobs are suitable for ESTPs:

  • Actor

  • Sales Manager

  • Stockbroker

  • Paramedic

  • Athletic Trainer

ESFP - The Entertainer

ESFPs are typically the ones at work whom all their coworkers like being around. They're friendly and they value fun more than anything else, but their sense of generosity also drives them to perform exceptionally well at their tasks. Practicality and realistic expectations are as much of a part of an ESFP's work ethic. Given their ability to enjoy virtually anything they have to do, they tend to work well in fast-paced environments and can help others handle changes as well. Here are some careers suitable for ESFPs:

  • Theatre Teacher

  • Tour Guide

  • Event Planner

  • Cosmetologist

  • Pediatrician

ENFP - The Campaigner

An ENFP personality strives to get the most out of their work not only through their own efforts but also with the efforts of those around them. They are exceptionally adept at being leaders in their workplaces, but their work is defined by risk-taking and a virtually unrivaled sense of perception. They're good at understanding how individuals and groups may function in any given environment. An ENFP also likes to experiment to see which solutions offer the best results. The following jobs are particularly fitting:

  • Campaign Manager

  • Guidance Counsellor

  • Urban Planner

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Sales Representative

ENTP - The Debater

ENTP personalities often seek intellectual challenges that will put their abilities to the test. They enjoy big-picture thinking and working with abstract concepts rather than tangible material items. Routinary tasks are often boring to ENTPs, so they instead seek creative problem-solving, leaving the logistics and details to other people in an organization. When they work as part of a team, ENTPs often try to shake things up and bring innovation to the table more than anything else. These jobs let ENTPs prosper:

  • Lawyer

  • Creative Director

  • Financial Planner

  • Psychologist

  • Operations Specialist

ESTJ - The Executive

ESTJ personalities excel in management positions. They work well managing other people and they always strive for an efficient way to achieve accurate results no matter what they're doing. Tradition and order are important to them, and they're adept at maintaining these traits in any organization they're a part of. Planning and tough decisions tend to be easier for them than other personality types, as they are often very confident in their analytical and logical thinking abilities. These jobs would suit ESTJs well:

  • Coach

  • Business Development Manager

  • Police Officer

  • Military Officer

  • Hotel Manager

ESFJ - The Consul

With ESFJ personalities, you'll find a focus on responsibility and keeping up with the needs of others. They're typically pretty eager to please, but they also hold fast to their own moral code and traditions. Routine and a regular schedule are important to them, as it's the best way to stay productive overall. They tend to understand other people and their problems well, making it easy for them to identify issues and find solutions in a wide variety of industries. Check out the following careers that are perfect for ESFJs:

  • Caterer

  • Bookkeeper

  • Corporate Instructor

  • Office Manager

  • Medical Researcher

ENFJ - The Protagonist

An ENFJ personality strives to lead through example and understand others, often inspiring them to greatness. Their primary traits are charisma, drive and commitment, making them effective leaders in just about any industry. They tend to want to help the world as well, so they find more fulfillment in work that has a direct impact on others in a positive way. Here are some careers that would be fitting:

  • Art Director

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Sociologist

  • Physical Therapist

  • Real Estate Broker

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ENTJ - The Commander

ENTJ personalities are determined and unrelentingly committed to getting the most out of themselves and their team. They set clear goals and organize the necessary steps to achieve these goals with quick decisions and an eye for inefficiencies. Their charisma helps them motivate teams to work in the same way. Even if they seem rather strict or even harsh by some standards, their results speak for themselves. ENTJs can find success in these jobs:

  • Construction Manager

  • Judge

  • Database Administrator

  • Business Administrator

  • Project Manager

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