16 Online Presentation Tools (With Features and Tips)

Updated September 30, 2022

Online presentation software allows users to connect with their audience in an engaging way. These tools also incorporate images, create movement, and work across many platforms. Identifying the various online presentation applications you can use helps you choose the most suitable option when preparing for a personal or professional presentation. In this article, we examine features to consider when selecting online presentation tools, list 16 websites to consider, and provide useful tips for your online presentations.

What to consider in online presentation tools

Online presentation tools vary in features and functionalities. Some of the features to consider when using presentation tools are:

  • Audio-video capability: Adding multimedia to your slides can make your presentation unique and engaging. It's vital that you find online presentation platforms that support high-quality audio and video capabilities.

  • Real-time collaboration: Collaborating on tasks with colleagues generally improves the quality of your work and makes the process more efficient. When deciding on a presentation platform, it's important that you select one that supports online collaboration with teammates.

  • Impressive technical support: When creating slides on presentation platforms, you may experience various technical issues. Ensure you consider online presentation platforms with quick and efficient technical support to avoid unnecessary delays to your work.

  • Ease of use: Good online presentation platforms are seamless, functional, and easy to navigate. Ensure you read through the platform you want to use, including customer reviews, so you can find one that's easy to use.

  • Cloud access and storage: Online collaboration platforms with cloud access allow you to store and access your slides from any device or location. Ensure you select a presentation platform with the cloud feature to have a more efficient upload and download process.

  • Import and export feature: Ensure that the online presentation platform allows you to import and export files from any location. It's also beneficial to make sure that the tool is compatible with various video formats.

16 online presentation tools

Here are some examples of online presentation platforms you may use to create your slides:

1. PowerPoint Online

PowerPoint helps you create offline slides online and offline, with custom templates, graphic elements, animation, cloud storage, and collaboration features. An aspect to note is that you may not have access to all the features. For instance, when you access the app offline, you only have access to in-built themes and can't access more from the internet. Alternatively, you can import your presentation with a third-party theme and insert video and audio files from other platforms.

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2. Google Slides

Google Slides is a free online presentation platform. It allows you to publish your presentation online while providing access to collaboration tools, a cloud-based system, and online documentation tools. The app also allows you to access various third-party resources to help you in preparing your presentation.

3. Keynote

Keynote is a free slides presentation tool that's available to only Apple devices. The app supports iPhones, iPads, and Macs and makes it easy for you to add multimedia and images to your presentation. It also provides technical support and resources that ensure seamless use.

4. Prezi Basic

Prezi Basic offers an online presentation platform with a non-linear approach to online presentations. It also offers impressive graphics capabilities such that you can zoom in and still maintain good image quality. The platform provides third-party resources and tutorials on how to navigate it.

5. SlideShare

SlideShare is a presentation networking tool that provides presentation options for various content. For instance, you can post your videos, portable document format (PDFs) files, and PowerPoint slides as a presentation. You can then make this presentation available for viewing and sharing by anyone.

6. Zoho Show

Zoho Show offers an entire office suite with a free presentation platform. The free version has good features, such as collaboration tools and secure in-app chat. It also allows for teams of up to five individuals to use the application.

7. FlowVella

FlowVella is an online presentation system available for iPhones, iPads, and Mac devices, although you can also access the web version from any device. The platform lets you incorporate online content and multimedia into your presentation with the drag-and-drop feature. Although it doesn't offer many third-party resources, you can easily access company support.

8. LibreOffice Impress

Libre is a free and open-source presentation tool from the Impress office suite. It has various third-party tutorials and resources available with a sizeable community. It's also available offline and doesn't have a premium version.

9. Ludus

Ludus is a free online presentation software ideal for creatives. It allows you to integrate content from YouTube, DropBox, Vimeo, and GIPHY. It also offers great creative features such as font uploads, overlays, and colour blends. The app's main site contains tutorial videos on how to navigate it.

10. PowToon

PowToon is a free online presentation platform that allows you to create animated videos instead of text, slide-based presentations. It also offers impressive features and 100MB of storage to create a video of up to 180 seconds. In addition, the platform includes tutorials and support articles on the app to help you navigate it.

11. Speaker Deck

Speaker Deck is GitHub's free presentation tool. This platform doesn't allow slide authoring, so you can't create a new slide on this web application. Instead, it allows you to upload your prepared slides in PDF format. It then converts this PDF to a slideshow that you can share through a unique URL or as an embedded code on a website. For instance, you can use this program when you want to create a promotional slideshow for your website from a PDF.

12. Visme

Visme is a dynamic online presentation platform. It allows you to create presentations, add audio and video animations, and include charts, infographics, and social graphics. The platform provides up to 100MB of free storage, which you can use to create up to five projects.

13. WPS Presentation

WPS Presentation is a part of the WPS office suite. It allows you access to online resources, blogs, and support. In addition, it provides up to 1G of cloud-based storage on the free version, where you can connect up to three devices.

14. authorSTREAM

authorSTREAM is a presentation platform that may not allow you to author slides but offers presentation options. The platform allows you to convert a single PowerPoint presentation to a video. While there's a paid version, the free version offers online storage of up to 100 megabytes.

15. Genially

Genially focuses on slides with interactive content, allowing you to create normal slides, infographics, and other interactive projects. The platform provides options for extended and high-quality animations. Although the platform is easy to learn, it provides online tutorials and blogs for a more seamless experience.

16. Canva

Canva is a creative-based presentation tool that provides several customizable options. It offers custom themes, templates, styles, fonts, colours, and images. It also allows you to add multimedia to create engaging presentations.

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Tips for online presentations

Here are some tips to consider when making an online presentation are:

Use high-quality images and charts

Using high-quality images in your presentation slides helps keep your audience engaged. You can start by downloading your presentation images from internet sources with high-quality images. Consider the device you're using to prepare the presentation and if you're going to use the same device to project the presentation. Select images with the highest resolution so they maintain their quality when you project them onto other mediums.

Create bold section headings

Include a section heading in the presentation slides to help your audience identify what you're discussing in each slide. It also lets them know when you transition from one point or section to the other. As you progress from one slide to the next, ensure you use bold text and colour-code the section headings. You can also use interactive icons, such as arrows, to show that the section continues onto the next slide. Placing the section heading on the sidebars can help your audience see the connection you're making.

Include a table of contents

You can include a table of content of all the major section headings after the introduction slide. The summary table outlines what you plan to explain during the presentation, attracting the audience and holding their attention. Your table of contents may contain a brief overview of each section. You can also incorporate slide numbering so you can easily navigate to each section of the presentation.

Keep text minimal

While it's important to include every relevant information, limiting the amount of text can make the slides easier to read. Instead of typing out a long block of text in each slide, you can include the main point and elaborate on each of them verbally. Ensure you use keywords and consider including visual cues on each slide to help you remember the points you want to make.

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Make your presentation shareable

When making an online presentation, it's advisable to make your slides shareable. For example, you may share the slides in advance to help the audience understand your main message and prepare questions. Sharing your presentation slides also helps the audience reference the slides after the presentation.

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