Tips on Improving Business Online Presence (With Benefits)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 4, 2022

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Even with a physical store, potential customers typically search online to learn more about a company. Companies can give customers insight into the services they offer using several online platforms. Understanding how digital tools influence business development can guide you toward making strategic decisions on presenting a business digitally. In this article, we define online presence, outline its benefits, and share relevant tips that can help increase a business' presence online.

What is an online presence for businesses?

Online presence is a collection of content and activities of an individual or business you can find on the internet. For a business, this content includes social media accounts, blogs, websites, news, interactions, assets, and other information concerning the company. You can also call this virtual or digital presence. A business's virtual presence increases its visibility and can serve as a medium for communicating with both existing and potential customers. There are e-commerce companies that utilize the power of their virtual presence to provide services to customers.

Benefits of having a virtual presence

The following are benefits you can enjoy with a strong virtual presence:

Larger audience

Building a virtual presence allows you to reach a global audience. Internet users within and outside the business' vicinity can get relevant information about a company by checking their website and other online content. Customers can gain knowledge, such as the release of new products, upgrades, or special offers. In contrast to disseminating information offline or physically, you can use several practical online tools to reach a target audience in less time.

Ease of access

You can increase customer experience by providing access to relevant information like contact details, product information, and price lists. Including this information on online platforms can help potential customers reach the business office from the comfort of their homes. Providing customer service representatives to attend to customers' enquiries or complaints can also enhance customer experience.


Customers typically prefer engaging with businesses with a commanding virtual presence. This is because they may do a quick online search about a company to confirm its legitimacy. Finding content such as reviews, blog posts, or a professional website can help build their trust in the brand. This can positively influence their decisions to interact with the company and help increase conversion rates.

Brand building

A company's online profile is generally an essential aspect of brand building. Delivering on the promises on a business' page and website can help you create a good impression on customers. This can influence customers' perceptions of the brand.

Brand marketing

Numerous online marketing tools can help you create awareness for a business. Online platforms have cost-effective methods of sending information to a target audience. Satisfied customers can also share positive news about a brand with their network. You can also showcase a business's products and their value on online platforms through photos, testimonials from clients, or special offers. This can be an effective brand marketing strategy.

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Tips to help you improve a business's virtual presence

Best practices that can help you improve and sustain a business' presence online include:

Build a website

When researching a company, customers' first inclination is often to search its website to verify its credibility. It's also essential for businesses to have a website to share their goals, product information, and mission statement with potential customers. Customers can browse through the website to gather the information they want quickly. Keeping the website straightforward can facilitate easy navigation. You can increase the website's functionality by hiring an expert to build it and ensuring to update it regularly with new and engaging content.

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Optimize SEO practices

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it's the process of improving the position of web pages in organic search results. With SEO knowledge, you can improve a site's visibility when users search for a particular keyword. Effective SEO practices can help you improve a business' virtual presence. To increase a business page using SEO, you can create quality content using strategic keywords, optimize images, and build readable links. Research to find the most searched keyword in your industry. To establish a more substantial virtual presence, you can include this keyword in your website headlines.

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Highlight the company's culture

You can establish a company's missions and goals using different online platforms. This can help potential clients and employees get insight into essential aspects of the company, such as its working atmosphere and values. You can utilize online platforms like social media and websites to highlight this.

Utilize social media

Social media platforms are becoming essential to a business's virtual presence. Customers can freely interact with business representatives in this way. You can research your target audience to discover their most used social media channel. This can help you actively engage with your target audience. For example, if your target audience is between the ages of 14 to 30, you can engage with them using their preferred platform. You can also consider creating business pages on several social media channels.

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Stay active

The success of using online platforms to promote a business generally depends on your level of activity. Posting engaging content and constantly replying to comments and reviews can help you remain active. You can also try to include your content on sponsored websites, social media platforms, podcasts, or blog posts. This can help you attract your target audience from different platforms and channels.

Try online advertising

You can increase a business's virtual presence through paid advertising. There are various options you can try, including:

  • Search ads: With search ads, a business can rank high on SERP (search engine results page) and reach its target audience. You can get your search to rank high for a keyword to increase the chances of potential customers clicking on the page.

  • Social ads: This type of ad typically has higher engagement rates and reach, as you can leverage video ads. With social ads, you have more creative freedom and more robust targeting capabilities.

  • Display ads: You can advertise a business to a custom audience based on their behaviours, interest, and types of apps and websites they visit. Display ads provide more options for creativity, colour, and branding.

Build and maintain healthy relationships

You can increase a business's virtual presence by working with other people within your network. They can help you advertise the company in several ways. The following are ways different relationships can help you:

  • Existing customers may leave good reviews about the business and share content on their social media channels.

  • Reporters can write positive news and offer the business exposure on local media outlets.

  • Writers can help you create engaging content for the business page and website.

  • Business owners can share tips and recommendations on resources that help them succeed.

Try different marketing tools

There are various marketing tools with different functions you can utilize to increase a business's virtual presence. Research your target audience and discover practical marketing tools with which you can promote a business. You can also use these tools to track a website's traffic and review your digital marketing results. Depending on the results, you can decide to maintain or change your current marketing strategies.

Develop a content strategy

The primary purpose of maintaining a virtual presence is sharing quality content. The first step to creating a content strategy is identifying customers' needs and how the company can meet these needs. Creating informative content around these needs can increase a page's relevance. Providing customers with educational and valuable information can also help build their trust in the brand. You can use blog posts and social media to share articles, respond to enquiries, and provide infographic information. Scheduling posts can also be effective in ensuring you update customers frequently.

Create an email list

With email marketing, both existing and potential customers can opt to receive regular updates from the company. You can utilize various available online tools to increase productivity by creating and managing an email list. Ensure to use a compelling subject line to attract your readers' attention, as it's typically what they see first.

Collaborate with influencers

You can contact influencers whose interests align with the company's goals and form a collaboration. For example, a fashion company can collaborate with an influencer interested in beauty and fashion. They can share content about the company on their page and recommend its products to their followers. This can help increase a company's brand awareness and virtual presence.

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