10 Online Coding Courses to Develop Your Programming Skills

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 19, 2022

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If you have an interest in working in the information technology field, you can develop your programming skills by completing relevant online courses. These online courses are usually accessible, as you can complete them from any location and on any smart device. Learning about different online programming courses can help you choose a suitable learning platform with which you gain relevant knowledge and pursue career advancement. In this article, we discuss ten online coding courses and answer frequently asked questions about taking these courses.

10 online coding courses

Here are ten platforms where you can develop your skills by taking online coding courses:

1. Coursera

Coursera is a global online learning platform where you can take various courses. They have partnerships with over 200 leading universities and companies and aim to provide their users with affordable, flexible, and job-relevant learning. Coursera offers various coding courses and provides an efficient platform for gaining programming knowledge.

This platform features quizzes and performance tests to help you evaluate your progress. Many of these coding courses include specializations which help simplify the learning process. You can also interact with other learners on the platform and share ideas. While you may decide to pay for programs to earn certifications, there are also free introductory programming courses from different universities.

2. Udemy

Udemy is an efficient platform for developing your coding skills. They offer coding courses for both beginners and experts. This open online course provider arranges coursework into a series of lessons and modules that help facilitate easy understanding. You can view classes offline and listen to lectures using Udemy's app podcast mode. There are free programming courses you can take, and they provide access to relevant resources, such as videos.

3. Codeacademy

Codeacademy is a popular online platform where you can develop your coding skills. They offer free coding courses in 12 different programming languages, including python. The online learning site also offers a paid pro option that enables learners to access personalized learning plans, realistic projects, and quizzes. The educational company provides learners with the necessary tools and resources they require to develop their skills. They offer a structured curriculum and coding quizzes that can help you evaluate your performance.

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4. Lighthouse labs

Lighthouse Labs is an online tech education company that offers 12-week bootcamps to learners. They teach data science and web development. The company also offers an annual free learn-to-code event. They have programs for both beginners and professionals. This company presents learners with coding challenges that can help them accelerate their learning and understanding of core coding concepts. They also provide practical knowledge and assist with software development. Learning with Lighthouse labs also provides access to mentors from diverse backgrounds who can provide both online and in-person support.

5. GitHub

GitHub provides internet hosting for software development, version control, and collaborations. It enables you to work together with others on diverse coding projects. The platform provides tutorials on the basic flow of managing branches, creating a repository, making changes, and merging the changes via pull request. You can find open-source programs on GitHub, clone them, and use them to practice.

The platform provides access to different projects and documentation with which you can develop your skills. You may create a project with a different language or use the original language to make modifications and adjustments. It's also possible to explore bugs and errors on projects in an attempt to solve them.

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6. MIT OpenCourseWare

The MIT OpenCourseWare is an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) university to provide access to all their undergraduate and graduate-level educational materials. They upload these resources online, make them free, and provide accessibility to everyone. The objective of creating this platform is to enhance human learning by making available a web of knowledge. The resources MIT OpenCourseWare include free lecture notes, videos, and exams from the school. You can access these resources on the platform's official website, and there are over 2000 courses available on the website.

7. EdX

EdX is a non-profit, open online course provider that offers free online courses from top schools. Harvard and MIT created this open online course (MOOC) provider to help people develop their skills and gain relevant knowledge. A MOOC is a free online course with an unlimited number of participants. EdX currently includes about 53 schools. This platform provides access to several free coding courses from these standard universities and institutions. The courses on this platform are free, but you may also consider earning a certification. This can help with career advancement.

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8. Code Avengers

Code avengers provide a platform for teaching and learning several coding languages. There are fun and interactive lessons for kids between the ages of five to 14. This is useful for school teachers or guardians who want to teach their wards the basics of programming. Code Avengers also offer bootcamps for people who intend to learn to code professionally and for creators above 15 years of age.

They make their courses available in different languages, and they cover lessons on using languages, such as python and C++. Code Avengers provides built-in tools for checking and correcting your codes, testing your knowledge, and evaluating your progress.

9. Stack overflow

Stack Overflow is a website where programmers can interact constructively with each other. This website is useful for professional and enthusiastic programmers as it features questions and answers to a diverse range of topics in coding and computer programming. This website aims to build an online library with high-quality and detailed answers to questions relating to programming.

You can gain relevant knowledge on this platform and develop your programming skills, as you can expect answers from members. There are tags with which you can find interesting questions and answers. You can also post answers to questions on the platform. Your post improves when people vote on it.

10. Khan academy

Khan academy is a non-profit educational organization whose goal is to create online tools that can help educate learners. They offer their lessons in the form of short videos. There are several courses on different programming languages. The academy offers instructional videos, practical exercises, and a personalized learning dashboard. This facilitates self-study and enables you to study at your pace. On this platform, you can learn how to program animations, drawings, and games using JavaScript. Khan Academy has an initiative, Hour of code, that encourages learners to spend an hour learning about computer programming and computer science.

FAQs concerning online programming courses

You can review the following questions and answers relating to online programming courses to ease your understanding:

How do you register for online programming courses?

The registration process typically varies depending on the platform. Platforms such as Udemy require you to create an account by signing up with your e-mail address and password. To do this, you can search for their official websites or download their app. You can then proceed to search for the programming course or filter the course based on category or topic. Enrolling in the course gives you access to the course materials.

Platforms like the MIT OpenCourseWare require no registration. You can open their website and browse courses according to the department or search for a course using the advanced search.

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What's the duration of an online programming course?

Online coding course duration varies depending on the platform. If you're attending an online bootcamp, the duration may range from days to months. For platforms such as Udemy, there is generally no stipulated duration and you can learn at your own pace. Coursera generally divides its lessons into weeks and expects learners to review the available resources within the time frame. They also provide options for extending lessons to accommodate extra time. Platforms like Stack overflow are just websites for you to ask and answer questions and don't necessarily have durations.

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Can you apply for a job with an online programming certification?

An online programming course may present learners with a certification after the lessons. There are generally several employment opportunities in the coding career path. Taking an online programming course may increase your employment chances. Some organizations recognize online coding certifications, while others don't. You can research your intended company to discover if they accept online certifications or not. Regardless of your research findings, you can take online coding courses to develop your programming skills and gain relevant knowledge.

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