10 Marketing Certifications to Help Advance Your Career

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Published April 26, 2022

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As a marketer, gaining experience promoting products or services can help you succeed. Earning a certification can also be an effective way to validate your marketing expertise or start a specialization. Because there are many certifications for marketers, reviewing valuable options can help you identify one that can help improve your career. In this article, we discuss why you might consider marketing certifications, outline 10 certifications to explore, present tips to become a certified marketing professional, and answer frequently asked questions about these credentials.

Why consider marketing certifications?

You can consider marketing certifications if you want to learn new promotional strategies or start a marketing career. Getting these credentials can also help you become more competitive and employable. For example, hiring managers may appreciate your commitment to learning marketing techniques and staying updated with the best promotional practices.

Consider why a marketing credential is essential and confirm that your preferred certification can help you fulfill this reason. For example, if you want to expand your advertising knowledge, you can consider a qualification focused on advertising. Similarly, if you want to learn content marketing solutions, you can choose related certifications.

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10 marketing certifications to explore

Here's a list of certifications that can help you become a more valuable marketing professional:

1. Microsoft Advertising Professional certification

This free certification can help increase your advertising proficiency and ad campaigns. There's a study guide to help you prepare for the certification exam, which has an unlimited duration. This means you can pause and resume the exam whenever it's convenient. Upon completion, Microsoft offers a professional badge and a digital certification shareable with your network. You also receive inclusion in the membership directory, which potential employers can use to confirm your certification status.

2. Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant Associate certification

This paid certification can help demonstrate your marketing expertise and ability to use Microsoft Dynamics 365, a business applications platform. This certification typically requires you to take two examinations evaluating your ability to configure marketing applications, create marketing emails, manage leads, and organize marketing forms. Experience implementing marketing initiatives, such as campaigns and customer journeys, can enhance your likelihood of success.

3. Facebook Planning Professional certification

This certification can help validate your ability to plan successful campaigns, target a specific audience, and maximize your marketing reach. It can also outline your ability to implement planning strategies, select and use advertising objectives, and measure marketing strategies. Facebook provides a list of courses you can use to prepare for the certification exam, which typically lasts for 75 minutes. You can complement the study resources by gaining at least six months of experience as a Facebook digital advertiser.

4. Hootsuite Social Marketing certification

This paid certification can help validate your social marketing skills to grow followers, engagement, and business results. Earning the Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification typically requires you to pass a 60-question exam, testing your knowledge of social media marketing. There are training videos that cover topics, such as creating a social media strategy. The passing grade for this certification exam is 80%, and you can expect a digital certification upon completion.

5. Hubspot Content Marketing certification

The Hubspot Content Marketing certification may suit marketers, content producers, and inbound professionals. This certification can help you learn a content creation framework for producing effective content regularly. You can also expect lessons on creating content for search engines and tips to become a more strategic content marketer. The Hubspot Content Marketing certification typically includes various resources, including 11 quizzes, 54-course videos, and 12 lessons.

6. Digital Marketing Institute Digital Marketing Professional certification

This certification is typically suitable for individuals looking to learn digital marketing. It contains 10 courses on content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, website optimization, and display advertising. Because this certification covers many marketing types, mid-level and senior marketers may also find it useful.

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7. GetResponse Digital Marketing certification

Earning a digital marketing certification from GetResponse can be another way to showcase your marketing expertise. Taught by 14 digital marketers, this certification covers email marketing, marketing automation, landing page and conversion optimization, and content marketing. GetResponse also offers a community of certified professionals where you can build your network and share ideas. If you're looking for certification with multiple modules in a course, you can consider the GetResponse Digital Marketing certification.

8. Hubspot Inbound Marketing certification

The Hubspot Inbound Marketing certification is typically for inbound professionals and marketers. It contains seven lessons, 24 videos, and seven quizzes to expand your inbound marketing knowledge and skills. By pursuing this certification, you can demonstrate your ability to create content that educates prospects and offer relevant content to existing and potential customers. You can also expect to learn to improve marketing processes using automation strategies and artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

9. OMCP Digital Marketing Certification

The Online Marketing Certified Professional also offers certifications to verify your marketing experience, training, knowledge. Earning one can help you operate more efficiently and potentially increase your pay. Verifying your eligibility for this certification is typically the first step. It often requires 5,000 hours of experience in print, copywriting, or advertising. Alternatively, you can qualify with a post-secondary school degree and 2,000 hours of experience. Then, you can take the OMCP exam, comprising two specialties.

10. Content Marketing Institute Online certification

The Content Marketing Institute is an organization that can help improve your marketing skills. Its online certification covers various topics, including marketing planning, channels, processes, conversations, and measurements. If you subscribe to the program, you can typically access all study materials and prepare for the certification within a year.

Tips to become a certified marketing professional

You can use the following tips when working toward earning a marketing certification:

Consider studying in groups

If you have friends, colleagues, or family members preparing for similar certifications, you can consider studying with them. Doing this can provide new perspectives on the study material and help reinforce your learning. You may also organize practice questions for each certification and share ideas on succeeding in certification exams and quizzes.

Practise marketing a product or service

Marketing credentials typically evaluate your ability to promote a product or service. To increase your chances of success, you can choose a product or service and market it to your network. For example, suppose you're preparing for a content marketing certification. You can create articles and blog posts to practise theoretical concepts and evaluate your learning. Similarly, you may advertise a product to your study group to become a certified advertising professional.

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Consider professional organizations

Joining professional organizations can help you find a community of marketers to support your goals. You may also identify study groups within these organizations. For example, you can consider the Canadian Marketing Association to network with marketers looking to improve their skills and become more employable. These organizations may also provide additional learning opportunities, such as certificates from workshops or seminars.

FAQs about marketing credentials

Here are helpful answers to common questions certifications for marketing professionals:

What is the difference between a marketing certificate and a marketing certification?

While marketing certificates and certifications can both benefit your career, they differ in their scope. A marketing certificate is typically the qualification you receive after an educational process. In comparison, a marketing certification is a qualification you receive after an assessment process. While a certificate often shows completion of a course, a certification generally indicates competency in marketing or its types.

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Is marketing the same as advertising?

Marketing and advertising are different concepts. Marketing is the process of identifying customer needs and determining how best to meet them. It involves researching opportunities to reach audiences for products, services, and brands. Marketing can help inform design processes and product creation. In comparison, advertising is the practice of promoting products or services through paid channels. It typically involves developing messages to persuade a target audience to act. Advertising is a component of marketing.

Is a marketing certificate more valuable than a marketing degree?

A bachelor's degree in marketing is another qualification to explore. Earning one can help you gain comprehensive lessons on marketing concepts and business topics, such as accounting, finance, and management. If you recently finished high school and want to start a marketing career, you can consider a university degree program. Certifications are typically available for all experience levels.

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