How To Write an Email for Interview Request

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated October 19, 2022 | Published June 21, 2021

Updated October 19, 2022

Published June 21, 2021

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If you're looking to fill job vacancies with the best candidates available, then inviting them for an interview is the first step towards achieving that goal. A good interview invitation email helps you generate interest in your organization and engage the right candidates. Knowing how to write it properly is crucial to your organization's goals regarding having the best personnel and conducting an efficient interview. In this article, we talk about the key components that an interview invitation email must contain while highlighting some key tips for writing an excellent one.

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What should an email for interview request contain?

An excellent email for an interview request must contain the following:

1. Explanatory subject line

A proper email for an interview request must have a subject line that indicates the purpose of that email clearly. The subject line should read that the email is for an interview at the named company or organization to make the purpose clear to the recipient. Including an explanatory subject line boosts the likelihood of the email being opened. It will also increase your chances of attracting the best talent to your organization as they are getting a lot of emails from other top companies as well.

2. Concise introduction

The first thing your potential candidate must see after clicking on the email is a brief but comprehensive introductory statement. The statement must clearly give them a lot of information about the purpose of the email. A concise introduction prepares the candidate for any other information you might have for them.

3. Job specifications

You must include the specifications of the role you're interviewing candidates for in the email. Including job specifications in the request makes sure that there are no misunderstandings about the interview with the candidate.

Also, it is a means of ensuring that you attract the right and top talent who are likely applying for multiple open roles at different companies. Including the job specifications like the position they are being interviewed for, the company, and other job specifics gives the candidate key information to get their attention.

4. Type of interview

Ensuring that the candidates know the type of interview is going to save both time and resources. You must further provide a more specific information about the interview to the candidates in terms of how you or your organization intends for the interview process to go.

Mostly, the type of interview includes in-person, video conferences, over-the-phone, and part of a group interview types. Whichever one you choose, inform the candidates ahead of time in your email to ensure that they can prepare for that type of interview.

5. Time and location of the interview

This is as important as holding the interview in the first place. Communicating the time and location of the interview ensures that the candidates do not have any misunderstandings. The time of the interview should also be indicated in the appropriate time zone. Doing this helps other candidates from other parts of the world plan accordingly. Although, this mostly applies to interviews to be held over video calls and conferences for remote jobs.

If you are conducting the interview at an office, café, or another physical location, clearly state the address next to the time. You can also include a hyperlink to the location on Google Maps to ensure candidates can find it more easily. If you're conducting the meeting via videoconference, include the link to the meeting room in place of the address.

6. Expected interview duration

You must be able to estimate how long the interview will last and indicate it appropriately in the email. This is polite and allows the candidate to plan their schedule around the meeting accordingly. Including the expected interview duration is also important for ensuring time management during the interview.

7. Required documents

If you require the candidates to come to the interview with certain documents, clearly include this in the email for interview request. You may request the candidate bring extra copies of their resume, a list of references, a completed application, or any other documents to the interview. Doing this saves time, boosts efficiency, and ensures that candidates have no excuses for certain omissions.

8. The dress code

If your company has strict policies about dress codes, mention it in the email to help your potential employees make a more informed decision about what to wear.

These days, most organizations have their dress code deeply rooted in their organizational culture. You must make the candidates aware of this so that they can dress accordingly. Most candidates use organizational culture as a criterion when searching for a new job. This improves the flow of the conversation during the interview because the candidate can feel confident knowing they're wearing what they are supposed to wear. They can then focus on their responses and highlighting their skill set and expertise during the interview.

9. Request for confirmation

You must include a means in which the candidate can accept or reject the invitation to interview in your email for interview request. This plays a crucial role in planning for the interview because you can schedule your time effectively. You can add a link to an online scheduling tool or simply request they reply to the email accepting or declining the invitation.

10. Company logo

After including all essential information about the interview in the email, you need to end it with the official logo of your company or organization. This reduces the chance of them thinking the email is spam. It also gives them the chance to conduct research before the interview and reminds them of which specific role they applied for during their search.

Apart from this, any other forms of official authentication like an electronic signature of the hiring manager and other high-profile executive in the company can also be used. The email must also contain your company logo and the office from which you are operating. It authenticates the legitimacy of the email. Including the company logo at the end of the email is one of the most perfect ways for ending an email. It authenticates the information in that email.

Tips for writing an excellent email for interview request

These tips ensure you achieve your goal of informing the candidates properly about all essential information. They'll also help you come across as a thoughtful and compassionate employer. Keep the following tips in mind when writing your email:

Keep it short

An email for interview request is a formal piece of writing. Therefore, ensure your writing contains only the most essential information. The email must be clear and concise. Reduce the word count as much as possible, limiting the email to only important details about the interview.

Describe the sequence of events

Describing the sequence of events the candidate can expect saves both parties time, boosts efficiency, and projects you and your company as well-organized.

You must inform the candidates about the unique proceedings of the interview process. For instance, if the interview includes specific elements, like a language test, explain this in the email. This gives the candidate ample time to prepare. Finally, it ensures that the candidates know what to do at every point in the interview process.

Highlight areas of focus

Your email should highlight some of the key qualities you're looking for in a candidate. This will help attract only interested candidates. Consequently, it saves you the challenge of having to review many candidates who don't match your requirements. An appropriate email for an interview request will ensure there is a mutual understanding of what to be expected in the interview by both the candidate and the interviewer, which ensures that all parties understand what the open position entails.

Incorporate the brand identity

An email for interview request signifies the beginning of a working relationship between the candidate and the company. It's the perfect avenue to present the brand identity and company's corporate culture to the candidates with a sound attention to details.

Therefore, the format of the email must reflect that brand identity. The candidate should be able to tell what would appeal to your organization by observing how you wrote the email. You can express your brand identity through your writing style, whether friendly, professional, or technical.

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