How to Hire a Branding Consultant in 6 Steps (With Tips)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published July 6, 2022

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A branding consultant is a professional who helps companies build a reputation and consistent personality. These professionals create strategies to help companies relate to their target audience and use a consistent voice throughout all their marketing materials. If you're a marketing or business professional, you might collaborate with a brand consultant. In this article, we explain how to hire a branding consultant, discuss what these professionals do, list the common skills they share, and offer tips to help you in the hiring process.

How to hire a branding consultant

If you're responsible for establishing the brand for the company for which you work, it's helpful to learn how to hire a branding consultant. Here are some steps you can take to hire a branding professional:

1. Understand your brand goals

To find a brand consultant, it's important to understand the branding goals of the company for which you work. A company's brand is often a combination of multiple factors, such as its values, voice, and customer base. Consider what type of brand the company could benefit from. Having a consistent brand is often important for earning brand recognition and may help the company gain more loyal customers.

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2. Conduct research

After you have a clear vision for the brand of the company, begin researching to discover which other companies hire brand consultants. Asking professional contacts within your network if they have experience with a branding consultant can help you find a professional and influence other factors, such as your budget.

It may also be helpful to research companies that have a similar brand. Recognizing the steps these companies take to maintain their brand, such as publishing a blog or replying to customers on social media accounts, can help you determine what you might request from the branding consultant.

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3. Set a budget

Determine how much you can budget for branding. A branding consultant may use this to give recommendations and develop a branding campaign. Consider what it may cost for logo design, social media management, and other aspects of establishing a company brand that the consultant may create a plan to accomplish. In your budget, you can also include the salary of a branding consultant.

4. Create a job posting

To attract consultants to the role, post the job opening. You can create a job posting on job boards, professional networking websites, and the company careers page. When creating a job posting include information, such as:

  • Job title

  • Consulting job duties

  • Experience the company prefers

  • Benefits you can offer the consultant

  • Compenasation

  • Employment length

You can also include information about the company, the work environment, and its mission to attract candidates with similar values.

5. Interview consultants

When hiring a consultant, try to interview several candidates to help find the best fit for the role. It's important to have a strong understanding of company needs and requirements for the role, so you can develop questions that assess the candidate's abilities and ensure they're a perfect match for the position. Here are some questions you may ask during a branding consultant interview:

  • Why do you want to consult for this company?

  • Can you provide examples of your proven ability to establish and grow brands?

  • Explain what brand management is, and why it's important.

6. Extend a job offer

When you find a consultant you feel is most talented, can work within your budget, and understand your brand, you can extend a job offer to them. A job offer includes the details of employment, such as the salary, benefits, and job responsibilities. You can include the start date and the name of the professional to which the consultant reports.

The candidate may negotiate different terms for employment, and it's important to be flexible and compromise where possible to obtain the top talent for the company.

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What does a brand consultant do?

A brand consultant is a marketing professional who provides expertise to companies trying to grow and manage their brand. Knowing the job duties of a brand consultant is useful in learning how to hire one because this can help set expectations for the role. Brand consultants analyze a company, its market, and its competitors to evaluate the current status of the brand. They can then make recommendations on how to establish or grow your brand within the market. Brand consultants can also help develop marketing strategies and content that makes the brand more recognizable.

The individual goals of a company in regard to its branding can determine the responsibilities you give your branding consultant. For example, imagine the goal is to grow the brand, but the company doesn't use social media accounts. Creating and developing a social media strategy may be a task a consultant can handle.

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Branding consultant skills

Branding consultants require a variety of hard and soft skills to be successful. By clarifying what these skills are, you can better define the position you're hiring for and be able to hire a candidate with the right abilities. Here are skills a branding consultant may use:

Market research

The ability to perform market research involves gathering data on consumers, the market for a company's products, and competitors. Branding consultants use social listening tools to find information about consumer behaviours and collect data on the performance of both competitors and the company for which they consult. Market research skills also involve analyzing data and using it to make suggestions for solutions or improvements.


Communication is the ability to convey meaning and ideas through written, spoken, or nonverbal language. Marketing professionals require this ability, since the goal of their role is to share ideas and make connections with consumers. Branding consultants need strong communication skills to share their recommendations with a client. Their communicative abilities also help find ways to connect with a company's target audience and develop marketing strategies to convey the ideals of a company when establishing or growing their brand.

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Graphic design

Graphic design is a skill to create visuals and communicate through them. A strong understanding of aesthetics is important to graphic designing skills. Branding consultants can use this ability to guide the content creation for branding, including logos, infographics, images, and videos a company may use to manage their brand.

Social media

Social media is a valuable tool for branding, so a brand consultant may need the ability to mange social media accounts and interpret social media trends. This skill involves understanding how each platform works, knowing the type of content that performs best, and being able to grow the amount of followers and interactions for each account. When hiring a branding consultant, this skill may be a priority. The branding consultant may create a content calendar or strategy to help grow the brand.

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management refers to the ability to interact with and connect to consumers. Brand consultants can use these skills to help the company navigate new and existing customer relationships. This is often an important element of establishing a company brand, so hiring a consultant with this skill is helpful.

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Strategy describes the ability to create and implement a plan to achieve a specific goal. Hiring a brand consultant can help you company discover a brand strategy. The brand consultant can use their problem-solving and planning skills to pitch a strategy they feel fits the company.

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Tips for hiring a brand consultant

Here are some additional tips to help you in the process of hiring a brand consultant:

Ensure they understand your target audience

It's helpful to hire a professional who demonstrates an understanding of the audience you want to reach. This can help them create a more relevant strategy for brand recognition. Consider asking interview questions that can help you determine whether the candidate can meet this qualification.

Notice their active listening skills

It's helpful for brand consultants to have great presentation skills, but it's also often important for them to listen more than they speak. Hiring a consultant with strong active listening skills can help ensure that they can create a strategy that suits the company's needs and aspirations.

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Ask for references

Ask candidates to provide references for their work. This can give you the opportunity to communicate with their previous clients and learn more about their professional personality and qualities. You might ask for references as part of the application process, or request references during the interview. Consider creating a list of questions to ask the references to ensure you keep a standard practice for all candidates you interview.

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