Top Tips on How to Find Employees

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published January 3, 2022

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As a hiring manager, one of your main duties is recruiting new employees for the organization where you work. Choosing quality hires is critical to the organization's ongoing success, and it's vital to find employees with the exact skills and qualities you've outlined for each role. Learning how to find employees can help you use the best tools to locate the best employees for the job. In this article, we discuss the importance of knowing how to find employees, highlight top tips to find employees, and discuss seeking employees via offline methods.

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Importance of knowing how to find employees

Knowing how to find employees is crucial to ensuring that a company runs as efficiently as possible. Along with employee training and retention, quality recruiting is one of the critical activities within a business that serves to develop staff quality. As a hiring manager, it's your responsibility to ensure that staff has individuals capable of meeting increased productivity levels and profitability by locating the top applicants for an open position.

Top tips for finding employees

Here are some tips to find high-quality employees:

Consider using social media platforms

Social media can be an excellent tool for recruitment. You can share job posts with your whole network through social recruitment, which encourages a two-way conversation. Even if the people you contact aren't interested in the position you're looking to fill, they're likely to know someone who is. Also, you provide potential applicants with some insight into the company culture by uploading photographs and videos from company events, your workspace, and day-to-day office life that connect with the company brand.

Develop a referral scheme for employees

Excellent individuals usually surround themselves with other skilled individuals. While many employees may already share available positions with eligible contacts in their networks, a well-designed employee referral program can inspire even more of them to suggest the best talent they know. Consider offering rewards and contests as incentives for referrals to increase interest in the program.

Help employees become brand ambassadors

When an employee loves their workplace, they naturally fall into the role of an advocate. They may tell friends and family about their great experiences and are often the first to share open positions with their network. Employers can fuel this behaviour by creating a voluntary brand ambassador program where passionate employees represent the company at various events and earn special rewards. You can pair this with an employee referral program that rewards staff who help you find job prospects. Rewards can range anywhere from a gift card to a popular lunch spot to a small bonus.

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Develop appealing job descriptions

One of the most critical aspects of the hiring process is writing an interesting and comprehensive job description. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Make the titles as clear as possible. The more precise your title, the more likely you are to attract the interest of the most qualified and interested job candidates.

  • Begin with a compelling summary. Provide a summary that captures the attention of prospective seekers' interest in the position and the organization.

  • Include the necessities. Write the main responsibilities, hard and soft skills, and day-to-day tasks, and also how the position fits within the company.

  • Emphasize the corporate culture. Take advantage of the opportunity to highlight your beliefs and culture. A lot of job seekers feel it's very vital to see specifics about your work culture.

Consider using sponsored jobs to set yourself apart

Because many websites receive thousands of job postings every day, your job listing's visibility may diminish with time. A sponsored job is one of the easiest methods to ensure that your job advertisement continues to get noticed. These premium advertisements can display more frequently in any relevant search results, and unlike free job listings, their placement may not slide back in search results over time, resulting in more high-quality candidates.

Create a database of potential candidates

Sometimes you may get an excellent resume from a great job candidate, but it's not the right fit for the position you're looking to fill. Rather than discarding the resume, keep these high-quality applications in case they become useful later.

In these cases, a job candidate database proves useful. You can keep and store resumes from strong job candidates in the database for future reference in case a job vacancy that is better suited to the application becomes available. You may specify and connect keywords to each candidate's resume in a job candidate database, making it quick and easy to find candidates with the abilities or qualifications for every available employment post.

Consider previous candidates

Whenever you want to hire for a position, there are usually a few good prospects that may not meet the expectations because of timing or other circumstances. Try to consider re-visiting the resumes of previous candidates while you're searching for a comparable position. These individuals are already familiar with the organization and may have acquired new skills and expertise since your last interaction.

Consider including peers in the interview process

An individual who works in the same or a similar capacity may be suitable to interview a candidate. This person already knows what it takes to succeed in the work and can find out whether applicants have the abilities and experience. Current employees can also provide a realistic picture of daily experiences, which can help applicants better grasp what to expect if you hire them.

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Treat job applicants like customers

A candidate's first impression of the organization is crucial, whether it's through a phone screening, video interview, or in-person interview. It's critical to make them feel as if you're as eager to learn about them as they are to be considered for the role. Treating interviews as you may treat your clients is one of the most effective recruiting tactics. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Be considerate of their time. Always be on time, whether it's for a phone conversation, video conference, or in-person meeting. If you're going to be late, notify the candidate as soon as possible.

  • Be welcoming. When a candidate shows up for an onsite interview, ask if they'd like anything to drink and direct them to the restrooms. Make them feel at ease and welcome.

  • Try to be available. Provide your contact information to potential candidates so they can contact you with questions during the hiring process.

Broadcast your benefits and perks

If the company has any particularly appealing benefits or perks, publicize them. Competitive pay, flexible hours, generous paid time off, remote work opportunities, or free meals are all great perks. If you have any other particularly enticing benefits or perks, make them known. These kinds of details attract the curiosity of job seekers, and any additions help attract top talent and encourage them to apply.

Make a list of your benefits on the Company Page and include it in your job postings. Benefits and bonuses assist the company to retain staff, besides attracting skilled candidates. Examining and publicizing the quality of the company's benefits and perks is an excellent place to start if you're wondering how to discover an employee best suited for your corporation.

Seeking employees via offline methods

In the midst of all the job listing options online, it's easy to forget the more traditional, offline methods for how to find an employee. Here are some strategies to seek employees offline:

Post help wanted signs

A help wanted sign is a type of in-person recruiting that, when combined with online recruiting, can significantly boost your chances of finding qualified applicants for the company. These signs can help attract foot traffic, returning customers, or other potential job applicants. You can place your sign outside the business or on employment bulletin boards in public areas such as a university common area or an office building lobby.

Take note of talent everywhere

Opportunities for identifying potential new employees are abundant. From professional conferences and networking events to dinner parties and coffee runs. There may be an individual who is at least willing to talk about new job prospects. If you're hiring for a customer service position, for example, search for candidates who have had memorable customer service experiences.

Visit the universities in your area

Collaboration with local schools and universities is another wonderful way to meet qualified new talent trying to find new employees. Attend career fairs on campus and volunteer to speak about the company in relevant classes or clubs. You may involve students as they begin their post-graduation employment hunt, besides securing a consistent flow of interns.

For new hires, college and university graduates are excellent choices. They make up for their lack of real-world experience with recent education and motivation for learning. You can enhance your chances of hiring college graduates by advertising open opportunities at local institutions. This can even save the company money because recent graduates are typically less expensive to hire than more experienced personnel.

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