17 Examples of How To Decorate Your Office and the Benefits

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published September 7, 2021

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If you work in an office, chances are it's the space you spend most of your time in during the week, apart from home. Whether your workspace is a private home office or shared with colleagues, you want your surrounding space to be comfortable and pleasant. Knowing how to make the most of your office with practical, aesthetic, and unique touches can transform your everyday space for the better. In this article, we explain the benefits of decorating your workspace and list 18 of the best tips for how to decorate your office.

Why should you decorate your office?

If you share an office with other coworkers, decorating your personal workspace is the best way to display your personality, achievements, and personal style. If you work remotely, there are also benefits to putting thought into how you decorate your office and making it feel more comfortable. In both situations, well-thought-out decorations can increase your overall productivity and focus, and improve your job satisfaction.

How to decorate your office

See these 17 tips to provide some inspiration for how to decorate your office and make the most of your workspace:

1. Let nature in

One way you can bring style to your workplace is with plant life. Introducing living plants to your office adds a sense of energy and freshness. Plants can also bring with them pleasing aromas and add oxygen to the air. Flowering plants also add colour to your environment.

2. Consider comfort

Try adding a blanket or throw pillow to your workspace to increase the comfort. Creating a cozy area to work in makes you feel more at home and increases productivity. Anything you can do to make yourself more comfortable in your workplace helps you stay focused on tasks.

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3. Choose a colour palate

An easy way to make your office more aesthetic is to stick to a simple yet appealing colour palate. Look up colours that work well together and seek out decorative items that complement that palate. You can even customize items around that palate by painting them to suit.

4. Add a small library

Keeping a collection of books in your office is another way to personalize your space. It also means you can have books that help you at work close at hand. Of course, you can even fill your library with books you enjoy reading during those quiet lunch breaks.

5. Use aroma

An often overlooked element of decoration is aroma. A cute air freshener or an essential oil diffuser can make your work area not only look nice, but smell good too. Choose scents that aren't too overpowering, as it can affect your colleague's workspace as well.

6. Optimize lighting

Decorating your workspace is not only about what you can see, but how well you can see it. Paying attention to the lighting around your office is essential in curating a functional space. Ample light to read with is essential, but you can consider softer lighting to be easier on your eyes and create a warmer atmosphere. You can also enhance your desk with feature lights such as trendy lamps or use smart lightbulbs with varying brightness and colour.

7. Find decoration with motivational messages

Posters, calendars, and framed images with motivational or inspirational messages can remind us of our goals. Find messages that resonate with you and remind you of your core values. This is also an opportunity to exhibit your personality in the office.

8. Evaluate your storage options

One way that you can keep clutter off your desk is to maximize your storage. Having a well-organized workspace is easy when you have an allocated space for everything you need. These can be boxes, bags, or shelves. Any time you can find a place for the items you use every day is an opportunity to keep your workspace organized.

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9. Integrate a bulletin board

When you need documents or information to be organized yet visible, the best solution for this is to have a neat organization system, such as a cork or magnet board. These are the best places to put documents you need to reference often or to pin up login information, instructions, reminders, or contacts. A whiteboard that you can use magnets on is useful for writing easily erasable notes on, and you can also pin documents to it. These are useful in jobs like customer service or logistics.

10. Add personal touches

Don't be afraid to let your own personality shine in the office. It's common to decorate your workspace with pictures of your family, friends, or pets. Include representations of your hobbies and interests in your work environment. Any sports teams you support, pride flags that represent you, art you or your family members have made, or music you love are all personal touches you can bring into your workspace. If you're passionate about collecting anything, you can showcase those items here too.

These touches represent your interests and what's important to you, and make great conversation-starters when getting to know new colleagues. Making your office unique to you not only helps your coworkers understand more about who you are, but gives you a greater sense of ownership over your work environment. This increases productivity and gives you a greater sense of belonging in a company.

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11. Bring in coffee and tea accessories

Coffee and tea are essential for many employees, and having a hot drink at your desk can keep you motivated and refreshed. This presents an opportunity for decoration in your own work environment. If you have a favourite method for brewing coffee, or particular roast you prefer, bring it to the office to enjoy. Similarly, if you have a favourite teapot at home, keep it at your desk and have your tea just how you like it while adding an aesthetic touch.

12. Hang a calendar

Calendars are useful in the office for planning, but because they are so often made with a range of themes, they offer yet another opportunity to decorate with a practical tool. Think about the colour scheme you've established or find a themed calendar that represents some of your interests or hobbies. You can find quality calendars with virtually any theme, including scenic imagery, TV series, sports, animals, or office-appropriate cartoons. You can also consider making your own calendar, as many online tools allow you to import your own images and print functional calendars for your workspace.

13. Display your achievements

Show off your professional and educational background by displaying any certificates, qualifications, and other achievements you've gained over your career. If you've ever received a trophy for your work achievements, it's commonplace to display these in your office. This gives colleagues or visitors a view into your past successes and shows off your career highlights. Similarly, if you have any relevant degrees essential to your job field, displaying those certificates shows others where and when you gained your qualifications.

14. Represent your brand

It's commonplace for companies to supply their employees with branded items. These are most often stationery items, like pens and notepads, but can also be other merchandise like hats or posters. You can decorate your workspace with these branded items to show your support for the brands and clients you work with, or pride for your own company.

15. Add mirrors

Adding mirrors to any space is a great way to make them seem bigger and brighter. Even a small mirror in an office can make the space feel expanded and add a contemporary look to plain areas. Put some thought into how you place your mirror, and avoid placing it in such a way that may distract you from your own reflection. Try to angle the mirror so that incoming light reflects around your immediate space, but also make sure any light reflections won't distract or blind your coworkers.

16. Find unique furniture

For those who have larger offices or often use shared spaces, a unique array of furniture can add a homely and personal touch. An easy and affordable way to do this is to look in secondhand furniture shops for mismatched furniture with character. If that doesn't fit the tone of your office, try to find chairs, coffee tables, and lamps in furniture stores that give your space a personalized touch that matches your company's brand.

If, however, you can only decorate a desk space, you can still use these same approaches. You can buy secondhand furniture such as small shelves, unique clocks, lamps, and even vintage boxes to place under your screen. If you need a more contemporary look, you can find all the same items from modern furniture stores, office supply stores, and department stores.

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17. Use decorative trash cans

An often overlooked opportunity to decorate is the trash can. Most desks have a small trash can for discarding documents or other trash, but these do not have to be generic or boring. Visiting antique stores is an easy way to find trash cans with a vintage appeal. You can even use items that weren't designed to be trash cans, such as quirky buckets, which also make your workspace more unique and interesting.

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