How to Add Links on an Instagram Story (With Tips)

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Published April 25, 2022

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If you work as a social media strategist for a company or an independent content creator, it may be beneficial for you to add links to your stories on Instagram. Adding links to your Instagram story may help you direct your followers to the page where they can purchase the products or the businesses' website. Understanding how to add links on an Instagram story can help you increase engagements on the business page and make the purchasing process more efficient.

In this article, we discuss what Instagram links are, explain the process of adding them to your story, highlight reasons why you may add them, and provide helpful tips for using Instagram for business.

What are Instagram links?

Instagram links are stickers users add to their stories that direct their followers or other viewers to an external site. Instagram links have become an essential tool for social media marketing because it simplifies the process for customers to access business sites and easily purchase the products they want.

As you can only add these links to your stories and not permanent posts, they disappear after 24 hours. Using Instagram links can help improve your account analytics and follower engagements, translating to more affiliate opportunities to promote products for different brands as an independent contractor. As a marketing employee, this feature helps drive up sales for the business and improve profits.

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How to add links on an Instagram story

Follow these steps for how to add links on an Instagram story:

1. Open the app and create new content

Open the Instagram app and click on the plus sign on the top right side of your screen. Clicking the plus sign opens a dialogue box with different content options, including reels, story, post, and live. Navigate and select the story option, as you can't add links to reels or posts.

2. Create a story relevant to the link

When you want to add a link to an Instagram story, it's advisable to consider creating audio or visual content related to the link you want to attach. For example, if you want to post the link to a clothing brand's website, you can take pictures or make videos of yourself or models wearing different pieces of clothing from the catalogue. This kind of content helps promote the brand, shows that you use the product or service you're promoting, and attracts customers by piquing their interest.

If you're creating the story with a business account, you can include testimonials from customers. Including pictures or videos of customers using the products or services the company offers, in addition to the link, is also effective. You can use media saved on your device or use a camera to create content immediately you want to post it.

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3. Click the sticker icon to include the link

After selecting or creating the content for the Instagram story, add the link to the external site or business page. First, select the sticker icon among the icons at the top of your screen. Then, you can see the various sticker options such as questions, location, and hashtags. Select the option for links to input the URL manually or paste it.

You can move the link to any position or scale it to fit the post perfectly. Also, you can choose from three colour options to make the links match the content. It's advisable to make the links easily visible to the followers. It's best to make the link larger enough to see and easy to find in the middle of the screen. This makes it so that users can click the link without skipping to the previous or next story.

4. Upload the story properly

After inputting the link, you can upload the content to your Instagram story by clicking on the "Your story" option at the bottom of your screen. You may limit the number of people who can see the story by selecting the "Close friends" option. Curate the close friends list by choosing a list of people you want to access the post on your story. It's advisable to view the story yourself to ensure you uploaded it correctly and the links redirect people to the desired website or Instagram page.

Importance of adding links to Instagram stories

Here are some reasons it's essential for you to include Instagram links to your stories:

Highlighting sponsorship and brand affiliations

If you're an independent social media marketer or an influencer, including links in your Instagram story can help identify the brands you work with and other corporate sponsorships. Some brands may offer you discount codes or custom links that allow your followers or those who use your custom link to get special rewards on purchases. This can be a marketing strategy to attract more followers and viewers.

Including links to your stories may help you earn more commission because it may increase the likelihood of your followers purchasing the products or using the services you're promoting. It may increase your follower engagement rates by encouraging them to click the external link, which drives your engagement irrespective of whether they purchase the product. You can also use these engagement numbers as measurable metrics to secure more partnerships and better-paying sponsorships.

It helps save the cost of adding a link to a featured post

Instagram has the feature of adding external links to a permanent post, although it may require you to pay for it. For instance, you can include links to permanent posts if you pay for the post to become sponsored content. Doing this implies that the sponsored post may appear on the feed of various Instagram users, whether they follow you or not because the algorithm treats these posts as ads.

The more economical option is to include the links to your story instead of creating sponsored advertisements. It may help your content appear more natural and authentic if your followers or viewers see the links amid other videos or pictures in your story instead of as a random sponsored advertisement on the feed.

Increasing website traffic

As a social media manager, including links to the business' Instagram story may efficiently drive traffic to the business website or page. It allows potential customers to learn more about the services or products the company offers and may encourage them to patronize the business. Customers who know what the company offers may use these links to help optimize the purchasing process because it can direct them to the particular product or service they want. This may also generate relevant metrics to track developments and identify the content that customers engage in more.

Provides access to different sites

You can create a personal website with a link optimization site that features your content, including blog posts, sponsorship and affiliate links, and discount codes. Including this link to your stories can provide your followers or viewers with access to different sites and allow them to browse your professional endorsements and sponsorships.

Including a link to personal websites may be a helpful tool for independent marketers and freelance influencers that simultaneously work with different brands. Having a personal link allows your followers or viewers to easily select the brand they want to patronize and the benefits they want without visiting all the brands' websites independently.

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Tips for using Instagram for business

Here are some tips to help you create engaging content and improve your following on an Instagram account:

  • Build a partnership with a photographer: As a marketing tool, Instagram is a highly visual social media platform. It's advisable to work with a professional photographer to create high-quality images or videos to promote products or services.

  • Review your captions: It's important to use a content calendar to prepare your captions and edit them before making a post. Reviewing and editing your captions may help you create error-free and engaging messages.

  • Partner with influencers: You can identify influencers with a similar target audience or those who share interests with your brand. Then contact them to create cross-promotion campaigns to help promote both brands.

  • Create authentic content for your stories: The Instagram stories feature allows you to connect with your followers more personally. You can use this feature to share more casual content and interact with your followers in a fun and personal way.

  • Maintain a consistent schedule: Creating regular content ensures your content remains relevant and drives engagements. You can use third-party management apps to schedule posts based on when your followers are online.

  • Use relevant hashtags: Consider using only hashtags relevant to your niche and avoid spamming posts with excessive hashtags. You may save a list of relevant hashtags on your device so you can easily paste them into a particular post.

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