Hiring Marketers (How to Select Competent Team Members)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published May 14, 2022

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Professional marketers are intermediaries between a business's products or services and the consumers who buy them. Regardless of the industry, knowing where to find and how to recruit top-quality marketers can be a significant competitive advantage. Effective hiring of marketers is a valuable practice that you can develop through research and strategic planning. In this article, we discuss what a marketer is, explain what they do, illustrate how to hire the right one, and share some essential skills to look for when hiring marketers.

When is hiring marketers beneficial?

If you wish to promote a brand, product, or service, hiring marketers can help you identify and communicate your brand to a target audience. As a hiring manager, you can seek candidates with diverse qualifications and experience across various sectors. The right marketers can draw from these experiences to assist a business in promoting their products or services, resulting in increased revenue and a loyal customer base.

Types of marketers

A marketer is a professional that employs specific advertising techniques and methods to entice potential customers to purchase a business's products and services. Their primary objective is to persuade a sizable portion of these potential customers to buy the company's products and services and increase revenue. There are six distinct types of marketers, each with a specific role and area of expertise:

  • Product marketers: They advertise a company's products and services directly by creating and executing marketing events and collaborations with advertising agencies.

  • Brand marketers: These professionals promote the company's brand by increasing customer confidence in the quality and benefits of its goods and services.

  • Inbound marketer: Employing various online and offline tools to convert prospects into paying customers is what these marketers do.

  • Content marketers: They generate content on behalf of a business, increasing its online presence and enabling it to reach a larger audience of potential customers.

  • Digital marketers: They are responsible for all aspects of an organization's online marketing, including social media accounts, marketing emails, and online marketing events.

  • Social media marketers: These are digital marketers who focus on managing a business's social media accounts and using marketing techniques to gain followers.

The role of a marketer

The specific tasks assigned to marketers depend on the company for which they work, their industry, and how they promote the company's goods and services. The most frequently performed tasks by marketers include:

  • Designing promotional and advertising materials

  • Conducting marketing research

  • Organizing online and offline marketing campaigns

  • Analyzing the common characteristics of prospective customers

  • Issuing press releases to generate publicity

  • Educating sales representatives on marketing strategies

  • Analyzing competitors' businesses and products

  • Providing feedback on product packaging

  • Ensuring all marketing activities and product packaging designs adhere to legislation

  • Developing promotional events in collaboration with the sales team

  • Organizing corporate events that promote the business and its products and services

  • Creating social media content and responding to customer feedback

How to select a competent marketer

Consider the following steps when hiring marketers:

1. Determine the type of marketer the company requires

Before identifying qualified marketers, it is critical to ascertain how a candidate's skills complement the company's overall business strategy. There are several factors to consider, including:

  • The operating stage of the business: If the organization is still in its infancy, search for a marketer who is comfortable handling their own tasks rather than a senior marketer accustomed to delegating work to lower-level marketers. This varies according to the industry and how aggressively the company intends to market its product.

  • The business model: It's best to select a marketer specializing in the type of marketing campaign that is most appropriate for the product. Determine whether the product is better suited for online or offline marketing and the type of customer most likely to respond to the marketing techniques best suited to the product.

  • The company's future strategy: Companies can choose marketers based on the extent to which the organization expects to expand in the future. If the company's intention is to expand sooner rather than later, select candidates for the role based on their vision for expansion and their implementation approach.

2. Identify the most effective channels for attracting quality marketers

Once the company determines which type of marketer is most likely to benefit their organization, begin advertising the job opening to attract high-quality candidates. Several of the most popular channels include:

  • Online job boards: Narrow the search to the specific type of marketer required by clearly stating requirements in the job offer. While being extremely specific in the job advertisement reduces the total number of applicants, the quality and relevance of those applicants are typically higher.

  • Social media: Use social media accounts to post job advertisements in locations where marketers are likely to see them, such as dedicated groups. Paid ads that target individuals based on their specific characteristics also increase the chances of connecting with quality marketers.

  • Current clientele: Advertise the position on the company website or any other location where customers are likely to see it. Finding a marketer who is already familiar with the brand and its products and services increases the likelihood of succeeding in the role.

3. Contact reputable marketers working for competitors

Conduct a social media search for marketers working for similar companies. Targeting marketers already working in related fields increases the likelihood of finding a marketer with prior experience with the marketing strategy envisioned by the company. A good approach for attracting top talent from competing organizations is identifying experienced marketers one level below the required seniority for the role the company is trying to fill, providing them with an opportunity for career advancement.

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4. Begin conducting candidate interviews

As marketers submit job applications, choose those who appear to be the most qualified and contact them for interviews. Several key characteristics to consider when evaluating candidates include:

  • Market knowledge: An ideal candidate has a strong understanding of the marketing landscape for the type of goods and services sold by the company, including current and future trends.

  • Skills: Some of the key attributes to search for in a marketer include problem-solving abilities, an analytical approach, and creative thinking.

  • Prior job experiences: Analyze the candidate's accomplishments to better understand their strengths and unsuccessful endeavours and how they learned from them.

Skills to consider when hiring marketers

The following are some of the most critical characteristics to look for when hiring marketers:

Communication skills

Marketers require strong communication skills to convey a business' message to its target audience. They can communicate effectively with colleagues, interact with customers, and create and publish digital content. Look for marketers that discuss their presentation skills and demonstrate the content they've developed in the past to illustrate how they can improve the company's marketing efforts.

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Analytical skills

Analytical abilities show their data collection and interpretation capacity concerning a company's marketing campaigns. These abilities enable them to comprehend reporting software that tracks key performance indicators (KPIs) and the revenue generated by clients. This is the most valuable skill that hiring managers may search for when recruiting marketers.

Writing skills

Writing abilities show their ability to communicate a company's story to target audiences effectively. Being able to write efficiently indicates they can communicate with leads and encourage them to follow a company's call-to-action. This may include purchasing and selling products, subscribing to emails, or taking a survey on a company's website.

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Research skills

Their research abilities are a valuable asset in assisting you in identifying issues and solutions for a company's marketing strategy. For instance, they may conduct market research to determine the impact of millennials' purchasing power in the fashion industry. Look for marketers who can demonstrate their research skills and ability to analyze social media analytics and observe marketing trends.

How to develop a marketing job description

Follow these steps to write an enticing job description for the company's newly created position:

1. Introduce the business

Use the marketing job description as an opportunity to share some basic information about the company with candidates. When they see this, they can quickly decide whether it's an opportunity they may like to apply for. This section answers some basic questions, such as the company's goals, a brief history, and its mission statement.

2. Establish current job responsibilities

The following section of the job description details the duties of the new hire. Outline the marketing techniques currently used in the company, its goals, and the tasks necessary to achieve them. You can use simple language so that all prospective candidates can understand the company's expectations and the role's responsibilities.

3. Create a list of requirements

This section is an opportunity for you to describe the ideal candidate in the job description. Indicate the skills, characteristics, and attributes that make a candidate suitable. Individuals can judge their qualifications before self-submitting using these criteria, making it easier to review candidates. Requirements may include a specific degree or qualification, additional marketing certifications, or a minimum number of years in the field.

4. Include the benefits

Apart from the salary, include any additional benefits candidates may receive if hired. These benefits can help attract qualified and motivated candidates. These benefits may include RRSP-matching programs, parental leave, or extended vacation time.

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