Guide: 62 Popular Giveaway Ideas (Plus When to Use Them)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 11, 2022

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Giveaways have become a common strategy when marketing a brand or company. This is because winning a giveaway can be exciting for people, and everyone loves to win something for free. Identifying items for giveaways can allow you to maximize the excitement that customers and potential customers feel from winning a contest to increase a brand's appeal. In this article, we discuss when to use giveaways, outline various giveaway ideas across different categories, and highlight some tips to consider during giveaway campaigns.

When to use giveaway ideas

Giveaway ideas are useful for businesses across various industries to improve brand awareness, increase client satisfaction, grow client retention, and ensure customer loyalty. As a marketing manager, this involves giving an individual or group of people a product on behalf of the company. You can employ giveaways when you want to engage customers and when you want potential customers to remember a specific brand. Usually, this can translate into increased sales and opportunities. For instance, you can use a new product for a giveaway, allowing you to introduce the product, get customer reviews, and spur demand.

You can employ giveaways in different situations. For instance, if you're attending a company event or trade show, you can hand out giveaways to people who engage you or visit your booth. You can also use giveaways during on-site client visits to express appreciation for doing business with the brand. You can use giveaways to generate brand awareness during digital media advertising efforts or through social media accounts. Regardless of your option, it can be useful to brand the giveaways with company colours and logos to showcase a brand's affiliation.

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13 popular giveaway ideas

Due to consumers' changing desires and needs, the giveaway industry continues to evolve. For instance, items that were popular five years ago may not attract the same attention from customers today. As a result, understanding giveaway trends is important to ensure you can excite potential customers and attract them to participate in your contest. Here are some popular ideas to help you make your giveaway exciting for customers:

  1. Offer customers coupon codes.

  2. Include a free item with some purchases.

  3. Offer gift cards to another location or to the brand sponsoring the giveaways.

  4. Request feedback from customers in return for a free product or item.

  5. Use gamification features to engage and intrigue participants.

  6. Offer limited-edition items to customers with specific or high-value purchases.

  7. Give company-branded swag to employees and customers.

  8. Give customers a gift or discount code in exchange for referrals.

  9. Offer tickets to local programs or events, such as a soccer game.

  10. Give customers a grilling package or barbecue grill.

  11. Depending on the brand, offer customers a free service, such as a house cleaning or oil change.

  12. Offer customers a special edition or unique product for customer referrals.

  13. Lead parties on a scavenger hunt to locate clues within a specific area.

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15 social media giveaway concepts

Social media is useful as it allows a brand to connect with potential customers across various locations and create a country-wide appeal. When using giveaways on social media, it's useful to give smaller items due to the cost and logistics involved in shipping them to customers. You can also easily consider digital items you can share and ask participants to include hashtags when competing.

It's also useful to conduct the giveaways as a campaign and prioritize unique and specific content to improve results. For instance, you can use specific events in an area to theme a social media giveaway. Beyond this, here are some giveaway concepts for social media contests:

  1. Give smaller branded items such as notebooks, notepads, and pens.

  2. Offer a digital ticket to specific events.

  3. Give a digital ticket to a newly released movie.

  4. Offer a gift basket to customers.

  5. Offer a gift card to participants.

  6. Give customers bottles of champagne and wine.

  7. Offer jewellery pieces to high-value customers.

  8. Give a bouquet to celebrate special events or days.

  9. Sponsor a shopping spree at any local store.

  10. Ask followers to compete in a photo contest.

  11. Request captions from followers for photos.

  12. Offer a holiday-themed item.

  13. Offer clothing items to customers such as a t-shirt, visor or hat, socks, sweatshirt, towel, throw blanket, or vest.

  14. Give reusable items to customers, such as a cloth bag, metal straw, or water bottle.

  15. Offer exclusive discount codes to participants.

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15 tech-themed giveaways

Increasing reliance on technology and electronic devices to remain entertained and connected makes tech-themed giveaways a great concept. You can employ these giveaway options whether or not you're a tech company. You can purchase these items and brand them with the company logo or partner with a tech company to conduct the giveaway. Here are some popular items you can consider when opting for a tech-focused giveaway:

  1. Give a mobile power bank or a wireless charging pad.

  2. Give customers a headphone or earbuds.

  3. Give customers a functional mouse pad.

  4. Offer customers flash drives.

  5. Provide a wireless speaker or a device holder in cars.

  6. Offer a webcam cover to customers.

  7. Give customers screen cleaning items such as microfiber clothes, sprays, or wipes.

  8. Offer charging cables, preferably a multi-purpose cable that can fit any device.

  9. Offer a fluid-resistant pouch to customers.

  10. Give customers camera-support items such as a selfie stick or selfie ring light.

  11. Offer customers a tablet holder or case or a cell phone case.

  12. Give a USB hub or smart plug with a USB connection.

  13. Offer a charging wall adapter to customers.

  14. Provide a phone grip, phone stand, or adhesive device wallet.

  15. Give away a laptop sleeve.

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8 high-end giveaway concepts

It might be necessary to use high-end gifts for giveaways when you want to appeal to specific demography. For instance, a high-end gift is appropriate if you're a luxury brand or want to appeal to more customers. Usually, when providing high-end gifts, you can include more steps in the contest to engage potential customers better. For instance, you can require them to like a post, follow a page, share the information on their social media account, record a short video, or refer people. Here are some gift ideas that qualify as high-end giveaways:

  1. Offer customers designer items, such as sunglasses, handbags, and wallets.

  2. Offer a customized laptop bag or backpack.

  3. Give customers high-value gift cards.

  4. Sponsor a vacation or an all-expense paid trip to a great location.

  5. Offer customers a golf bag.

  6. Offer cash gifts to participants.

  7. Offer customers electronic devices, such as a tablet, laptop, or cell phone.

  8. Give away home appliances such as a dishwasher.

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11 additional giveaway concepts

Here are some other giveaway options you can explore to improve brand appeal:

  1. Give a first-aid kit, hand lotion, or sanitizer to customers.

  2. Offer day planners, letter openers, sticky notes, and calendars to participants of giveaway contests.

  3. Give coolers, cooler bags, and snack boxes to customers.

  4. Offer kitchen tools to customers.

  5. Give baked goods or baking supplies to customers.

  6. Offer pet supplies to customers.

  7. Give a drinking tumbler or mug to customers.

  8. Offer skin care items such as sunscreen or lip balm.

  9. Sponsor an evening to a local spa.

  10. Offer items to customers such as golf balls, basketball, baseball, stress balls, and stuffed toys.

  11. Sponsor an outing to a local restaurant.

Tips to consider during giveaways

Here are some tips you can employ to create a successful giveaway campaign:

  • Create a sense of urgency. You can create a feeling of urgency among potential customers to encourage participation in a giveaway contest. For instance, you can include pictures or videos of past winners and do a countdown to increase the giveaway's overall appeal.

  • Employ multiple channels. You can use various channels to appeal to a wider range of audiences. For instance, you can use social media platforms for younger participants and traditional media for older individuals.

  • Use cross marketing. You can use the giveaway contest to cross-market the business across different platforms. For instance, you can direct users to a website to compete in the giveaway, increasing website traffic and spurring them to investigate the brand offerings and make other purchases.

  • Create a fun giveaway. Find ways to create a fun experience for participants, like asking participants to develop ideas on ways to improve a brand's offerings. You can also ask trivia questions about a brand, its business, and industry in return for prizes for top participants.

  • Collaborate with others. You can partner with brand influencers and ambassadors to promote content to their followers in return for giveaways. Consider co-sponsoring a giveaway event with a local brand or business or partnering with other brands to create a bigger budget for shared giveaways.

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