9 Fun Google Meet Backgrounds to Enhance Your Next Meeting

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 6, 2022

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Google Meet is a service that allows you to video call with colleagues, friends, and family. You can set backgrounds while video calling to enhance your experience. If you regularly meet with colleagues using this service, one way you can enhance the experience is by using a fun Google Meet background. In this article, we explain what fun Google Meet backgrounds are, detail why it's beneficial to have one, provide the steps you can follow to use one, list nine fun backgrounds you can install, and offer helpful tips for improving your Google Meet experience.

What are fun Google Meet backgrounds?

Fun Google Meet backgrounds are effects you can implement in your video calls that change what appears behind you. You can choose to blur your background to increase your privacy and reduce distraction, but you can also choose an image, immersive background, or video to show behind you. Users can customize their background in the Google Meet settings. If you work at home, using fun backgrounds can be a great way to connect with your colleagues during meetings.

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Why have a fun background?

These are some reasons to install a fun background before your next meeting:

  • Amuse your colleagues. Choosing a fun or humorous background can be a great way to create a fun atmosphere and make your colleagues laugh. Creating a fun atmosphere can help people be more creative and communicative.

  • Improve your privacy. Using a background image can increase your privacy by not showing the objects, information, or landmarks behind you. For example, if you're connecting to a meeting from a public place, a background can help you avoid revealing your location.

  • Limit external distractions. If you're connecting to the call from a public place or from your home, there may be other people or pets moving in the background. By using an image, you can keep your colleagues from becoming distracted.

  • Strengthen a theme. You can connect your background to the reason for the call to strengthen the theme. For example, you may be conducting a marketing call to determine sales for the holiday season, and use a winter-themed background.

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How to use a fun background

You can choose to change your background before or during a meeting. Here are the steps you can follow to install and use a background during your next meeting:

1. Download your background

If you want to use an image that doesn't come in the Google Meet library, you can download it. Try using a search engine to find the image you want, then save the image to your desktop. To achieve a high-quality look, search for images with these qualities for your background:

  • 1920x1080p

  • landscape orientation

  • JPG or JPEG files

2. Open Google Meets

You can apply the background either before or during a meeting. To do so before the meeting, open Google Meets and select the meeting in which you want to change your background. If you want to change your background during the meeting, open Google Meets and launch or join the meeting.

3. Locate "More options"

During the meeting, you can access the options you need by pressing the "More options" button. The "More options" button looks like three dots in a column. You can find it at the bottom of the screen, between the "Present now" and "Leave call" options.

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4. Choose "Apply visual effects"

If you're changing your background before the meeting, you can skip the "More options" step. While checking your preview, audio, and video, you can change your background by clicking on the "Apply visual effects" button on the bottom right of your preview screen. This looks like three sparkles in a circle, and when you select it, a menu opens with a library of backgrounds.

After selecting "More options" if you're changing the image during the meeting, locate the "Apply visual effects" option in the menu. It's between the "Open picture-in-picture" and "Turn on captions" options. Like when you change it before the meeting, it appears in this menu with a symbol that looks like three sparkles.

5. Upload your background image

After selecting the "Apply visual effects" option, you gain access to the Google Meet background library. You can choose from immersive backgrounds like the "Morning cabin" or "Spaceship" options. To upload your own image, click on the top left square with the image and plus sign symbol. Locate the image you downloaded earlier and choose it to switch your background. Check the quality and lighting to ensure it looks great before continuing.

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9 fun Google Meet backgrounds

These are some fun backgrounds you can use to amuse your colleagues and friends:

1. Memes

Internet jokes are a great way to make your colleagues laugh. Consider finding an online joke that your colleagues know well and including that as your background. For example, you may include a meme relevant to your department, like sales or accounting.

2. TV shows

If a great episode aired the night before, or you and your colleagues all enjoy watching a certain show, you can use this as background. Consider common scenes from the show, like rooms in the character's homes. For example, you may choose a background that makes it appear as though you're sitting on a character's sofa.

3. Movies

Like with TV shows, movies can be a great source of fun backgrounds. Consider your colleagues' interests and the latest releases when choosing a good background. For example, you may choose something with superheroes or space travel.

4. Landmarks

Famous landmarks can be great for your background, especially if it relates to your meeting. For example, a magazine team may discuss what to include in the Italy edition. These are some famous landmarks you may consider using as your Google Meets background:

  • the Eiffel Tower

  • the Great Wall of China

  • the Leaning Tower of Pisa

  • the Taj Mahal

  • the Statue of Liberty

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5. Rooms

Whether a general room or a specific location, using a room as your theme can help you feel natural when seated. These are some room-themed backgrounds to use in Meets:

  • library

  • the House of Commons

  • newsroom

  • kitchen

  • the Hall of Mirrors

  • supermarket

6. Video games

If you and your colleagues enjoy video games, you can include this in your background selection. For example, consider using a loading screen or character selection screen from your favourite video game. You may also choose a background that makes it appear that you and the characters are in the same room.

7. Seasonal

Choosing seasonal backgrounds can be a good way to add fun to your meeting. For example, you may choose a beach or whale-watching for the summer months. During the fall, you may feature a background with leaves or colour-changing trees. These are some seasonal backgrounds you may choose to use:

  • winter holiday lights

  • beaches and palm trees

  • bunnies and flowers

  • snow-covered fields

  • the ocean and beach balls

  • hearts and candies

  • four-leaf clovers and top hats

8. Sports

If your local sports team has an important game coming up, consider using a sports-themed background. Other important sporting events, like the World Cup or the Olympics, may be great for fun backgrounds. Consider if your colleagues enjoy sports when determining if this is a good background option.

9. Animals

Many people enjoy fun or cute pictures of animals, so this is something you can use as a background. Consider using a picture of your own pet, or finding a fun photo online. For example, you may use a picture of a dog doing something funny, or a collection of farm animals as your background.

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Tips for using Google Meet and backgrounds effectively

These are some helpful tips that can make your Google Meet experience better:

  • Check your video and audio quality. Before joining a meeting, test both your audio and video quality to avoid distractions or delays during the discussion or presentation.

  • Speak with a leader about your background. If you're going to use a fun background, it can be a good idea to speak with a leader first to ensure it's respectful and appropriate for the workplace.

  • Limit distractions by muting other guests. Hosts for the meeting can mute other guests if they forget to mute themselves. For example, if someone's dog is barking in the background, you may choose to mute their microphone to avoid distracting other guests.

  • Adjust your lighting for higher-quality video. For your background to work properly and to appear professional, it can be helpful to invest in proper lighting. Consider pointing a light at yourself so you're not backlit or too dark.

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