Decorating Cubicles: 16 Ideas for Adding Style to Your Space

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Published June 18, 2022

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Many companies construct cubicles for professionals to have their own workspaces. While these workspaces typically have neutral features and lack design elements, you can personalize yours by adding decorative concepts that are both attractive and practical. Exploring decorating ideas can help you express your personality and improve your mood at work. In this article, we share 16 ideas for decorating cubicles that you can use as inspiration for creating a personalized office space.

16 ideas for decorating cubicles

Here are 16 ideas for decorating cubicles you can use to improve your workspace:

1. Choose a theme

When you're planning to decorate your cubicle, you may find it helpful to choose a specific theme for your design elements. You can choose a pattern or colour scheme you like based on your interests. For example, you can select an animal-print theme if you like wild cats or decorate in shades of green if you enjoy being in nature.

2. Make use of shelves

If your cubicle includes shelves, you can clear a shelf for decor to add a vertical element to your cubicle decorations, including:

  • Holiday decorations: Change the decor on your shelf to match the season or upcoming holidays to give your cubicle a festive feel.

  • Photos: Adding pictures of family members, friends, and pets can help you personalize your office space.

  • Crafts: If you're an avid crafter, you can use a cubicle shelf to display your creations.

3. Hang framed art and photos

Cubicles typically have walls that separate them, and you can use them to add personality to your workspace. One way to personalize your space and emphasize the theme you chose is to add art prints or photos. If you like an organized or minimalist look, you can add matching frames to each one. If you prefer a more casual look, you can experiment with different frame and print colours or stagger the photos asymmetrically throughout your cubicle.

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4. Bring in fresh flowers

One easy way to decorate your cubicle is by bringing a bouquet of fresh flowers for display. Consider cutting some from your own garden or stopping at a flower shop on the way to work. You can accentuate your floral decor by choosing a vase that suits your theme. Just remember to see if anyone in the office has allergies or sensitivities to flowers before you bring them to work.

5. Add colourful organizers and supplies

Desk organization solutions are convenient, and they can also be stylish. Look for file organizers, desk trays, and pencil cups in a specific colour or pattern to complement the aesthetic of your workspace. Then, you can find office supplies that coordinate with your organizers. Many retailers sell supplies like pens, notepads, paperclips, and push pins in different colours and prints, which can complement your decor theme and brighten your mood.

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6. Add potted plants

If your cubicle is near a window, you can add plants to bring colour and a sense of calm to your workspace. You can add personality to your arrangement with hand-painted pots. Remember to make sure no one in the office has allergies or sensitivities to the plants you want to display before you bring them to work. Here are a few common plants for an office setting:

  • Succulents: Succulents are desert plants that can thrive with infrequent watering on a sunny windowsill at an office.

  • Spider plants: Spider plants are houseplants you can hang near a window to add vertical interest to your cubicle decor.

  • Snake plants: A snake plant can grow in lower-light areas of an office and withstand less watering, so it's no problem if you occasionally forget to water your plants at the office.

7. Create vertical storage solutions

Vertical storage solutions allow you to hang notes, photos, and other materials along the walls of your office space to make room on your desk. If you have themed office supplies, hanging them on a vertical board can also contribute to the overall look of your cubicle. Consider hanging a bulletin board, magnet board, or pegboard on your cubicle wall and using it to store important items in an attractive and efficient way.

8. Add extra lighting

Another way to add personality to your cubicle is to add extra lighting. This can brighten your workspace and serve as a design element. Here are a few ways to incorporate more light into your workspace:

  • Add a lamp: A lamp can add warmth and character to your cubicle decor. Salt lamps are a popular way to add ambient lighting to a work desk.

  • Hang string lights: String lights can add a pleasant glow to a cubicle. You can use push pins and removable hooks to hang them in your cubicle.

  • Fairy lights: Fairy lights are battery-operated string lights you can put inside a jar or use to decorate a small space with extra lighting.

9. Cover the walls

Another way to add colour and personality to your cubicle is to cover the walls with decorative material. Here are some ideas:

  • Fabric: You can buy fabric from a craft store that matches your decor theme and use staples or tacks to adhere the fabric to the walls of your cubicle.

  • Contact paper: Stick-on wallpaper or contact paper is another route for creating a cubicle wall covering. You can test the paper on a small area first to help ensure the adhesive won't damage the walls of the cubicle.

  • Wrapping paper: Using wrapping paper to cover cubicle walls is quick and easy to install with staples or thumbtacks.

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10. Decorate with washi tape

Washi tape is a decorative adhesive made from Japanese rice paper that comes in a variety of sizes, colours, patterns, and textures. Here are some uses for washi tape when decorating your cubicle:

  • Trim: Upgrade the trim of items like bulletin boards, your desk, and frames.

  • Cable organization: Create a fun and easy way to label and organize cords.

  • Hanging: Secure art and photos on the walls of your cubicle with washi tape.

11. Change your mousepad

Mousepads are another practical office supply you can find in a range of patterns, styles, and colours. You might consider a mousepad in a specific colour for an understated look, or you can find one with an image or pattern to match your theme. For example, if you have a nature theme, you might add a mousepad with an illustration of trees, leaves, or flowers. You can also search for mousepads with extra features like wrist rests, which can help keep you comfortable while you work.

12. Upgrade your bookends

If you have a shelf in your office, consider adding a new pair of bookends that matches your style. You can create your own bookends using decor like large rocks or planters, which you can paint to make them more decorative. You might use solid-coloured paint to decorate them, or you can take an unconventional approach, like painting them different colours or using glitter spray to make them sparkle.

13. Raise your computer

If you work on a laptop or have a monitor that sits low on your desk, you might strain your eyes or slouch to see the screen. You can avoid this pain and discomfort and add a decorative element to your desk at the same time by raising your laptop or monitor closer to eye level. Some ideas for an attractive solution are a stack of books with spines that match your theme, a decorative box, or a colourful laptop stand.

14. Use keyboard decor

Keyboard stickers are a creative way to add style to your workspace. They come in many colours and designs, and they're easy to add to your keys. They're also removable, so if you decide you want the change the look later, you can simply peel them off and replace them with new stickers. An alternative option is a keyboard skin, which can add colour to your computer while also giving your keyboard a softer feel and protecting it from spills and crumbs.

15. Incorporate inspirational quotes

Decorating your cubicle is a smart idea for improving your mood at work, and you can add to the motivational effect of your theme by incorporating inspirational quotes. Office supplies like notebooks and planners often feature inspirational quotes, and you may find art prints you can hang on your wall that feature sayings you like. You can also change your desktop wallpaper and screensaver to an image with an inspirational quote, so you can enjoy it each time you use your computer.

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16. Add fun magnets

If you have a metal surface in your cubicle, such as a filing cabinet or a magnet board, you can include easy decorative elements by adding magnets. Simple colours or patterns may blend in with your palette, while personalized options like themed and souvenir magnets allow you to show your personality and interests in a fun way. You can also create magnets by securing stickers or photos to magnetic sheets, which also makes it easy to decorate without damaging desks or equipment.

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