How to Write a Customer Thank-You Note (With Examples)

Updated November 25, 2022

Sending a direct message to customers is an excellent way to create more engagement with a company. These personal messages can increase the chances of the customer returning in future. Understanding how to write a thank-you note for new and returning customers can help you develop customer loyalty to a brand. In this article, we explain why writing a thank-you note is important, explore how to write one, share a thank-you note template and examples, and offer some tips to help you write a personalized thank-you note.

Why write a customer thank-you note?

Sending a customer thank-you note to express gratitude for their business shows your appreciation, can help you develop and strengthen your relationship with them, and may increase the customer retention rate. Including a thank-you note as a part of business etiquette can help customers become more excited about and connected to a brand. There are many occasions that deserve a special note to show your gratitude, such as the anniversary of your business relationship, the customer's birthday, or an end-of-the-year appreciation message.

A simple message to thank a customer for doing business with a brand can make them feel special. If they have an excellent experience when making a purchase with a business, they're more likely to come back and buy more. This act of gratitude can increase the customer base and sales of the business. When sending a thank-you note, you may leave a good impression on consumers and help turn them into loyal, returning customers by implementing a reward program, such as including a voucher or coupon.

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How to write a customer thank-you note

You can use these steps to help you create a thank-you note for customers:

1. Choose a suitable format

When thanking customers, it's important to sound genuine and professional. A handwritten note can be thoughtful, but it might not be easy to do for each customer. You can choose to use the following formats to send a thank-you note:

  • E-mail message: Sending an e-mail is the most common method to send a thank-you message after a customer makes a purchase. This format is efficient for larger businesses with a significant number of customers.

  • Physical note: Sending physical thank-you notes is a personal way to communicate with customers. For an extensive customer list, you may use an online service to help you create these handwritten notes on your behalf.

  • Text messages: Texting a customer can provide a simple way to send a thank-you note after they make a purchase. Sending a text message directly to a customer's phone can provide them with a more personable experience.

2. Use an appropriate greeting

It's essential to include a proper greeting at the beginning of your letter. You can write a courteous and warm greeting if you have a prior relationship with the customer. To reinforce your relationship with them, this greeting can include their first name to make the thank-you note friendly and inviting. If you're not familiar with the customer because they're new, address them by their proper title and use an appropriate opening that fits your relationship to set a professional tone. You can use the following greetings in your note:

  • If you know the customer: you can start your letter with Dear or Hi.

  • If you don't know the customer: you can start your letter with Dear and add their name, being sure to double-check the spelling.

  • If you're writing a formal note: you can address the customer as Mr. or Ms. and follow this with their last name.

  • If you're writing an informal note: you can refer to the customer by their first name.

3. Express your appreciation

In this step, it's important to thank the customer for their business and express genuine gratitude. You may start by saying thank you and state how much you appreciate them making a purchase and helping grow the business. Be sure to include specific aspects about what the customer did to deserve your thank-you note to personalize the content and make your message genuine. When writing your appreciation, include the word you as much as possible to make the note customer-centric because you're focusing on what they did for the company.

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4. Look toward the future

You can end the thank-you note by discussing your future with the customer. If they're a new or repeat customer, express that you're eager to serve them again during their next purchase. Doing this step can build customer loyalty because many businesses end the client relationship as soon as they provide their product or service.

5. Use an appropriate closing

At this stage of your thank-you note, a suitable way to close the letter is by thanking them one more time for their purchase. This reminds the customer why they're getting a thank-you note and shows your appreciation for their purchase. You can write a simple thank you, such as Thanks again for your purchase. After thanking the customer again, it's time to add a closing salutation to end your thank-you note. You can use an appropriate closing, such as Best regards, Respectfully, or Sincerely.

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6. Provide a way to respond

It's essential to remember that a thank-you letter can extend a conversation with a customer. For example, a customer might wish to contact you to ask questions about their order, make another order, or provide you with some feedback. Therefore, it's wise to provide them with an option to respond to the company. This can be as straightforward as providing a phone number or e-mail address they can use to contact the company.

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Thank-you note template

You may use this template to help you write a thank-you note to your customers:

Dear [customer name],

We wanted to take this time to genuinely thank you for choosing our brand to [reason for thank-you letter]. It's a pleasure to provide you with [your products or services]. As a family-owned business, we're honoured every time a customer decides to pick our company.

We're excited to help you again in the future.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions regarding [your products or services], please contact us directly by phone or e-mail. We're always ready to help. Thank you again for your purchase.

[Closing salutation],

[Your first and last name]

Example thank-you notes to customers

You can use the following examples to guide you when writing a thank-you note to customers:

Thanking a new customer

Here's an example of how you can write an effective thank-you note to a new customer:

Hi Amanda,

Our team has just completed your order. As a company in a competitive industry, it's an honour to have a new customer select us. I wanted to take this opportunity to genuinely thank you for working with us and supporting our brand. We look forward to serving you again soon.

As a thank you for being a new customer, we're offering you a 20% discount on your next purchase. Meanwhile, if you have questions about your order, feedback, or wish to make another purchase, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're more than happy to help.

Thank you again for your purchase.


Wolff Ltd.

Thanking a returning customer

Here's an example of a thank-you note you might send to a returning or loyal customer:

Hi Randy,

We wanted to take the time to thank you for supporting our clothing business for the past three years. It's been a joy to understand your needs and add new items to our product line that fit your style. We at Schiller Clothing Inc. value you and look forward to continuing to provide what you require.

As a thank you for your continuous business with us, we're giving you a 20% discount on your next clothing purchase. We're eagerly awaiting to serve your needs again in the coming months. Thanks again for your continued support.


Howard Rogers

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Tips for writing thank-you notes

The following tips can help you create an effective thank-you note:

  • Consider your presentation. It's essential to keep your thank-you note professional, elegant, and organized. This means keeping the note simple with warm, conservative colours.

  • Use proper grammar. A thank-you note with improper grammar can show a lack of professionalism. Editing the note or reading it to ensure the grammar is correct is beneficial.

  • Personalize your message. Personalized notes can create an excellent connection between a business and its customers and brighten their day. It's beneficial to add details in your note about why you're thanking the customer so that they remember the event and see that the business is paying attention.

  • Pay attention to details. Thank-you notes can benefit from being concise, which also makes it easier to proofread them. Sending a well-written note and ensuring you spell their name correctly can demonstrate your attention to detail, which shows you genuinely value their patronage.

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