Relationship and Effect of Customer Service in Sales

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Updated October 5, 2022 | Published September 29, 2021

Updated October 5, 2022

Published September 29, 2021

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The customer service and sales teams are two vital teams that ensure businesses can meet their goals. Although the sales team handles goods and products, the customer service team maintains a personal relationship with customers to improve sales. Understanding the relationship between customer service and sales teams is important to ensure a profitable and efficient business environment. In this article, we explore what customer service in sales involves, discuss customer service and sales teams and outline seven ways sales and customer service teams work together.

Customer service in sales

Customer service in sales involves the interaction between both teams and how the customer service team affects the sales team's performance. For example, various companies offer online products and services to customers, requiring constant communication between the sales and customer service team regardless of their location. Similarly, in physical stores, a collaboration between departments is vital to ensure that the company satisfies customers and reaches its business goals. Their collaboration ensures customers can enjoy a seamless, customer-friendly and smooth experience patronizing the business. This often results in increased patronage from the customers.

Customer service representatives assist the sales team in various ways. This includes providing insights to the sales teams about the service, products, buying experience and sometimes customers' preferences. As a result, the sales team makes informed decisions regarding their sales tactics to increase sales output. Customer service teams also relate directly with clients by listening to their needs and preferring solutions. This allows them to develop strong and positive relationships with these clients, converting them to long-term customers and increasing sales.

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Customer service vs. sales team

A customer team is an organizational unit responsible for providing customers and users with the best possible experience. They maintain a positive relationship with clients from the first contact and even after they complete the sales of goods and services. The customer service team also communicates with customers via various communication channels when necessary. This team is present in almost every organization across various industries, although its size and scope depend on the organization in question. The customer service team members need customer service skills, interpersonal skills, communication and problem-solving skills to perform their duties.

The sales team is a company unit responsible for meeting the sales goals of a business. These goals can either be yearly, quarterly, monthly or daily. Their focus includes sales generation, client acquisition and retention and business growth. They differ across organizations but often consist of the account executive, sales development representatives, sales consultant or specialist, customer success representative and sales manager who heads the team. In addition, they collaborate with product development to understand company services and products and promote them to clients. Members of the sales team need excellent communication, persuasion, negotiation and customer service skills.

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7 ways sales and customer service teams work together

Cooperation and collaboration between the sales and customer service team are vital to ensure the success of the company. Here are seven ways through which they achieve this:

1. Gain customers' trust

A company's customer service and sales team work together to earn customers' trust by providing a sense or form of security. They achieve this by treating a customer with respect and maintaining the highest level of professionalism. For instance, the customer service team helps sales achieve this by respecting the time of a customer or client. Instead of having a customer wait hours for the sales representative to obtain vital information about a product, the customer service team steps in, attends to prospective clients and customers and reduces the waiting period.

Customer service also provides troubleshooting services to clients, making them feel valued. For example, when a client has a problem with a product, the customer service team steps in, obtains the product and provides a viable solution either through repair or replacement to keep their customers satisfied. This swiftness in responding to customers' needs makes them feel valued, leading to continued purchases from the company. Generally, customer service promotes those pleasant feelings in clients that make them interested in purchasing a service or product from a company.

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2. Perform vital functions that allow the sales team to focus on selling

While both teams work together to complete sales, they work separately, with the customer service team working on other aspects that allow sales to focus on selling. For instance, the customer service team often assists customers with browsing the store for products or completing their checkout. This allows the sales team to focus on clients interested in making simple purchases from the company. For instance, if two clients enter a store and one intends to purchase an item while the second wants to return an item, both teams' distinct yet interrelated duties become important.

In this instance, a customer service representative attends to the customer who intends to return an item, clarifying the reasons and offering possible solutions. This allows the sales team to focus on the customer who wants to make a new purchase in the store. In addition, the customer service team ensures the sales team can concentrate on their primary duties and meet their sales target by constantly attending to other issues.

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3. Give feedback on processes and products

Customer service also supports the sales team by providing feedback on processes and products. Typically, the customer service team tends to enjoy a more personal and positive relationship with clients. This allows them to have easy access to feedback from customers or complaints about issues clients regularly encounter.

By listening attentively to general complaints about a product, service or checkout process, customers can identify areas of improvement for the company. Constantly identifying these areas and improving on them can impress customers and ensure they patronize the business and sometimes refer it. These activities culminate in ensuring the sales team can record more customer purchases.

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4. Reduce efforts from customers

Customer service also assists the sales team by reducing the overall effort from customers and making purchases more seamless. Customers often expect their shopping experiences to be simple, quick and satisfying, especially when they make a complaint, begin a return or need a fix. Customer service representatives step in using their training to ensure it goes smoothly. They ask the right questions, manage the situation, and ensure the customer feels valued and respected.

With minimal effort from the customer during their shopping experience, they develop a preference for the organization. They become more likely to return to the company or store to complete more purchases in the future. This offers the sales team a constant supply of customers interested in purchasing goods, making sales work easier.

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5. Upsell other goods and products

Customer service also assists the sales team by providing upselling services to customers. Upselling involves convincing a customer to upgrade their service or product to the premium or more expensive version. Although this is a sales function, due to the unique position of the customer service team, they can also help sales in achieving this.

Customers may have questions or issues with a product, making it a perfect opportunity for the customer representative to identify their needs. They can then recommend relevant products or services. For instance, a customer can expect a thumb start function in the car they want to purchase. This allows the customer representative to suggest alternatives that provide this feature and complete sales on behalf of the sales team.

6. Analyze and predict product trends

Customer service also assists the sales team by identifying and predicting product trends following their interaction with customers. Customer service representatives spend their day with customers, helping them with purchases and returns. This allows attentive representatives to recognize products that are high in demand and those that clients return. The sales team can then use this information to identify products and services that they can focus on and easily attract more sales. It also allows them to identify why a certain product is low in demand and implement strategies to improve its demand.

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7. Access referrals from happy customers

Customer service in sales can also help the company get referrals. By providing a seamless and efficient service to customers, they don't only return to the company for future purchases. These customers often inform their family and friends and invite them to enjoy the same wonderful experience in the company. This translates to unpaid referral services as their friends, social media connections and families can begin to patronize the company. Similarly, exceptional service delivery from the customer service team can also translate to increased visibility for the company, which increases its sales potential.

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