How to Write an Effective Construction Tender Cover Letter

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 19, 2022

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The construction market is often very competitive, and to secure a project typically requires a very convincing construction tender letter. This letter explains how a company plans to execute the job effectively and why it's better than all the other applicants. Although the decision of which company secures a construction contract may involve other factors, understanding how to write a tender cover letter can increase a business' chances of approval.

In this article, we outline the difference between this type of letter and a construction cover letter, review tips for writing one, explore its components, highlight information to include that can improve your chances of acceptance, and provide a template and an example to guide you.

What is the difference between a construction tender cover letter and a construction cover letter?

A construction company sends out a construction tender cover letter to secure a building contract. This letter offers an opportunity for the company to communicate what it can provide to the client. A well-written and competitive tender cover letter can be a significant factor in the client's decision-making process when a company is attempting to secure the contract. The letter can introduce and familiarize clients with what the company offers, what it plans to do differently from other companies, and why it's the best choice for the project.

A tender cover letter differs from a construction cover letter. A construction cover letter is a document that accompanies your resume and offers further insight into your abilities and work experience that are relevant to a vacant job role in a construction company. It can give you the chance to create a good first impression on a potential employer. A properly crafted construction cover letter can persuade an employer to study your resume and ask you to attend an interview for a job opening.

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Tips for writing a construction tender cover letter

You can consider the following tips for creating and presenting a tender cover letter:

Place it in the early pages of your tender

It's best to put your tender cover letter immediately after the title page to persuade the reader before they read the main tender. If it isn't in the early pages of the tender document, the reader may quickly glance through the tender and not see it. Make sure the letter has the company's letterhead. Doing this can help demonstrate your professionalism.

Maintain a one-page limit

The letter can be concise to convey the message effectively. A summary can encourage the reader to read more and help them understand the details quickly. The client may have several tenders to go through, so keeping your letter to one page and including only the relevant details can help gain their interest.

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Make sure you address the letter to the right person

You can check the client's details to ensure they're correct. Getting these details right can show your attention to detail and work ethic. When there's a specified contact for the project, include their name and position. If you only have the name of the company and you're unsure, you can use the details of the most senior employee.

Add a signature

The presence of a signature on the letter indicates it's an official document. Typically, a senior employee of the firm signs the tender cover letter. In other cases, an employee in a similar position to the recipient of the letter can sign it.

Components of the tender cover letter

When structuring the cover letter, there are five sections you can include. These sections include the following:


This is the start of the letter and it's usually written concisely. It can contain a sentence that demonstrates your appreciation of being considered. Here, you can thank the reader for short-listing the company's offer.

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Win theme

The win theme section typically explains why the client may want to consider the company you represent for the project. It includes the services your employer can provide and how they can help the client. You can use bullet points in this section and be straightforward to deliver the message clearly.

Administrative note or guide note

This section is usually optional. It guides the reader to help them understand your tender. It explains the structure and content of the entire tender document. You can also use this section to inform the client of any other documents or supplementary information you may have attached.

Commitment note

This section can contain the reason why the company you represent wants to dedicate itself to the accomplishment of the project. The company can also include a record of other projects it has completed that are similar to this new one. This section is often an important part of the tender letter as it convey expertise and dedication the project.

Contact details

After reading the tender letter, the client may require additional information. This section concludes the letter and contains the details of the appropriate person to contact for further information. Including these contact details can help build a relationship with the client.

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4 pieces of information to help improve chances of acceptance

To increase the chances of acceptance of a construction tender cover letter, you can include the following information:

1. Capacity to execute the project

This capacity refers to a company's ability to complete the assignment if the client accepts the tender. It involves estimating whether the company has the workforce and financial resources to complete the project. Understanding this capacity can help you determine which projects your employer is qualified for and can pursue.

2. Rule compliance

Sometimes construction companies may make offers they can't execute, which may lead to legal problems. It's necessary to ensure you submit legal and feasible tenders. Doing this can increase the chances of acceptance.

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3. Proof of competence

While being careful to avoid exaggeration in the tender, you can back up your claim with examples of similar projects your employer has completed. Doing this can showcase your employer's level of expertise. It can also help convince the client to accept the offer.

4. Pricing

Pricing is an important aspect of your tender. Try to offer reasonable prices for your employer's services to encourage clients to accept your offer. You can also include a breakdown of the pricing to increase transparency.

Construction tender cover letter template

Here's a template to help guide you when creating a tender cover letter:

[Name of construction company]

Tender Cover Letter for Construction Proposal

[Co. Ref Letter No:]


To [Contractor company name],

We are grateful for your short listing of our offer and happy to present our proposal for your review against Tender Notice No: [Tender number] dated [Date of tender issuance or publication].

As a result of our research into the tender, we now have a good understanding of the specifications for the building project.

We have completed many high-profile building projects in the last decade and have been very successful with them. As one of the premier construction businesses, we have been at the forefront of various building projects for individuals, government, and large enterprises.

In addition to [Corporate clients] and [Government agencies], we have also worked with [Organizations] and [People].

Thank you for the opportunity to compete in this tender. If you have any questions, please contact: [Construction company contact details].

[Construction company name]

Yours sincerely,
[Authorized signatory]

Example of construction tender cover letter

You can study the following example to help you understand how to draft a tender cover letter:

Neighbour Building Co.

Tender Cover Letter for Construction Proposal

Regarding the invitation to submit tender No.27654732

June 1, 2022

To: Office of Tender Acceptance,

We are writing this letter to submit tender no.27654732. A contract is on award to construct a corporate office building on 596 1st Ave, Moncton, NB, E3N 4C9. Our tender is on the shortlist for acceptance for further review on September 5th.

We assure you that we have met all prerequisites for the project, and we are ready to send the contractor files to the government building permit office.

Three envelopes, each containing a separate set of information, accompany this letter. The following is a list of the papers that we provided with this tender:

  • tender acceptance letter

  • financing bid

  • contract's special and technical terms

  • additional forms for finalizing the project

Following the submission of our letter and tender, we look forward to hearing from your company soon. Post-meeting negotiations are an excellent opportunity to address further issues.

Please let us know when you can make it to the meeting as soon as possible. You can contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 663-856-7830. We hope to hear from you as soon as possible so that we can begin working on the contract.

Management, Neighbour Building Co.

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