What Is a Confirmation Letter? (With How-to and Examples)

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Published May 16, 2022

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Confirmation letters are a formal way of acknowledging receipt of an application, order, or payment. Whether you're an employer welcoming a new team member, a doctor scheduling an appointment with a patient, or a business owner acknowledging receipt of a sale, confirming information with professionals, clients, and customers is essential. Understanding how to write these letters can help you build trust with your recipients. In this article, we discuss what a confirmation letter is, explore how to write a proper letter in six steps, and learn why letters of confirmation are so important with valuable examples provided.

What is a confirmation letter?

A confirmation letter is an official letter given to a person by another party to confirm that they accepted or approved a particular request. A letter of confirmation usually contains essential details pertaining to matters like purchases or the acquisition of products. For example, a letter of confirmation to an employee can include their starting date, a detailed job description, or their salary amount. For a student, their letter of confirmation can include course details, duration of the course, tuition fee, or the first day of classes.

You can also use letters of confirmation for events, appointments, reservations, and travel bookings. It's common to receive a letter of confirmation that discusses employment or student enrolment applications. When an employee completes their probation period and becomes an official employee for a company, they can also receive a letter of confirmation notifying them they successfully completed their probation period.

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How to write an effective letter of confirmation

Letters of confirmation can respond to an invitation and inform another professional of your attendance, or to assure your business partner, investor, or client that you plan to attend the set meeting. You can also send a letter of confirmation to summarize a meeting or announce an applicant's successful job acceptance. Whether you're the receiver or the sender, you typically require a basic knowledge of how to write a letter of confirmation. Here's a list of steps required for the creation of confirmation letters:

1. Use a standard business letter format

You can use a standard business letter format with proper font, margins, and line spacing to write your letter of confirmation that includes:

  • Name and address of the receiving party

  • Date of the letter being sent

  • Salutations to address the receiving party

  • A subject line to obtain the reader's attention

  • A body paragraph that shows the reason for the letter

  • A second paragraph with any other pertinent details

  • A closing statement

  • Followed by salutations, such as regards and your signature

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2. Include important details in your letter

You can start your letter of confirmation with a congratulating and enthusiastic tone to address your recipient. It's also beneficial to mention the reason for sending the letter of confirmation to the recipient. Here's an example of a letter given to a recent job hire:

Concluding our telephone conversation this morning, I am pleased to confirm your acceptance of the job position as an outdoor groundskeeper at Canadian Beef and Cattle Company. Your first day of work begins on December 27, 2021. Please dress appropriately according to the weather.

3. Detail of terms and conditions

In the second paragraph, you can include a summary of the terms and conditions that apply to your offer. In this paragraph, it can be beneficial to discuss any documents like non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements that require a signature, deadlines for submitting important documents, background checks, required drug testing, or any other conditions that apply to the offer. This information can help prepare your recipient for the necessary requirements pertaining to the letter of confirmation.

4. Conclusion with an expression of gratitude

You may want to end your letter of confirmation with a positive conclusion. One example is by thanking your recruit for their interest in your employer and for achieving a position. You can express enthusiasm and excitement in having them become a new team member. Below is an example conclusion to a letter of confirmation:

Thank you so much for your interest in Canadian Beef and Cattle Company. We're excited to have you join our establishment and look forward to your positive contributions.

5. Closing salutations and signature

You typically use a closing salutation at the end of your letter of confirmation like sincerely or kind regards. You can then add your signature, your job title, and the name of your company underneath your signature. You can also provide your contact details at the bottom, so the recipient of the letter can contact you for further details.

6. Proofread and Edit

One of the most important last steps to writing your letter of confirmation is to consistently remember to proofread your work for proper grammar, spelling mistakes, and typos. A strongly written letter of confirmation that's free of errors can appear more professional. You can also ask those around you to proofread your work when required.

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Why letters of confirmation are important

A letter of confirmation can prevent conflicts in the workplace and help ensure that all professionals involved in an event follow the same guidelines. Confirmation letters written in a congratulating tone can often act as a source of motivation for the recipient. Sincerely written confirmation letters can have the following purpose:

  • Formalizing an oral agreement

  • Serving as a reference source

  • Clarifying any misunderstandings between the sender and receiver of the letter

  • Building trust between both parties

  • Acting as evidence for legal or court proceedings

  • Reminding the receiver of responsibilities and duties to the organization

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Examples of confirmation letters

Below are some examples of various types of well-constructed confirmation letters:

Example one

Below is a sample letter of confirmation of employment:

Matthew Crosby
Monday, December 23, 2021
Jessica Smith

Dear Miss Smith,
After our recent phone conversation, I'm happy to confirm your employment as a snowplow operator for Matt's Snowplowing. Your position within the company starts on December 27, 2021.

I have carefully reviewed the documents you sent me via our most recent communication. Everything seems in order and I'm excited to have you join our team of qualified drivers.

Attached is a direct deposit banking form for you to fill out and email back to me prior to your first day of work.

If you have further questions, please reach out to me directly at the above-listed phone number.

Matthew Crosby, Manager
Matt's Snowplowing

Example two

Below is a sample letter of confirmation of availability:

Samantha Henry
December 6, 2021
Karen King

Dear Karen,
I have looked over my schedule for the upcoming week of December 12th and I wanted to inform you of my availability.
After carefully examining my hours of availability, I'm free to work on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday between the hours of 9 to 5 next week.

You can reach me at the above phone number or by email. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Karen King

Example three

Below is a sample letter of confirmation of a business partnership:

Brent Gilmore
July 28, 2021
William Dick

Dear Mr. Dick,

After careful consideration, I'm very excited to confirm our business partnership starting on September 1, 2022.

I have looked over the contract and materials you submitted to me via our most recent communication. All the details look terrific and my team members and I are keen to have you join forces with us.

If you or your team members have questions, please contact me directly at the number listed above. I look forward to working together.


Brent Gilmore
Tom's Taters

Example four

Below is a sample letter of confirmation of an upcoming interview:

Sally Dodge
Dawn Smith

Dear Mr. Smith,

I'm ecstatic to be offered an interview for the secretary's position at St Joseph's Highschool. This letter is to confirm my attendance at the training session 9:30am, on September 06, 2022.

I'm looking forward to the information session and addressing some of my questions about the employment opportunity.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Sally Dodge

Example five

Below is a sample letter of confirmation of residence:

Tim Barker


To whom it may concern,

As a landlord, I'm writing to confirm that Mr. John Henry currently lives at 1422 Burnstown Lane, Cranberry, ON, K7V312

Mr. Henry has lived at this address for approximately 3 years and is on a long-term lease. He is a great tenant and has always paid his rent in a timely manner.

If I can be of further help, please contact me at the above number.

Mr. Tim Barker
HST Realestate

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