70 Cold E-Mail Subject Line Examples (Definition and Tips)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 17, 2022

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Creating an effective subject line can persuade recipients that an e-mail contains valuable information. A sales or marketing professional may send a cold e-mail to establish a connection with a prospective customer. Understanding the components of an effective subject line can help you convey a message's purpose to prospective customers more clearly and effectively. In this article, we discover what a cold e-mail subject line is, explore tips to help you write one, and review 70 subject line examples.

What is a cold e-mail subject line?

A cold e-mail subject line is an introductory line of text a recipient sees before opening an e-mail. Professionals such as sales representatives and marketers use cold e-mails to reach out to potential customers or businesses that are unfamiliar with a company or brand. You can use the subject line to encourage cold leads to open, read, and respond to your e-mail. Cold e-mails can be an effective marketing strategy for gaining new customers, expanding into new markets, and growing business networks.

Companies can consider potential clients as prospects if they meet the criteria for their target market. For example, if a company offers IT services to small businesses, a prospect may be a small business manager who's searching for a new IT service provider.

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Tips for writing a cold e-mail subject line

You may consider the following tips to help you write an effective subject line for a cold e-mail:

  • Conduct prospect research. Identify who your target audience is by conducting a prospect research study. You can use demographic factors such as geography, age, and occupation to make your subject lines more relevant and compelling.

  • Personalize the subject line. You can personalize your e-mail by including the prospect's name or company name on the subject line. A personalized e-mail can motivate recipients to open the e-mail because it relates to them directly.

  • Keep your subject line short. The ideal length of an e-mail subject line varies depending on the device. It's important to optimize your subject line for mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

  • Identify your prospects' needs. You can show potential customers how your products and services can benefit them by identifying their needs and desires.

  • Create a call to action. Call-to-actions (CTAs) can help you influence your prospects to become customers. A CTA typically uses strong, action-oriented words.

  • Ask a question. Encourage prospects to think about your e-mail by asking open-ended questions. Subject lines that include questions can entice prospective customers and motivate them to open and reply to your e-mail.

  • Refer to a mutual acquaintance. A network of contacts can help you reach new clients and customers. You may include an acquaintance or business contact in the subject line if you have a connection with your prospects.

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70 cold e-mail subject line examples

Here are some examples of subject lines you can use in cold e-mails to entice readers to respond:

Asking a question

Asking a question in an e-mail subject line may encourage prospects to open and read the message. You may ask about personal motives, business goals, or specific activities. Here are a few examples of asking a question on a subject line:

  • Have you ever wondered why your competitor's content ranks higher than yours?

  • Are you looking for a new service provider?

  • Have you heard about our new store?

  • What is your sales target?

  • Is your sales strategy effective at boosting sales?

  • Are you interested in getting more for your money?

  • How does your revenue reflect your profitability?

  • Are you interested in automating your sales?

  • Are you looking for ways to boost your business's reach?

  • How effective is your current SEO strategy?

Building a connection

Here are a few examples of subject lines that can create an initial connection:

  • Hi Rob, Liam Donley recommended we connect.

  • Ricky, it was a pleasure to meet you at the farmer's market.

  • We hear you love gluten-free products as much as we do.

  • Our marketing representative mentioned you want to learn about some new strategies.

  • Jack, we want to provide you with more information about our restaurants.

  • Hi Mark, thanks for showing your interest in our website.

  • I am looking forward to following up with you at the seminar.

  • Cellular Tech loves our support and thought you might too.

  • I found your comments on social media very insightful and inspirational.

  • I hear we are both alumni of Waterdown University.

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Resolving a problem

Subject lines are an excellent way for prospects to find out how a business can help them solve a problem or overcome a challenge. The following are examples of a problem-and-solution subject line:

  • Let our strategy experts help you improve your sales funnel.

  • Ensure your networks are secure with Hyper Security.

  • Increase the engagement of your audience with this simple trick.

  • Use our comprehensive guide to improve employee retention.

  • Five ways to make your home more energy-efficient with Energy Powered Solutions.

  • Learn how to rank your website higher on search engines.

  • Let us help your company, Sports Trackers, get referrals.

  • Improve your blog and increase your ranking by following these three steps.

  • Hi Lexi, we think you may benefit from our Business Inc. sales training program.

  • Discover our best resources for improving the effectiveness of your team.

Offering suggestions and recommendations

By providing a recommendation or suggestion from your own experience, you can help you build rapport with prospects. Here are a few examples of how you can use a recommendation in a cold e-mail subject line:

  • We have assembled a list of sales strategies just for you, Nicole.

  • Thanks to these unique gifts, you can show customers your appreciation.

  • I'd like to share with you how we helped our sales team increase their revenue.

  • Take advantage of this innovative approach to get better leads.

  • Streamline productivity and performance tracking with this app.

  • Find out more about your favourite vitamins and supplements with this latest research.

  • This is a great platform for communicating with our customers.

  • Hi Sales Pro Corp, find out how to double your customer base in one month.

  • 25 tips for helping your sales team retain customers.

  • The best blog tools for driving quality traffic to your site.

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Presenting an idea

By sharing an idea with your prospects or encouraging them to share their ideas, you create collaboration, mutual interest, and long-term relationships. The following are examples of presenting an idea through a subject line:

  • Are you interested in using automation services to streamline your recruiting process?

  • Hi Mandy, let's meet for coffee and discuss your product idea.

  • Joey, there's a profit-boosting idea we believe you may find interesting.

  • Here is an idea for training and developing your team.

  • You can build on your ideas by using this planning method.

  • Hi Greg, since our last conversation, I came up with the following ideas.

  • We'd love to hear your thoughts on our latest program update.

  • Explore our list of over 50 ways to use our most popular products.

  • You may be interested in our ideas to help you promote your blog.

  • Check out our ideas to help you use our new multipurpose tool to its full potential.

Motivating people to act

Motivate your prospects to act and respond right away by creating a sense of urgency in your subject lines. Here are some examples of motivating prospects to act through the subject line of a cold e-mail:

  • We're giving away free copies of our financial success secrets until midnight.

  • Secure your seat for my strategy workshop now before seats fill up.

  • We recommend you don't miss this opportunity.

  • Our prices can't stay this low for much longer.

  • Contact us today before it's too late.

  • There are only three spots left! Act now!

  • Make sure you claim your gift by Saturday.

  • Just 12 seats left for our upcoming training seminar.

  • Are you ready for our one-night-only event?

  • Contact us today to receive help to help you reach your third-quarter goals.

Extending an offer

Making offers can give prospects a reason to try your products or services right away. Offerings may include discounts, two-for-one deals, free items, and members-only specials. Here are examples of how you can make an offer within a subject line:

  • Hi Taylor, we have 12 team-building events for you may enjoy.

  • We're offering 20% off to our members.

  • We have exactly what you're looking for in an internet provider.

  • We've added a new software product to our software line.

  • Get 10% off anything in our shop with this coupon.

  • With Experienced Security's unique services, you can manage your business data securely.

  • You can redeem this code to receive a 50% discount on your platinum membership.

  • Hi, Jade! We offer 15% off to first-time buyers.

  • Take advantage of this limited-time, buy-one-get-one-free offer.

  • Hi Don, we're offering lifetime members early access to our newest product.

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