How to Increase Brand Affinity (With Steps and Benefits)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published April 25, 2022

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Companies define their brands to build long-lasting and strong relationships with their customers. Doing this allows them to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Learning about how a company can improve its affinity can help you convert individuals to loyal customers, which can increase your sales. In this article, we define brand affinity, review some benefits, explain brand personality, identify how to increase and measure brand affinity, and list tips that can help a brand build affinity among its customers.

What is brand affinity?

Brand affinity is a metric that market researchers use to predict customer behaviours, and it represents what people think about a brand. When people feel a company shares the same ideals and values, they establish an emotional connection that can lead to increased loyalty. Companies often try to create a meaningful relationship with their customers to ensure long-term business. Brand affinity can vary among customers because it depends on their beliefs and reasons for trusting a brand. Many product purchases are based on a customer's affinity towards a brand.

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What are the benefits of brand affinity?

When customers believe in a brand, the company may find it easier to sell its products and share information. As brand affinity typically creates trust, companies can use it to communicate their values and identity, which helps set them apart from competitors. It also helps them ensure customer satisfaction. If customers have a strong affinity towards a brand, they can buy a company's product and feel good about their purchase decision.

Whether a business is new or well-established, increasing affinity can be an excellent way to grow a customer base and boost sales. Brands can also improve their customer service by creating products and services that appeal directly to customers. Affinity is an excellent way to raise awareness of a brand and attract new customers.

What is brand personality?

Brand personality refers to the human characteristics that customers attribute to a brand name. This personality typically adds qualitative value to a brand and makes it more relatable to customers. A company that defines its brand personality may find it easier to resonate with its preferred audience. Many organizations use this as a framework to control the way customers feel about their products and services. An organization's brand personality often tries to elicit an emotional response in a specific consumer segment, and it intends to incite positive actions that benefit the company. Some common types of brand personality include:

  • Excitement

  • Sincerity

  • Competence

  • Ruggedness

  • Sophistication

How to increase affinity of a brand

The following steps can help you increase the affinity for a brand or company:

1. Know your customers

It's essential to understand a company's target audience and its behavioural patterns. This can help you know more about the individuals who are interested in a company's brand. To achieve this, you can gather information from data sources, such as surveys, customer relation management (CRM) data, sales, reviews, interviews, and social media. One value social media offers is that it enables a company to micro-target its promotions and publicity. You can use content strategies to help attract and build the right audience.

For instance, social media promoted posts often target specific demographics. With it, a company can easily know the likes, dislikes, and interests of its customers. When an organization knows more about its customers, it can quickly build its brand personality and affinity.

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2. Define brand values

Having a strong online presence can give a company insight into how customers view its products or services. You can help a company define its brand association by searching online for all mentions of the brand. By using topics clouds of customer reviews, a company can easily identify the themes people associate with it. These topic clouds are a visual representation of what people discuss on websites, and they also can provide metadata about the site's users. With these analytics, an organization can segment its audience by profession, location, and type of website.

It's also important to consider the values of a company's target audience to develop strategies that help ensure brand consistency. If a company has specific qualities it wants customers to associate it with, it can search for those words within the mention of its brand.

3. Connect with the community online

Online comments are an excellent way to gain information from individual users or customers. This enables a company to get unfiltered and direct opinions on a range of topics. You can also create a poll to learn what a target audience thinks without checking large amounts of information. This can also help a company show that it values its customer's opinions. It also can also help gain brand ambassadors by encouraging voters to share their choices on social media. For more detailed feedback about a company's product and services, you can use a customer survey.

4. Show how the brand is unique

An essential way a business can build affinity is by demonstrating its uniqueness. To set itself apart from competitors, a brand can show customers its unique selling point (USP). For example, a camera brand can organize a photography competition to showcase its customers' talents and reinforce its brand commitment towards excellent photography.

5. Focus on customer satisfaction

Another essential aspect of building brand affinity is providing an exceptional customer experience. The perception of customers often helps create a brand's image, and some people may prefer to read what other customers think of a brand before deciding whether to purchase from it. If a company offers top-quality products, this can encourage its customers to tell their families and friends about the brand.

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6. Build the brand personality

Customers may prefer to associate themselves with brands that demonstrate a distinct personality. Once a company knows more about its audience, it can easily highlight the areas that suit the message it wants to communicate. With a unique brand personality, the loyalty of a business's target audience can increase. To build brand personality, it's essential to consider using images, like brand logos and colours, that represent it accurately. When companies emphasize their personality, they can better align with their customers. This can also help them solidify their customer base and increase revenue.

Ways to measure business affinity

Here are the ways a company can measure its affinity:

Ask customers directly

By asking customers about their values and what they think of a brand, a company can highlight specific areas to make improvements. This can also help build brand awareness and affinity. Before doing this, it's important for a company to know the right questions to ask. An organization can use online affinity questions to gain more insights from customers. There also are various online survey tools that can make this task easier.

Check website traffic data

Website traffic data can show a company how individuals react to its content. To assess brand affinity, an organization can monitor data related to new visits, bounce rates, pages per visit, and visit duration. If a business's website is mainly for e-commerce transactions, analytics programs may present data that shows the revenue, transaction, and conversion rate of the brand. SEO (search engine optimization) services can also help a brand identify the search terms that attract visitors to its site.

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Use social media engagement

Through a company's social media posts, it can learn whether customers relate to its content. Most social media pages offer users metrics to see their post engagements. By monitoring these metrics, a company can increase engagement and affinity. There are also social media monitoring tools that enable brands to gather positive and negative feedback from customers.

Monitor promotion statistics

By organizing promotions and contests, an organization may receive the statistics on all the participants. This usually shows whether individuals are interested in a business's promotional activities. Companies can view promotion statistics in charts and download them to keep records. They can then use this data to help develop new strategies to enhance customer engagement.

Tips for increasing affinity of a brand

Here's a list of tips for increasing brand affinity:

  • Implement e-mail marketing: Sending promotional e-mails can enable a company to connect with its customers. E-mail marketing newsletters are also an effective way for a brand to establish a unique voice.

  • Encourage brand loyalty: It's important for a company to encourage brand loyalty through exclusive offers and discounts. This may encourage customers to purchase its products if they get incentives in return.

  • Track competition: By tracking its competitors, a company can help ensure it outperforms them in service and quality.

  • Offer a personalized experience: An organization can offer a personalized experience by enabling customers to create profiles on its website. Another personalization strategy is to offer customers rewards on special events such as birthdays.

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